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The buyout only gets reduced by 50% of the salary of his next job. It incentivizes him to work. The buyout is 5M per year for 2 years = 10M Lets say someone was willing to pay Strong 3M a year He would be paid 3M plus his buyout would be 5M less half of his salary (3M/2=1.5M) which comes to 3.5M. Charlie's total pay for the year would be 3M from his new job and 3.5M from Texas, coming to 6.5M
False... Also when did LSU without half their OLine and the best RB in CFB become some team that is going to beat Florida and run the table..... LSU will be lucky to make a bowl.
LOL, for years LSU and Florida have played the toughest cross divisional games. If this is how we want to play it then UF can be awarded about 5 more SEC championships. It also screws the SEC's chances of getting teams in more top bowls and Playoff scenarios. You could potentially have 1 loss teams lose their division to a 3 loss team.
The only one going backwards is the vols.... but good job prepping your excuses now, you'll need them later.
Kentucky has a better offense than UT, and thats after being shut down by the Gators
Well feel free to participate in recruiting for us like you do for Ohio State
Its like Christmas... We have a couple big commits with more likely coming and Treon now has 0 chance of taking a snap for us ever again.
Do you even understand what this article is?
Chris Leak has a better resume than Manning..... just saying
LMAO, nobody in the SEC pays for any of the other sports. The difference is we don't have to buy football season tickets to see the other sports.
I wouldn't worry about Florida, everything I've read this offseason says we are terrible and don't stand a chance.
Don't you think its going to be hard for Mack Wilson to contribute considering he just had surgery?
Johnny Manziel had legit high D1 offers as a safety. Teams out there thought he was a D1 athlete. I feel like this is a reach Will Grier has the national High School record for yards in a game(837, which I'm fairly sure gives him more total offense than the supposed national record mentioned above at over 700). Grier is a high 4 Star/low 5 Star recruit recognized as one of the top five QB's in the nation. Surely you aren't advocating that Florida take a project that few D1 teams want over Grier?