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Except Ridley did it against the toughest schedule in the nation!
@John Crist You needed to get some traffic so you wrote some BS article that has no merit about Bama. Coker has everything it takes to win another title for the tide and your foolish statement about Henry not getting 200 yards is the most asine statement of all the bs you wrote. Mich St defense isnt rated or as good as many defenses that Henry has 200 yards on this year. When they stack the box to stop Henry watch Coker throw big plays to Drake, Ridley, Stewart, Malaney and OJ Howard and even Henry who is an excellent receiver but not used enough this year which will open up the run and Henry will do his thing. As a matter of fact Henry will have close to 250 yards if he gets his carries but look for Drake to have a big game and the unveiling of Bo Scarbrough. Michigan St will have their tongues hanging out with hands on hips by 3rd quarter. It's very apparent you dont know what you are talking about especially with your underestimation of Coker and thinking Henry wont get his yards. Bama is going to blow Michigan State out.
Michigan St thought the 49-7 beat down was bad with their QB Cousins leaving on a stretcher wait til this thursday. Cook is going to be on his back all game worse than Dak Prescott.
What about Ha Ha Clinton Dix and Mark Barron, who has been killing it since moving to linebacker and several others like Courtney Upshaw and several others Dre Kirkpatrick even AJ McCarron and several offensive linemen.
More Bama hate. Foster will live up and would have lived up to his ranking this year until his injury early season He is all and more than advertised and was figured heavily in the Bama offense this season until it was cut short!
i hope you aren't betting on this hogwash you wrote Glenn. I am a Bama fan but anybody who knows about football can look at this game and see a big LSU win due to the fact that the Tigers will control the clock with Fournette and keep Texas Techs so called golden armed QB and his offense on the sidelines most of the game. Techs defense wont and cant stop Fournette and he will have close to 300 yards rushing by the games end. I feel sorry for Texas Tech by the 4th quarter.
Yeah if LSU isnt on probation! Good sources saying boosters paid Fournette family to seal his decision to go to LSU. Stay tuned...
You are right about Drake. He is more explosive than all the backs but needs to stay out of the doghouse and work on his ball security.
Bama has a triple threat in Drake and should have been mentioned just like you did with LSU instead of as an afterthought Drake is a home-run hitter and can take it to the house anytime he touches the ball and actually had the best Aday game I thought.
The only thing is Auburn sucks and is a Cow college. I'M hearing from inside sources that Gus is very interested in the Texas job.