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It's broadcast TV. They have a built in delay to avoid obscenity being broadcast. They'll get fined by the FCC otherwise.
Accurate, same thoughts. I loved that blog and read it almost daily with those guys. Shocking to hear the news.
UGA and Furman were in the SIAA and Southern Conference together. Furman is still in it. And don't go GA Tech either....Tech was in the SEC, Southern and SIAA with Georgia, despite a majority of their 100+ games having occurred since Tech joined the ACC. North Carolina is probably closest for Georgia, having never been full members of the SIAA or Southern conferences.
I guess I must have missed something...I know they closed the school down but it was mid afternoon Friday when UF acknowledged on their own website that the storm was essentially going to bypass them. Soooo...why wouldn't they have at least had a "postpone til Sunday, TBD on cancellation" like the UGA-South Carolina game? Unless.....UNLESS.....Florida just really wanted to try to get out of playing a potential L game. And heck no....pushing the cocktail party is just not gonna happen, the city of Jacksonville and CBS alone laugh at the mere mention of it.