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You can't listen to the media, they'll say anything to knock Alabama, that's what looses do!
If I was a Gamecock fan I would not be running my mouth too much because you can't back it up, talk is cheap!
Peyton don't lower your self esteem by getting involved in politics!
Is Harbaugh being a bad boy on twitter, shame on him!
Time to hang the your cleats while he's ahead of the game!
It's only 5 lbs above his normal weight, what's the mountain out of a mole hill big deal?
I say keep live animals off the playing field and in the zoo were they belong!
McElroy did not "call Newton out", he just stated his opinion on the fumble, we all have an opinion and that was his!
Egotistical Self Proven Nitwits
Sanders should get his own girlfriend and stay off Johnny's!
All these English majors makes me sick, we're not in school anymore you know!
His mommy won't let him play with the big boys!
Just the mouthing media making a mountain out of a mole hill!
Just another reason why I don't watch his silly show and when he's on ESPN's College Football Show, I erase it!
Haney is just another "Bama hater and a bad looser"!
Alabama don't steal players, they come on their on free will!
It's not unusual for someone from ESPN to be puzzled, happens all the time!