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Yes, Alabama is cursed because they have to play on CBS practically every weekend. And every big play Alabama makes the CBS film crew instantly analyzes it from every camera view frame-by-frame and if they find any thing that is suspect, they send it up the Gary and his side kick to complain that Alabama got away with something and should have been penalized. And the viewers and most of the sports writers are too ignorant to understand that CBS has just influence your perception of the game. So, they buy in to this propaganda that Alabama is getting preferential treatment from the officiating crew. To me it seems like just the opposite, the officiating crews believe they have to the equalizer in Alabama games. Take last week’s game against Arkansas, they call a very picky holding call that took away a touchdown from Alabama. Ask Will Anderson how many times he was held and yet no holding calls made against Arkansas. And the Arkansas receivers were getting away with pushing off and no offensive pass interference calls. Arkansas receivers were also using some kind of swim technique against the defensive backs to create fake pass interference calls (that’s what won them the game against MSU). Bottom line is that as long as Nick Saban is at Alabama they will be the better coached team.