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More than likely it is because Kirby is going after Charles Bell VI and the fact Bell is in Athens this weekend.
All it says is they wanted more money. The only reason y’all got the OC was because of money. You can try to spin it all you want but it is tied directly to money. Charles Kelly turned down the DC job because he couldn’t make as a DC at Florida State so how was he going to make it with lesser talent.
In high school he played WR and safety, but he was only used as RB a few times at Grayson. Coming out of high school he wasn’t being recruited as an athlete. He was the #4 Safety in the 2017 class. He was actually impressive on defense. Hard hitter and played coverage well. Georgia recruited him for defense because that is where everyone was recruiting him. His time at Georgia something was always going on with him which Kirby never let the whole story out. I hope he does well for the Vols.
Obviously he got your attention seeing how you saw the article, read it, and posted a comment.
What happened when Tennessee played Georgia is year? You have lost all your S*** talking privileges. Your team, fan base, and administration can’t even fire a coach and AD successfully.
Why do a lot of the Tennessee fans want Jon Gruden so bad. Outside of the one Super Bowl ring he was barely a .500 coach. He hasn’t coached college kids in over a decade. He hasn’t coached period in almost a decade. Also I don’t know many graduate assistants that go out and recruit so he has never recruited at a major college. I realize his name is big but I don’t get all the Gruden talk. Can someone explain?
The jury is still out on Auburn. For the past few years Auburn as been dubbed by the media as the best thing since sliced bread at the start of the season. Yes they have played good but they have only had good offensive games against Missouri and Mississippi State. Missouri has been horrible from the start of the season and Mississippi State got exposed during the Georgia game. After the LSU beat down Mississippi State was crowned the best team second to Alabama. Everyone seems to forget the Mercer game. I want to see what Auburn does against better competition.