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Johnny is not good for football. He's good for tabloids. Johnny isn't even good for himself.
Great, so now he's a flake, too.
I do not hope this works out for him. Every league that has signed this child has regretted it. He's a sideshow. Never a star in the NFL, never a star in the CFL, no NFL team is going to touch him even if he catches fire in the AAF, which I thought was their reason for being, so that makes that whole sideshow thing pretty clear. But hey, if he messes up here, there's always arena. #washedupSZN.
No school that claims it wants to play the big boys, then turns them down when they offer because it isn't on your terms, has made it.
With you on Texas. They aren't going to join a conference that won't put up with their crap.
Just from an athlete size standpoint alone, UCF's training room would look like a triage unit by week 4 of an SEC schedule. By the end of the first couple of seasons, they would have burned every redshirt on both lines.
Not to mention that it really takes a 'fluff' level writer to even imagine that UCF would have come anywhere close to duplicating their recent success playing an SEC schedule. It would be far more likely that they would be 1 or 2 on this list right now. Sports writing just doesn't get any more superficial than this.
I'm pretty much over Manziel and his antics. He hasn't shown an ounce of respect for any league that's taken a chance on him. Funny how the moment a new option popped up, he stops following the rules in Canada. He seemed to be fine with their rules when they were his last option. He doesn't just move on, he burns bridges. So next he probably signs with the AAF, behaves himself til the XFL cranks up, then it's old Johnny again.
I have updated my firmware for 100% Hilinski support, while maintaining full backwards compatibility with Bentley.
Manziel has had all the chances he deserves, and he's blown them all. The NFL will never touch him again with a 10 foot pole, so there is no reason for him to get a shot in a developmental league and take an opportunity from someone who hasn't burned all their bridges. Does the AAF want respect, or just spectacle? Let this loser and all his undeserved attention fade away. That's what's best for football, regardless of the level.
LOL. We spent a good 5 years saying that about Dabo. Careful what you wish for.
I have a problem with this. Not the kids right to change his mind, necessarily. Not doing what's right for him, or what he feels he needs to do. Just the phrase they all use when they do it. "Respect my decision." Not the act, just that phrase. "Please respect me not keeping my word." "Please respect my lack of commitment." "Please respect my lack of character." It's a part of the system, and everybody has to deal with it, but nothing about it commands respect.
Tennessee has one win in the east last season and now they are going to win 9 games? Now that's a hot take. Call me when they beat Vandy.
No doubt. Tennessee is a contender? A good minimum requirement might be beating Vanderbilt. Or getting to a bowl.
Not even in the NFL, where both players and coaches are paid...and mature professionals, can the players up and decide they are leaving for another team. An NFL coach, on the other hand, can resign and go wherever he pleases. Yet you seem completely indignant that college players can't. Any time a coach leaves a program, the school doesn't have to wait until the next cycle to try and recruit a replacement. They go out and hire one. When they can do the same thing with departing players, call me.
If you are so bad you need to poach from Mizzou, you have serious problems. They got the kid from Clemsux, but he can't throw deep and only looked good in the first place because of the talent around him there. He won't look nearly as good at Mizzou. Who else is there?
Philly ran a version of the "Spurrier Special." Google "touchdown to Connor Shaw." 2014 Capital One Bowl. Shaw to Cooper to Ellington to Shaw. Deuce got the play from Spurrier.
It wasn't the "Philly" trick play. It was the same play he called in the Outback bowl against Wisconsin in 2014, that had Bruce Ellington throwing a touchdown to Connor Shaw in the exact same spot in the end zone. Shaw to Cooper to Ellington, to Shaw.
Sucks it wont have legs. Herbie's kids wont have anywhere to play.
The results wouldn't be drastically different. You will likely always out-recruit us. From tradition to location to brand, Georgia is always going to have a self-recruiting element that is hard to overcome. Kirby would have similar results to Muschamp at South Carolina so far, if I had to bet. We'll never know, and I'm not claiming the"exact" same results, just not as different as you might imagine.
Nice piece. It about sums it up. I haven't given up on Champ yet, I don't think too many have. He finally started getting the players he needs for the defense, which we of course thought would happen sooner. The prevailing thought in Columbia when he came in was that if he had an offense, he would be hell on wheels. Then it was the defense that wasn't getting it relative terms. He had a roster to rebuild on both sides of the ball.
Correction to the name of the writer, but it's a theme of those who write here in general, to make it about themselves, not the subject. Connor had two in the last three days.
Another "I" article...making it about Connor, and not what he is covering. "Grading The LSU Class" or some such, but no. It's an awesome class, btw.
I'm sure these programs were all waiting breathlessly for your seal of approval, and can now resume their normal lives, giddy in the knowledge that someone of your importance even knows who they are.
I completely agree on one point. The NCAA is useless as a governing body. Their investigations are a joke, their punishments are all over the place, and they play favorites to certain schools who have done far worse for much longer, with no penalties at all. The NCAA is the worlds least funny joke. Except when they say they exist for the benefit of student that's funny.
I'm not a huge fan of what Bentley has put together so far, and the inconsistency is maddening, but give credit where it's due. He produced in two games against ranked opponents...the other being Clemson. He threw for 500 yards on a defense Bama couldn't crack. They should have paid more attention to that film before the championship game. It was a blueprint for destroying Clemson's secondary. When they knew it was coming. We had no run game. We lost...which means a lot, but for once, it had nothing to do with Bentley. Don't rob the poor guy of the best performance he's likely to ever have. I would like to think he could be that guy all the time, but there's just no evidence of that.
Jake Bentley is a complete enigma. All-SEC one quarter, borderline incompetent the next. I've never witnessed such inconsistency. He shows enough at times to give you hope, then pulls the rug out from under you. It's truly frustrating. Granted, at times it's not his fault, but not nearly enough to give him a pass. It's divided many message boards right down the middle. They say guys "get it" at different times. I certainly hope that time is year 4, because there is zero indication anyone else will get a chance.
Poor Spencer Rattler thought he would be a sure fire starter next season. Grab some pine, son.