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Badie aside, this one shouldn't be close. Bad year for Mizzou. They will get better...their recruiting already is, but they have a run game, while Arkansas has whole offense. My guess is that this game will be a lot of fun to watch the next few years, just maybe not this one.
Picking Tennessee to roll. How fearless.
@BoondockSaint - I've always felt the same way. Never understood how a #1 beats #2 by a FG and fall 4 spots when that's pretty much exactly what should happen between 1 & 2.
It's going to be a lot less about how many points Georgia scores on Ohio State, and a lot more about how many points Ohio State doesn't score against Georgia.
No doubt. 4th & 1, and no Tank = inexcusable.
"With Cause," should include a minimum win percentage. How is not winning games not a legit reason to fire a coach for cause? Blows my mind.
Ugh. I hate Dukes mayo.In my defense, although I am from South Carolina, dad was in service so I never spent any real time there til I was nearly adult. It is DEFINITELY an acquired taste if you weren't raised on it. It is(or was) only available in the deep south growing up. Having said that, It beats no a longshot.
Nah, that idiot has stumbled into a very lucrative position for himself. He's the knight in shining armor for anyone in America who hates the SEC. Even when they know he's wrong. He carries their flag. He doesn't have the talent to stand out any other way.
That's literally what a poll is. Kannell is such an idiot. I feel pretty certain that if there were a poll, everyone would THINK he's an idiot.
Georgia's gonna smoke Florida like an off-brand cigarette.
LOL. I'm alone at the moment and I can't even say that to myself out loud with a straight face.
I think we will look a lot better with Doty back when we aren't playing against y'all's defense. I'm dying to see how the rest of the east looks when they play Georgia. My guess is it's going to look a lot like this one.
Given the results of all our plays combined, it's hard to imagine we would have gotten more than 7 to 10 more points without the plays where we hurt ourselves. You gotta figure at least half the instances where we shot ourselves in the foot enough to kill a drive, they would have stopped us anyway...that's a brutal defense. There really was no scenario where we win. Would 40-20 have looked better? Sure, but the end was still going to be a loss. Would have felt better about Kentucky though.
I would not suggest putting Doty out there if he isn't 100%, but if he is, he has to be the guy. Zeb did a good job on the worlds shortest QB leash Saturday. Beamer gave him his inevitable movie ending. Too many people are ignoring the actual stats that aren't touchdowns. There are people on the fan sites that think he should be THE guy now...based on THIS game. It's insane.
I don't know about winning or not, but has there been a time in the last decade Texas wasn't overrated? A new coach at any other school would not be getting this kind of love. Especially one who tanked his last HC gig. It's amazing how that works.
Exorcism is an excellent choice of words considering the demons that stale fart left hanging around in Columbia.
I won't deny that he was my second choice at the time. I truly believed we would be better off with someone more experienced, given the perceived difficulty involved with ridding the program of the Muschump taint he left permeating the whole place. It was never because I didn't believe in Beamer, I just thought it would take a lot longer. I've never been so happy to be wrong. Hindsight is 20/20, but I honestly have zero doubt that Shane Beamer was the right hire for this job now. Very little of that actually has to do with Saturday, but every day he's been here before that as well.
I wouldn't be as opposed to the idea of Clemsux and Free Shoes U as I was even a couple of weeks ago. We play them every year anyway, and we could add a new OOC game, assuming we didn't go to a 9 game conference schedule. Plus they wouldn't be able to take a shortcut to the playoffs through candyland anymore.
I don't know in what world you think any team in their even remotely right mind would think the grass will be greener outside the SEC super conference, and it's ridiculous money. If you are the absolute doormat of the SEC, with the money coming in and a commitment to improving, you have hope. There is NO hope broke and in the wasteland. No team will EVER leave the SEC voluntarily unless they are monumentally stupid. They would chain themselves to the biggest tree in the SEC's yard, and have to be removed kicking and screaming.
"yes, it will, dumb fvk" "you may be the most ridiculous yoyo moron on this webboard, and that’s saying something." "you really should, you ridiculous idiot." This is the full extent of your contribution to this discussion so far. Period. No actual opinion of your own. You couldn't just say "I disagree." No, You had to go full ASSHAT. Somehow, you think HE'S the idiot. LOL.
Side note: It won't be the SEC that loses playoff spots, it will be the at large berths that are reduced to make more room for alliance teams, because $$$.
Sankey's got this. Trust in that. Against three conference commissioners who's combined tenure is 4 years? No problem. Plus it's not really the alliance vs the SEC. It's the alliance vs the SEC and ESPN. We're the cash cow. ESPN isn't exactly powerless in these proceedings. Wonder who's games would all be in Prime time? Regardless of that, the alliance is going to do whatever nets them the most money. Travel expenses are going to be a b@tch. You also assume that because three commissioners decide to have an alliance, that all the teams in those conferences are going to vote like it. The B1G schools already have rep for going against their commissioners. How much are a couple of middle of the road out of conference matchups going to help the PAC12 purse? I'm guessing not enough to cover the extra travel, or the idea of playing a marquee out of conference matchup with jet lag and playoff hopes(lol) on the line? The schools ARE NOT going to like this plan. There are a lot of ways this could not even get off the ground.
@ NashvilleGator - Clemson pulled of what they were able to do in 2016 with 46%BCR because they played an ACC schedule, and came into the post-season fresh as a daisy and only had to win 2 tough games in the process. Florida ain't Clemson in that regard. This makes your argument garbage.
He's done a great job, but to me...He's no Slive.
If the D-line produces to their potential, which is certainly a question mark, it should make the back end look a bit better than it is, and take some pressure off of that unit. I think the defense as a whole will be about the same in year one under Beamer. I will settle for looking less incompetent.
I think you are right about that, although I do think Clemson wont be quite as good as they have been recently. You don't lose Lawrence and not suffer some dip, even if it's down to growing pains. Also, and I say this in all seriousness, What the hell were y'all thinking picking up the human curse that is Will Muschamp? He IS a curse, even if he ain't on the field. He SOUNDS like he knows what he is doing, but that's where it ends.
So you want a coach that is good at games he needs to win save his job. That's where most of his big wins in the last several seasons have come from.
No one is dismissing it, we just assume you aren't stupid enough to be cool with 4 losses a year to teams you should beat, as long as you beat Bama every two or three years.