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No one knows what this season holds. My hope is that we are competitive in every game and play to the best of our ability. That’s about all one can ask. An upset or two would be nice, though!
By the way, anybody from FL talking smack about football is comedy gold as well. Dan Mullen, your savior, turned out great, right?? Now, THAT was an embarrassment!
Don’t know of anyone at our school who is embarrassed by Dawn Staley. If every coach here won like she does, they can “embarrass “us all they want.
What makes you think they are “running their mouths”? They are simply participating in interviews and answering questions. The positivity they bring to our program is what our fans like, and I would not expect them to be otherwise. I’m pretty sure Rattler and Beamer are well aware of SEC defenses.
Ain’t that the truth!! They always find a way to lose the important games, but every year expect to win “The National”.
Not to worry. We fans who actually love our school are happy to donate money, win or lose. At least our yearly mantra is not “this is the year we will win the national championship” only to be disappointed year after year. I’ve never cared for GA fans - now I know why - they just can’t face the fact they will never be Alabama.