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If we're doing divisions, Missouri would go back to the West and Auburn and Alabama would be in the East. And how is Auburn not considered in the list of SEC blue bloods?
A: Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Auburn B: Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt C: Mississippi, Mississippi State, Missouri, Arkansas D: Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, LSU A is always in the East Division, D is always in the West Division. B and C rotate, it's either A/C, B/D or A/B, C/D.
If the SEC could dump teams to make room for more, dump the Mississippi schools or at least one of them. Mississippi is the dumbest and most worthless state. If the SEC can't have two teams in Florida or Georgia, why do they need two schools in a rat hole like Mississippi? Who outside of Mississippi cares about them? And what kind of stupid name is "Old Miss"? Sounds like a girl's name.