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You're right. Bray can't be very accurate....he only completes over 70 percent of his passes so far this year....
They shouldn't have any problems selling SC's allotment. It's the opening game, there is (supposedly) some excitement around the program, and it's nationally televised. How can you not be excited about that game if you're a Vandy fan? The state is still orange, even Nashville.
Didn't you say that everyone in the 2 deep is returning? And there's also the fact that all except for one offensive lineman this year that will play significant minutes are juniors or below. The next class requires some O-lineman. This one was about skill positions.
I almost just want LSU to win so that they can beat Alabama again. Street thug tactics? You all have to make excuses for your one loss, seriously? I'm not an LSU fan and I wanna see em beat you because of all the excuses.
Vanderbilt will always be "your daddy's Vanderbilt". They were 7-6 in 2008 and 4-4 in the SEC. And then the next year they sucked. They'll have a year or two where they are good, and then fall back off into the cellar of the conference. It's not a knock on Vandy because they're an academic school first so it's a little bit harder to attract elite athletes who dream of nothing but the NFL.
And what exactly does he know about the logistics of running a big time athletic program. There are other sports besides football, and the program has to turn a profit. Great coach, but does that necessarily mean he'll be great as an AD? No. But, I wouldn't be opposed to giving him the chance if Hamilton goes.
Justin Hunter? Da'Rick Rogers? I feel like there will be at least ONE vol somewhere in the first team at the end of the season. I mean, we aren't gonna be so bad that we don't have any players up there for consideration at least.
Tennessee didn't have Peyton that year, Tee Martin was the quarterback.
Come on, y'all both just admitted being Bama fans. He said that wouldn't help your argument, so ya should've kept it a secret. lol. Any undefeated team should win if they're facing a team with any losses. I don't care about any of the other factors if one of the teams has a loss and the other doesn't. That being said, here it goes: 96 Florida played 2 teams that were ranked #2 at the time in Tennessee and Florida State. They won one the games and lost the other. They avenged the loss by beating Florida State in the National Title. This puts them over the 2006 version of the Gators. The 98 Vols get the nod over the Tigers by virtue of being undefeated. They also played 6 ranked opponents compared to 5 and played the number 2 team in the nation 2 times and won both meetings. The 2010 Tigers were undefeated, and the 2008 Gators were not. The tigers get the win in this match up. This same criteria applies to the game between LSU and Alabama. Alabama is undefeated, so they move on. In the second round, Tennessee is undefeated against the 96 Gators. The Gators had a very good team in 96, but they still lost a game. Therefore, Tennessee moves on. The Alabama and Auburn game is where I finally have to pick based on opinion. The better Qb was obviously Cam Newton, and Michael Dyer is a great running back. However, Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson were fantastic, McElroy was a very capable game manager, and Julio Jones would be the best receiver on the field. On defense, the Tide boast Terrence Cody and a more than capable secondary. This is where they get the nod. It comes down to the 09 Tide and the 98 Vols. Alabama fans won't like to hear this, but the 98 Vols will be the only team in this field with a better backfield than the tide. The Vols had Jamal Lewis, Travis Henry, and Travis Stephens, and all of these were very capable runners. The Vols also have a great game managing quarterback who set the NCAA record for consecutive completions in a game during the 98 season. They also played a tougher schedule that included 3 teams that played in BCS bowls, and six January bowl teams. The Tennessee defense was also very tough in 98. It's a close game, but the 98 Vols come out on top. Just my opinion.
Did you happen to see Bear's record against The General? 0-5-2. How's he the better coach again?