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So you want a coach that is good at games he needs to win save his job. That's where most of his big wins in the last several seasons have come from.
No one is dismissing it, we just assume you aren't stupid enough to be cool with 4 losses a year to teams you should beat, as long as you beat Bama every two or three years.
Guy at work bet a legit 1000 bucks on Georgia in this game. Straight up. Idiot.
Then you don't believe in having the best teams in the playoffs. You do you.
It wouldn't even be 18 million in reality. Aside from the fact that it could likely be negotiated down some, his buyout is structured so that if he gets another job, his new salary is deducted from the buyout.
Anybody who suggests Lane Kiffin as a serious coaching candidate in the SEC instantly loses all credibility.
If Bama wins out, they are in. Doesn't matter what happens anywhere else. Write that down.
I don't blame you for defending your team. Somebody needs to. The rest of the nation and it's media knows you needed the refs on your side to win.
Bigger than his $18 million buyout after this season?
It's rare to see such delusion, and on such a grand scale as this. It's crazy what some people have to convince themselves of in order to maintain some sense of sanity in a world in which they can not bear the true reality without fear of a psychotic break. None of these scenario's will ever exist outside the mind of the man who imagined, and subsequently wrote them.
Florida fans can tell themselves whatever fairy tale they need to sleep at night, the reality is that this is going to be a beatdown.
Honestly, they probably wont be, at least not on both sides of the ball.
Florida gets absolutely waxed in this game. It won't be close. They are not a top ten team, and they get completely exposed. They lose by at least 2 touchdowns. Not gonna argue about it. Just gonna watch it happen.
Pretty easy assumption when up is the only direction there is.
South Carolina 27 to 6. That's not the score, it's why South Carolina always wins. It's the number of 4 stars and above each school has brought in in the last 4 cycles combined. According to the composite. Mizzou is one transfer QB away from being Vandy. West Virginia better than Mizzou made them look? They beat James Madison by 7, and Madison held them to 20...yup, 20...against James Madison. The loss to Wyoming was just the icing on the cake. Can you say paper defense?
How good would SDS be right now if they hired actual journalists? Nothing good to say about your team? This just in from the alternate universe...that Tennessee is still good!
Florida is way overrated and that still ain't happening.
Who cares what some guy that cuts hair in Texas thinks?
This. We were getting to him all day...just not in time. He was getting rid of the ball in a hurry, and outside of a few times early, we were not gonna stop it. When he can consistently hit that slant to the WR/RB in full stride with that talent, it's going to be a long day for your defense...and it was.
As if those WRs were not enough, he was also throwing to a 5* RB.
This is like the movie version of events. It should have started like "based on a true story."
I'm not debating anything in the article, or what Mizzou is capable of. Just that I would believe it from somebody that wasn't a homer more. It would be nice if the writers on this site pretended they were on the playoff committee, and recused themselves from discussion about their own team.
Tennessee is in a tough spot. Disastrous coaching choices and short leashes have made it a very unattractive job at this point. You have a hands on AD, and boosters that run the show from behind the scenes. That eliminates almost any established coach who wants to run his own program. So you really have to hire a newcomer and hope he can navigate all the hurdles to success Tennessee has in place in the form of people behind the scenes who don't seem to agree on much including who to hire, or how long they should get. Now you are in a position where if you fire the coach this soon, it sends a message to every potential coach out there that their stay could be short...very short. The last search was a total crapshow. On the other hand, lose a couple more games like these, and you won't even be able to recruit guys out of your own state, much less anyone else's. Tennessee needs to bite the bullet and hold on to Pruitt for a couple more years and put a stop to the inmates running the asylum at the top and behind the curtain to be able to move forward. They aren't the first huge program to fall victim to the money behind the scenes mucking things up figuring out what to do in the aftermath of a coaching change following a long successful run. Take back control of your University. You have plenty of money. Tell the guys who think they are in charge to take a hike.
Bama is a tall order, but I feel better about showing up for that game than I did last week. I particularly liked the way Hilinski and the home crowd fed off of each other. Playing at home in Williams Brice always seemed to intimidate Bentley.
After 3 and a half years, hearing that same line makes me want to punch him in the face. I want Hilinski to start STAT. Joyner can keep his package, or WR reps...whatever, but I'm not trying to hear about him starting when he couldn't even beat a true freshman for 2nd string. The Hilinski era at South Carolina needs to start now.
This is the week to play Hilinski. If not from the start, certainly in heavy doses. I would normally say once we have a nice lead, but that may not be an option. Considering his buyout, Muschamp clearly believes he is playing with house money. That won't save Tanner.
If this season goes the way Saturday went, one of two people are going to be gone. If it ain't Muschamp, it will be the guy who signed that contract. Tanner is growing less popular by the day at this point as it is. Somebody's ass will get fired.