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I like Coach Beamer's willingness to fight for the program but this comes across as snarky rather than classy. As for the rose colored glasses comments from my fellow Gamecock fans, I will just say that the team has a lot of work to do and needs to get through next season without getting blown out by UGA and UF and losing to Missouri for a fifth time. Let's just get good before we start calling ourselves great.
Good luck to him, he did a great job for the Gamecocks. Time for a youngster to step up.
I agree that Coach Beamer has earned enough credit with the fans in two seasons. While uncomfortable with the hire, I have moved rapidly through the 7 Stages of Grief and achieved Acceptance. Let's give Coach Beamer and Coach Loggains time and see what happens. If South Carolina fans want something to melt down about, just wait for baseball season.
Lots of us have been trying to figure it out. The consensus seems to be that the offensive plays were simplified so that Rattler could execute them faster without having to check so often with the sideline. In some instances, he was allowed to make the call himself. This reduced a lot of the penalties for Delay of Game, sped up the tempo of the plays a bit, and made it easier on most of the offensive players. It does appear that the team got a bit more conservative for the Clemson game as you can see Rattler checking with the sideline more often than he did during the Tennessee game.
He did OK considering how bad our team was at offensive plays for the run game. He and Bell were the only guys able to scratch out a few yards in spite of poor blocks. Juju seemed to get tackled just by touching him and Beal-Smith needed a big gap opened in the defensive line. I am not entirely surprised that he is leaving while hopeful that our run game will improve.
I am skeptical but will support Coach Beamer. We have had a revolving door of “good” OC hires that were almost all bad with the possible exception of Bobo so maybe the “bad” hire will work. Go Cocks!
“Mike was always late.”. Sadly, he was early for death. He helped to make the SEC into the most interesting conference in college football. And he left too soon. RIP Coach, condololences to his family and the fans of Mississippi State. I am curious who will fill his shoes but I am sure that we will discuss that ad nauseum in another article.
You are correct but Coach Beamer has a huge task piecing together next year's roster. Getting the OC right is hugely important and the guy has to be able to help with recruiting the right talent. We can't just point to our name and history and expect good recruits to knock on our door.
Twitter and talk radio are already on fire. Has me wondering whether this is a smoke screen so South Carolina can work on someone else for OC without anyone noticing.
He checks very few of the right boxes. - good recruiter nope - effective SEC OC nope - ties to South Carolina/familiar with recruiting area nope - QB developer questionable at the college level - offensive guru questionable
The game time has changed for the Vegas Bowl due to NFL TV schedule changes.
He is playing. I agree that he needs another good game. He probably needs a good season to have any chance of being a 1st or 2nd day draft pick.
Spencer Rattler already announced that he would play long before this article was published. A quick Google search of “Rattler” or “South Carolina Football” would have yielded that information to the writer. I am less certain that Spencer alone will be the key to victory. Losing two tight ends to the portal is a concern. Nate Adkins had better come to the bowl ready to ball.
I don't think Mullen or anyone like him is a good fit at SC anyway. Coach Beamer should get a younger OC that is still hungry. Guys like Mullen either want a HC job or will phone it in in a coordinator job. Alabama already has enough of those coordinators.
I have had that issue too. Some of them are still pending moderation even though there is nothing in the text that should require moderation.
The ratings seem too good to me. We had eight wins, with two of them huge upsets right at the end of the season so I see some recency bias in these ratings. Our four losses were awful. It gives me hope that most of the team and the coaching improved as the season went on, but I would still hand out lower scores for the entire season of work. The QB, WR, and Offensive Line are the most overrated in this article, IMO.
Please take DJ! It would simply our scouting report for next season's game. Think of it as throwing us a bone after taking us to the woodshed this season.
Maybe he identifies as an Illinois quarterback while playing for Purdue. Get with the 21st Century, Man!
I am hopeful that the GOAT and whatever group of 4 and 5 star players show up for this bowl will win the game. Imagine a world where an SEC team beat every other P5 conference champion. I want to live in that world so Roll Tide, beat the Wildcats!
It would be cool if Coach Holtz could do the coin toss at the game.
Muschamp just about killed our enthusiasm for football. I don't hate the man. He is a very hard worker, but those last two seasons...
Definitely. It looks easy on paper but Ole Miss will have to prove it on the field.
It will be a lot of orange but that is part of the appeal. Wait until Texas joins the SEC and we get to hear the two UT fanbases argue over best UT and best orange.
This is a sleeper game. I don't know what to expect but I am pretty sure this game's score will surprise me. Illinois seems to have a great defense but the Bulldogs have a solid offense. May the best SEC team win! Good luck, Mississippi State.
Yes, bowl payouts are shared after deductions for travel expenses and the SEC also gives a fixed dollar amount to the team that goes to the bowl. For the playoff and NY6 bowls, the participating SEC team's school gets around $2 million. For bowls that payout $4-6 million, the SEC pays the participating SEC team's school $1.5 million.
On paper this looks like the SEC bowl to miss but that probably means that I will tune in because I want to see what QB runs the Kentucky offense. Is Rodriguez playing because I like seeing him run the ball? Good luck, Kentucky! Beat Iowa!
I love this matchup because the two fan bases should sell out their ticket allocations, the TV audience ought to be good, and locals in Florida might attend this one in decent numbers too, although they are spoiled for choice with sporting events. It is too early to tell what product the two teams will put on the field. Who will opt out? Will South Carolina have a new OC? Will Tyler Buchner be healthy and ready for Notre Dame?
This one looks like an easy one for Ole Miss but I will still wish them good luck. Go blow the doors off Texas Tech!
You're defining "neighboring" as "adjacent" and we are thinking of it more as "very near" one another. Four hour drive between campuses means University of Kansas is more of a neighbor to the University of Arkansas than most SEC schools.
You're defining "neighboring" as "adjacent" and we are thinking of it more as in the vicinity of one another. Not really trolling. We're just surprised the two teams haven't met in such a long time. It makes the game more interesting.