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If wasn't but for the God Awful officiating the Dawgs would have easily beaten bama in regulation in 2017. That's an absolute fact.
I'm not saying Young isn't a gifted QB. But in the biggest game he ever played he came up way short. 2 Interceptions and 4 sacks. Despite the fact the Dawgs had several key players on Defense out for the game. Dawgs 33 - Gumps 18
UGA 33 - bama 18 = gumps buying extra large boxes of tissues
Good point! That's what makes sports so great. Peyton never one a National Championship at UT(k). But outside of the Vols fan base how many remember the name of the UT(k) QB who won the National Championship after Manning left. I think, but I'm not sure they named a street after Martin. But everyone knows there is a street named Peyton Manning Pass in Knoxville.
This guy needs a large box of Kleenex. Excuses ... Excuses .... Excuses. The Dawgs faced adversity all season long .... from a depleted experienced WR room to an outbreak of the flu going into the UT(k). Yet they weren't to be denied. In the 4th Qrt of the CFP Championship game 3 different freshmen stepped and scored TDs. And that's why UGA is the 2021 National Champion and this guy is going on and on about his hurt WRs.
You do realize bama beat LSU for the 2012 BCS National Championship after losing to LSU in the regular season that year. Did you complain about 2nd chances that year. Classless = gator fan
Predictable Classless Statement by a gator fan.
The Dawgs and the Gumps have had 4 common opponents this year. Here's the score from each one of these games: UGA vs Arky 37 - 0 bama vs Arky 42 -35 UGA vs barn 34 -10 bama vs barn 24 - 22 UGA vs uf 34 - 7 bama vs uf 31 - 29 UGA vs ut 41 - 17 bama vs ut 52 - 24 I like the Dawgs chances against the Gumps.
Wouldn't be funny if the Barn got the Georgia game moved up to October to increase their chances of being able to beat UGA & bama only to find out it was all for naught. By the way wouldn't it be funny if there was a growing cry from the Barn's fan base to drop UGA as their cross-rival and to replace them with Vandy. Oh, that's right that is really happening.
Most likely because Davis & the Dawgs were off last week. JD2NY!
That's a tough loss for sure for the Wildcats. UGA had 14 players out against the Barn. Many were starters and a bunch more were contributors. I hope we can get some of them back. Go Dogs!!!!
Good point. Can't wait till the WLOCP to see how Kirby's Defense matches up with Mullen's Offense. One thing to keep in mind UGA had 14 players out against the Barn. Many were starters and some were big contributors.
Why would they post a photo of a sad gator fan? After all they have not one, but two quality loses so far this season. In gator land that equates to moral victories. And by Mullen's on admission he was not out coached. So there's another point of pride for the gator fans.
I have never seen a College Football Fanbase get so excited about a "Quality Loss".
Been that way for a long time. Just take another look at the 2017 NCG. The amount of missed and blown calls boggles the mind.
About the worst thing a fan can do is speculate on why a player in Gilbert's situation is not with their team.
Good point. But "If" Ole' Miss and Arky had not been beaten due to god-awful officiating AU would have had two more loses in 2020. Just saying...
How old was Mullen acting when he wore his Darth Vader costume to his post game press conference?
Looking good for the Tigers.
Wake me up when the Vols actually beat a quality team.
Pushing too fast too soon with the ACL is my concern as well.
Yeah the Barn, UT(k), Bama, UK, UF stretch is a bit tough. I'm not sure how that would translate to one of the easiest schedule in the SEC.
There is absolutely no doubt the uf fanbase would have been squealing like a stuck pig if they had to play bama this year.