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Punters a push when we have the returning Ray Guy award winner who set the NCAA record for average punts last year?
Not sure why Kennedy is still here. He should have been fired last year. Made the program worse, got to the sweet 16 on talent alone, not coaching. The time is past due for a change.
We have 4 OL that redshirted and 4 more in this class. It was probably the best decision for him.
This only supports the claim that Damyune Craig was talking trash. The guy in red pulled Craig away from the other coaches, while an LSU coach pushed Jace Sternberger. The video is too short to show anything that clarifies the story. If anything,seeing the guy in red trying to de-escalate bring the punch into question.
LOL we might put 28 on them by half, but hey would have 21-24 on us too. They have a REAAALY good offense. Yeah they have played garbage, but they will be up and ready to make a statement. I would think on a neutral field they would be favored slightly or a push.
There is no way a two loss Auburn or LSU would get into the playoff unless there is a major meltdown from Washington, Michigan, Ohio State, Clemson or Louisville. There is no "de facto" spot for the SEC champ.
This is something every team does and you are taught from Jr. high or pee wee if you have a good coach. We have to do better at hiding it, but if you have played defense you know to do this. That young O line has to to a better job of hiding it, but I will say this, thanks. Thank you for pointing it out publicly. Now we know other teams will be looking for it and can correct it and use it to our advantage. It's like Bama has a vested interest in us winning out. Guess it would be insurance if they drop to LSU or Auburn if we win out so they still go to the SECCG and playoffs.
Aggie on Aggie violence this weekend folks, should be good for a nap.
That was targeting, the Noil hit was targeting, and the later actual called targeting on the INT return in this game was targeting. Sad that only 1 of the 3 clear examples was called, and is why this rule, as worded, is asinine.
Must be Paolo's? Went there on Friday before the Tenn game since they could take 13 people in a reservation. Food took over an hour from when we ordered and half of it was cold. It was still pretty decent though, not horrible, just average for an Italian joint.
Seems like a stretch to me, like these kids don't know it's fricking cold up there in the winter, and coaches won't recruit against it. It's not like they fly up to Ann Harbor for signing day in Feb. They do it from their coaches office or the gym.
I think A&M was the only team so far not to underestimate Auburn's D, and we had to settle for what? 5 FG's? Our offense is a heck of a lot better than Arkansas, but Auburn now has an offense that is starting to click. I see the Tigers pulling out in the 4th to a 4 pt win. The Arkie D doesn't have enough gas to keep with with the run game for 4 quarters and Allen does enough to keep them in the game, but not enough to win it.
This has already been debunked on other sites. We are good with Kellen Mond. We are not going after Barnett.
You know they already lost to us right?
I HOPE you team thinks this way too. Please think we are the worst defense you all have played. Ignore that we are 12th with scoring defense. Ignore how good our running defense is. Those goal line stands against Arkansas. PLEASE keep forwarding that we are the worst defense Tennessee has had to face all year.
Thanks, I was going to type that up.
21 of those points were pick sixes. The defense didn't give up those points. In fact, the defense kept us in that game longer than we should have been.
IIRC, there is no penalty for too FEW players on the field. Just too few/many players on the the line for the O and too many players for both O and D.
Considering no offense has scored more than 24 on us since Chavis took over, you expect South Carolina to do that? Yeah not going to happen when they couldn't even score more than 10 on Kentucky.
Just the opposite. Trevor was still slow to start and telegraphed a lot of reads. IT was pretty worry some as we will be going against the polar opposite of defenses next week. I thought Hubenak looked like a much better passer. He checked down his reads and didn't stare down receivers, just our 2nd string WR kept dropping passes or that score would have been in the 70's-80's. Even the D had troubles getting after a mobile quarterback and stopping him, either that or the dude was pretty slick, like JFF slick in avoiding pressure. I'll take the former. If we look at the score and pat ourselves on the back heading into Auburn, we lose. IF we look at the game for what it was, a glorified scrimmage where quite a few issues were still exposed, we have a chance to win on the plains.
Bruh they got a whole MSFT Word template that you just fill in the blanks. Baylor is currently working on replacing the logo after asking for a copy.
Bama goes for 0 or less yards on first down around 33% of the time. That's horrid. A&M is allowing only 28% 3rd down conversions, both in SEC play only. This is really going to be a test of both offenses. People thinking bama or A&M scoring 40 points are crazy. Even the GA game Bama was gifted special teams blunders to make those 38 points. Their offense is not built to score more than 21-28 points. If they have to score more than 28 then they will be in trouble. Can A&M score more than 28 though?
If bama continues to go for 0 yards on 1st downs against A&M it will be a loooong day as they get behind the chains and have to pass. If they can break past the D line then it will be an Arkie type game for A&M.
You sure that's a frat? Could be a non-reg. I don't see any letters out there. Most of the chapters on campus have houses.
Eh The tech game is an anomaly. Tech was high after a win in Arkansas, a team that beat them bad at home last year, and wanted revenge against a TCU team that embarassed them. Plus Lubbutt is a horrible play to have to play. TCU got some defenders back and throttled the sips, I think they are going to give Baylor all they can handle.
I am liking him more now than I did when he played. I hope to see him in College Station watching his daughter play.