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Chaney was switched from coaching QBs to TEs last year at UGA (Coley coached the QBs). One could argue that was essentially a demotion of sorts although he did still call the plays. Never the less the writing was on the wall that he was persona non grata at UGA. Hopefully it will all work out for both Chaney and Coley.
Nick Fairley is the dirtiest college football player I have ever seen. And I have been watching college football for decades.
The more I learn about the NCAA the more it reminds me of the U.S. Government. (Not good)
Why don't you try a little bit of critical thinking before posting next time. UGA currently has 14 commitments vs UF's 18. Even more telling is the avg rating UGA 92.71 vs UF's 89.75. That's a pretty wide gap. And of course this is only June. It will be very interesting to do the same comparison at the end of July. But what really counts is when National Signing is over.
I would be shocked if the NCAA gives him a waiver. But then again I'm talking about an organization which is wildly unpredictable and inconsistent.
Dan "Chuckles the Clown" has gone from being funny to being pathetic.
The Barn certainly has a treasure in Malzahn. My biggest fear is they will extend his contract another 5 years. :)
The Bulldawg Nation complained for years that Saban & Kirby was negatively recruiting against Georgia. Whether or not that is true who knows. But a lie told often enough eventually becomes the truth.
I have definitely enjoyed the Dawgs overall success against the Barn for the last 18 years. But you are right nothing lasts forever. I don't see the Barn flipping the script until Malzhan is gone. So here's hoping he stays in the plains for a few more years at least.
If you figure out the upside please let the Dawgnation know. Looking into my Crystal ball all I see is a UT team on the rise and an AU team in decline. Which ultimately will make our November schedule tougher.
Whoa! Now doesn't that make you feel better weable99! UGA has pretty much owned the Barn for the last 18 seasons. LOL!
Welcome to the business side of College Football. Coaches of all levels eventually move on. It's not a matter or if, but when will Lincoln Riley move to to the NFL.
I hope football works out for this guy. Because if he ever has to depend upon his ability engage in any type of critical thinking he obviously would be one lost puppy.
I have no ideal which school he will choose. But if it isn't bama recent history would indicate its fans will claim saban didn't want or need him. lol
x iLoveMyDawgs x is not a Dawg Fan. In reality he is a pathetic UTk fan.
Nah, not me. Boom made too many derogatory remarks about UGA while coaching at UF and USCe to suit me. Granted he was / is trying to ingratiate himself to his fanbase, but his snide remarks will not be forgot or forgiven by me. Just my 2 cents.
I suspect Hurts will end up transferring to the Barn.
Each University have their own minimum requirements. For example UGA's is higher than AU's and ND's is higher than UGA's.