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If Finebaum was the Committee he would have 4 Sec teams in the playoffs. Speaking of Alabama, though, they ACTUALLY travel this next week, all be it, to MS. And then the next weekend is a real toughie, at home of course....what a joke!!
Well if that's what Paul thinks then it is written in stone!!
So tired of Finebaum and his Sec. I can't stand Miami but I hope they win by 50 points. Too bad it's not possible for both teams that play each other to lose the same game but l wish that was possible in the Sec Conference.
So tired of Paul's cry baby comments. So the Tide got their butts handed to them by a team from what he says is an inferior conference. What an idiot! There are high school teams that traveled further than what Alabama traveled last season...what was so grueling about their schedule?!