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Looking good for the Tigers.
Wake me up when the Vols actually beat a quality team.
Pushing too fast too soon with the ACL is my concern as well.
Yeah the Barn, UT(k), Bama, UK, UF stretch is a bit tough. I'm not sure how that would translate to one of the easiest schedule in the SEC.
There is absolutely no doubt the uf fanbase would have been squealing like a stuck pig if they had to play bama this year.
* 2020 College Football Season (no matter how you slice it this season will forever have an * next to it)
Not sure if anyone else has caught on yet or not. But it's pretty obvious Negan is TheRealcojones in disguise.
It's my understanding a normal recovery period is a couple of weeks.
I'm betting Scott Stricklin was the AD who balked at the idea of a 10 game all-SEC slate considering the 2 teams UF would pick up vs the 2 UGA would pick up.
The would be the Defending National Champion for another year.
Cager was a great WR and a DGD! What isn't pointed out in this article is Cager played hurt most of the season. So not only was his season cut short when he was in the games he was playing injured.
And yet Mullen constantly runs his mouth about the Dogs. In the meantime Smart has won 3 in a row against the gators.
I've got some swamp land for sale. Are you interested?
Hey Bennie if you have any concrete evidence of UGA cheating then I implore you to contact the NCAA. Baring that you should just shut your trap.
Excellent point made by tigerwareagleplainsman. : )
A sad comment from a sad little fan of a very sad football program. But what would you expect from a fan whose name ends in 911. (TnVFL911) : )
I was expecting the catch to be ruled incomplete. But it was reviewed and confirmed so there must have been something the replay officials saw that the fans did not. Not to point out the obvious, but there were many many plays where the gators got away with holding. BTW: There has now been 1,101 days since the Lousy Stink'in Gators have beaten the Dawgs.
Yep. ND's defensive strategy for the Dawgs Hurry-Up offense was to flop. Although it worked perfectly I would have to deduct two style points because everyone in the nation except the ACC refs knew what they were up to. I'm sure with a little more practice the Irish will do a much better job in disguising their intent.
Ah! I clicked on the link above and see in his Scenario he has Bama (1) vs UGA (4) in the Peach Bowl. I definitely do not believe UGA can lose to Bama in the SECCG and still make the CFP.
The Liberty Bowl seems about right for the Barn.
That definitely seems odd to have UGA vs bama in CFP. I'm not able to determine if the Peach Bowl will be 1 v 4 or 2 v 3. If it is 1 v 4 then perhaps in his scenario bama loses to LSU in a close game in the regular season and an undefeated UGA beats LSU in the SECCG. Thus having UGA (1) v bama (4) in the Peach Bowl. Personally I do not think this is a scenario that will play out.
Really!?! That's all you got!?!
To add salt to their wounds Eli Wolf TE Graduate Transfer (from vols) had four catches for 73 yards for the Dawgs on Saturday. That's more than he had all of last year playing for the vol-tears.
I understand your point Chucklepuff. UT has a god-awful football team that appears to find a new low every year. But this is still a big win for the Panthers.
PEs are very dangerous. The best case scenario is to treat them with blood thinners and then get off of them. It would be dangerously irresponsible to play any contact sport while on blood thinners. Once successfully treated for PEs and off blood thinners there is still the real possibility of getting one or more again. Especially for someone playing a violent sport such as football.