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It's a week of all conference play and no byes. There will be 7 winners and 7 losers.
UGA was ranked tenth last week. Note Dame was ninth.
I heard Auburn offered them a scholarship. I kid, I kid, the is absolutely terrible and I hope they get what's coming to them.
Without even looking I'm going to guess the play he should have batted down against Auburn.
You don't read very well, do you? These are all players from th EAST! Take your foot out of your mouth and go back to school.
I retract my statement. I just read he was found with over 200g. He pr someone he was riding with sells pot.
In Florida you get Intent to sell if you have two separate bags. Give the guy the benefit of the doubt. The police here charge you with whatever they can even if it's not true. He'llpprobably plea down to misdemeanor possession.
I love that nobody fron Georgia left!
Great hire! I believe this will help recruiting significantly!
I'm glad to see that not one UGA underclassman has declared!
No Bobo? I know a LOT of UGA fans hate him, but he's kept the offense producing big numbers despite key injuries.
Suck it Franklin! He better hope Grantham doesn't see this!
Nebraska again......didn't they learn their lesson last year?
Here's a great scenario! Muschamp gets fire and takes Todd Granthams job! Georgia would be unstoppable! Once a Dawg always a Dawg!
I hope Mett is OK. Hate to see him out like Aaron Murray.
We'll take Muschamp up in Athens. We need a real DC anyway. Muschamps still a Dawg at heart!
Can we get the stats on how many eye gouges they give in the first quarter? Just sayin.
When was Ole Miss' last 10 win season? When did they last go to the SECCG?