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Paul is right a lot. People don't like him because at some point or another he said something snarky about their team. It's amazing how his ratings are so high when nobody likes him. It's been a while since he had much good to say about the Gamecocks, but that's just telling it like it is. People think since he's on the SEC network, he's supposed to blow smoke up our collective arses. That ain't his job.
Don't feel left out. We want to beat you too. It's good to want things.
Recruiting aside, there is no reason for the local economies of the two schools not to get the benefit of that game instead of Jacksonville every year. Especially if they don't like the name of the game. Screw Jacksonville. Ingrates.
Auburn is going to have a brutal schedule most years. They are paying him the huge bucks to win in spite of the ridiculous odds, not to make excuses for them. It would be one thing if their recruiting was an indication that it would improve, but lately it hasn't been. They are currently sitting at the number 22 class in the composite. It's still early, but that doesn't scream "west champion," anytime soon. At this point, the questions about Malzahn's job security are a huge recruiting block. Too many top recruits know he likely won't be there much longer. Auburn needs to rip the bad-aid off as quickly as possible. Nothing short of a trip to Atlanta...or really close, is going to stop those rumors, or their downslide in recruiting.
Guess defenses are in a heap of trouble in the SEC this year. SDS predicting 12 of the 14 offenses to be better. Sure, that'll happen.
That is an excellent take on what is best for Bryant. It is the absolute worst thing for Mizzou. You don't want a guy who threw 8 int's against 13 TD's to stay in the pocket. Keep in mind, those were his numbers with Clemson's offensive scheme and talent against mostly ACC opponents. You have him for 1 season. Play to his strengths, or else. Those int's go up a lot against the SEC every week. He just isn't that accurate. Let him do what he does, with an emphasis on taking care of the football, and you could have a good thing going on offense next season. Grad transfers can't be projects. You need them ready out of the box...especially QB's. If Clemson didn't develop him up by now, no one will.
That's a bold statement brother. Hope you are right. A guarantee, though?
Hey, we've taken 3 of our last 5 against Bama...just sayin.
Here's something college football players should know. The more teams your coach thinks should make the playoff, the less faith he has in you to get there. A coach calling for 64 teams, must think his team is truly crappy. The only people calling for an expansion to the playoffs are the teams that aren't good enough to get in with only 4. Expanding the playoffs would essentially be the equivalent of participation trophies. "Hey, you weren't good enough to get in, but you tried really hard, so here's a playoff berth."
There is an interesting but meaningless side note here. South Carolina has won 3 of their last 5 against Bama. Betcha didn't know that!
I have serious doubts about Hilinski seeing four games. Jake will continue to be Jake. I doubt he builds a substantial lead in four games next season, and Muschamp will bleed from his eyeballs before he pulls him.
"We're not good enough, you should expand the playoffs so we can feel better about ourselves."
There are a ton of schools who have enjoyed time at the top, yourselves included. The reason the vast majority of them are no longer there, is their inability to keep the band together. Saban has shown that that isn't a problem for Bama. Dabo has not, hence the reason he pays them more than any entry level head coaching job can pay. Would you expect under any circumstance that they would not act happy? Not to say that they aren't, but I'm sure they would love to be head coaches someday too.
I agree. Let's see how Dabo does when he has to replace coordinators every year. Dabo knows it's over when his coordinators are gone. So he keeps paying them too much for them to leave. Saban isn't scared. Plus, let's be honest, Clemson doesn't get nearly as banged up during the season playing in a one team conference.
If these things unfolded differently than the media has made out that they did, Florida would be playing it on repeat as damage control. Steele clearly agrees with the media account, as he himself has retweeted it. This is going to hurt you more than you know, and for longer than you think. I had a cheeseburger for lunch yesterday, and a bowl of chili the day before that.
"Alboverdi reported, and SDS confirmed through multiple sources, including one with the University Police Department, that Steele had concerns about Jones that predated the early April sexual battery incidents wherein Jones was implicated."
Geezus, can we give the mock draft a freaking rest already. We've had to deal with every dude with a blogs mock draft for the better part of 6 months already. For the love of God, let it go.
If the South Carolina that played Clemson last season shows up against Bama, it will at least be a good game.
Kannell doesn't actually believe any of his own drivel, he just knows that SEC haters is the bigger demographic among fans. They don't care about the truth, or what conference he champions, as long as they can hear someone in the national media consistently rag on the SEC. It's a business decision, and it's paid off well for him. He even gets the SEC fans who tune in just to laugh at his nonsense. Pure genius.
Am I the only one who thinks these tweets sound totally faked? Who says that kind of crap? Nobody on the internet "mean tweets" that politely.
Wow, Talk about Captain Obvious. The majority of the players are from 6 of the 7 rounds. You must have spent all night doing the math on that.
Who starts a league without even enough money to get it through two weeks? Who signs a deal that basically says "Hey come in, finance the league for a few weeks to see how you like it, if it's not for you, keep your money and you still own the league."? Who couldn't have found a better way to convince people never to invest themselves in a spring football league?
Talk about a nut-less athletic dept.
Fear not. Johnny gets to party the time away until the XFL cranks back up. Johnny next league.
That's because their offense isn't at the bottom of a beer bottle.