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This. We were getting to him all day...just not in time. He was getting rid of the ball in a hurry, and outside of a few times early, we were not gonna stop it. When he can consistently hit that slant to the WR/RB in full stride with that talent, it's going to be a long day for your defense...and it was.
As if those WRs were not enough, he was also throwing to a 5* RB.
This is like the movie version of events. It should have started like "based on a true story."
I'm not debating anything in the article, or what Mizzou is capable of. Just that I would believe it from somebody that wasn't a homer more. It would be nice if the writers on this site pretended they were on the playoff committee, and recused themselves from discussion about their own team.
Tennessee is in a tough spot. Disastrous coaching choices and short leashes have made it a very unattractive job at this point. You have a hands on AD, and boosters that run the show from behind the scenes. That eliminates almost any established coach who wants to run his own program. So you really have to hire a newcomer and hope he can navigate all the hurdles to success Tennessee has in place in the form of people behind the scenes who don't seem to agree on much including who to hire, or how long they should get. Now you are in a position where if you fire the coach this soon, it sends a message to every potential coach out there that their stay could be short...very short. The last search was a total crapshow. On the other hand, lose a couple more games like these, and you won't even be able to recruit guys out of your own state, much less anyone else's. Tennessee needs to bite the bullet and hold on to Pruitt for a couple more years and put a stop to the inmates running the asylum at the top and behind the curtain to be able to move forward. They aren't the first huge program to fall victim to the money behind the scenes mucking things up figuring out what to do in the aftermath of a coaching change following a long successful run. Take back control of your University. You have plenty of money. Tell the guys who think they are in charge to take a hike.
Bama is a tall order, but I feel better about showing up for that game than I did last week. I particularly liked the way Hilinski and the home crowd fed off of each other. Playing at home in Williams Brice always seemed to intimidate Bentley.
After 3 and a half years, hearing that same line makes me want to punch him in the face. I want Hilinski to start STAT. Joyner can keep his package, or WR reps...whatever, but I'm not trying to hear about him starting when he couldn't even beat a true freshman for 2nd string. The Hilinski era at South Carolina needs to start now.
This is the week to play Hilinski. If not from the start, certainly in heavy doses. I would normally say once we have a nice lead, but that may not be an option. Considering his buyout, Muschamp clearly believes he is playing with house money. That won't save Tanner.
If this season goes the way Saturday went, one of two people are going to be gone. If it ain't Muschamp, it will be the guy who signed that contract. Tanner is growing less popular by the day at this point as it is. Somebody's ass will get fired.
Actually having the slightest clue what you are talking about, clearly is not a prerequisite to work for SDS.
They are continuously looking for new ways to insult South Carolina here.
Holy Cow!! That is some next level rationalization right there. With some hard-core denial thrown in for good measure. That Florida team is going to get their rears handed to them several times this season.
Did you just explain trash talk to a UGA fan? You immediately lose at the internet.
And it's not over. I generally pull for SEC teams out of conference, but screw that, I'm all Miami in this one!!
South Carolina fans have been arguing amongst themselves for quite a while about this very thing. Joyner is WAY to talented and athletic not to be on the field somewhere. He is a good quarterback, we just have better. It would be tough for him to break the depth chart at WR though, because it's a pretty stacked room, and we already have one QB trying to push his way into the rotation in Jay Urich. Many want a special "package" for Joyner, while others want him to make the switch to RB, where we have more of a need, and he has the ability. The one thing we all agree on is that none of us want to see him in the Portal. We all love the Dakereon and want him to help the team. We just can't agree on how.
Mizzou isn't moving past anybody in the SEC recruiting in the mid 40's every year. You even lost to our back-up in the only start of his entire career. It's not personal, I have absolutely nothing against Mizzou, it's just the truth. The 'diamonds in the rough' Pinckel was a genius at finding and developing are becoming fewer and farther between under Odom. I think he's a really good coach, but without better recruiting there is only so much he can do.
If he contributed to them getting there, which he did...more so than any of the guys getting a ring who never even played a down...he should get a ring. They essentially quit on him first.
I don't necessarily disagree with your argument, because it does sometimes happen that there is no drop off, but statistically speaking, there almost always is. If you aren't recruiting with the Bama's of the world, you are likely going to miss the guys who left. I feel the same way about the guys we have replacing the seniors we lost, most of whom are upgrades on paper, but I know it may not work out as well as I would like it to. Deebo will be missed.
It's not about 1 game against somebody good. It's about an entire season against teams that are going to beat you up, win or lose. It's one thing to schedule a good power 5 team and play like it's your super bowl, versus going out and pulling that off every week. When your starters start going down, and it becomes clear that your depth isn't as deep as you seem to think it is, then maybe you would get it.
It's funny actually. Last season we were expected to run 2nd in the east, but with 16 different starters getting injured throughout the season ended up only winning 7 games. Now with everyone healthy and more talent, we are supposed to suck. Take the over on that 5 games, or wish you had.
To a back-up with zero meaningful snaps prior. It's hard to win many games in the 4th quarter recruiting in the mid 40's. To their credit, they do as much as anyone could with the talent they get.
The ugly truth Mizzou fans continuously hope people ignore or forget is that they recruit slightly ahead of Vandy. Their average recruiting class rank according to the composite is 44th. That's over the last 5 years, but it goes back farther. That's a full 25 spots lower than just South Carolina, let alone the powerhouses in the SEC. Yet every season, they marvel at getting beat by...well, anyone. This season, they think getting a Clemson QB transfer is going to change the outcome. Mizzou gets some good talent as starters, but they lack true SEC caliber depth at almost every position. It makes them look great in a lot of games they are going to run out of gas in before it's over. There really is no argument to this. It's a fact out there for anyone to see. Until that changes, you will have some good wins, and a good season here and there, but outside of that, as fans, you need to know your role, and stay in your lane.
The definition of dumpster fire seems to be a moving target. In our case, all we lacked was talent. So that's a dumpster fire? Not quite. An argument always has more credibility when you stick to the facts and avoid blowing things out of proportion to make your point. Try that.
Paul is right a lot. People don't like him because at some point or another he said something snarky about their team. It's amazing how his ratings are so high when nobody likes him. It's been a while since he had much good to say about the Gamecocks, but that's just telling it like it is. People think since he's on the SEC network, he's supposed to blow smoke up our collective arses. That ain't his job.
Don't feel left out. We want to beat you too. It's good to want things.
Recruiting aside, there is no reason for the local economies of the two schools not to get the benefit of that game instead of Jacksonville every year. Especially if they don't like the name of the game. Screw Jacksonville. Ingrates.
Auburn is going to have a brutal schedule most years. They are paying him the huge bucks to win in spite of the ridiculous odds, not to make excuses for them. It would be one thing if their recruiting was an indication that it would improve, but lately it hasn't been. They are currently sitting at the number 22 class in the composite. It's still early, but that doesn't scream "west champion," anytime soon. At this point, the questions about Malzahn's job security are a huge recruiting block. Too many top recruits know he likely won't be there much longer. Auburn needs to rip the bad-aid off as quickly as possible. Nothing short of a trip to Atlanta...or really close, is going to stop those rumors, or their downslide in recruiting.
Guess defenses are in a heap of trouble in the SEC this year. SDS predicting 12 of the 14 offenses to be better. Sure, that'll happen.