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I have serious doubts about Hilinski seeing four games. Jake will continue to be Jake. I doubt he builds a substantial lead in four games next season, and Muschamp will bleed from his eyeballs before he pulls him.
"We're not good enough, you should expand the playoffs so we can feel better about ourselves."
There are a ton of schools who have enjoyed time at the top, yourselves included. The reason the vast majority of them are no longer there, is their inability to keep the band together. Saban has shown that that isn't a problem for Bama. Dabo has not, hence the reason he pays them more than any entry level head coaching job can pay. Would you expect under any circumstance that they would not act happy? Not to say that they aren't, but I'm sure they would love to be head coaches someday too.
I agree. Let's see how Dabo does when he has to replace coordinators every year. Dabo knows it's over when his coordinators are gone. So he keeps paying them too much for them to leave. Saban isn't scared. Plus, let's be honest, Clemson doesn't get nearly as banged up during the season playing in a one team conference.
If these things unfolded differently than the media has made out that they did, Florida would be playing it on repeat as damage control. Steele clearly agrees with the media account, as he himself has retweeted it. This is going to hurt you more than you know, and for longer than you think. I had a cheeseburger for lunch yesterday, and a bowl of chili the day before that.
"Alboverdi reported, and SDS confirmed through multiple sources, including one with the University Police Department, that Steele had concerns about Jones that predated the early April sexual battery incidents wherein Jones was implicated."
Geezus, can we give the mock draft a freaking rest already. We've had to deal with every dude with a blogs mock draft for the better part of 6 months already. For the love of God, let it go.
If the South Carolina that played Clemson last season shows up against Bama, it will at least be a good game.
Kannell doesn't actually believe any of his own drivel, he just knows that SEC haters is the bigger demographic among fans. They don't care about the truth, or what conference he champions, as long as they can hear someone in the national media consistently rag on the SEC. It's a business decision, and it's paid off well for him. He even gets the SEC fans who tune in just to laugh at his nonsense. Pure genius.
Am I the only one who thinks these tweets sound totally faked? Who says that kind of crap? Nobody on the internet "mean tweets" that politely.
Wow, Talk about Captain Obvious. The majority of the players are from 6 of the 7 rounds. You must have spent all night doing the math on that.
Who starts a league without even enough money to get it through two weeks? Who signs a deal that basically says "Hey come in, finance the league for a few weeks to see how you like it, if it's not for you, keep your money and you still own the league."? Who couldn't have found a better way to convince people never to invest themselves in a spring football league?
Talk about a nut-less athletic dept.
Fear not. Johnny gets to party the time away until the XFL cranks back up. Johnny next league.
That's because their offense isn't at the bottom of a beer bottle.
Cry me a river. JM is a spoiled child, Bipolar or not. A&M fans are the only people who still make themselves look bad standing up for this guy. Well, outside of the writers here, who make a guy who's failed out of every league he's been in sound like a role model. It's kind of sad to see a guy his age who is already washed up acting like he's still gods gift.
Not to take away from your point at all, but I've noticed that no one really ever comes back to ANY posts here. It's not exactly a message board. The average lifespan of a comment section here is about two days tops. A little longer on a really popular topic. Even that average only includes the stories that get any comments at all.
Johnny is not good for football. He's good for tabloids. Johnny isn't even good for himself.
Great, so now he's a flake, too.
I do not hope this works out for him. Every league that has signed this child has regretted it. He's a sideshow. Never a star in the NFL, never a star in the CFL, no NFL team is going to touch him even if he catches fire in the AAF, which I thought was their reason for being, so that makes that whole sideshow thing pretty clear. But hey, if he messes up here, there's always arena. #washedupSZN.
No school that claims it wants to play the big boys, then turns them down when they offer because it isn't on your terms, has made it.
With you on Texas. They aren't going to join a conference that won't put up with their crap.
Just from an athlete size standpoint alone, UCF's training room would look like a triage unit by week 4 of an SEC schedule. By the end of the first couple of seasons, they would have burned every redshirt on both lines.