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Seriously, Bud Light is the beer of choice across the board? This is an ill-informed study. I can't believe every tailgater is that hard up. Unless it's given away free, that bland, watery nonsense should be left on the store shelves.
While I'm not a Mizzou fan, I live in St. Louis, and hope beyond hope Lane Kiffin doesn't show up on any prospective coaching list in Columbia.
Yeah, he sprinted off crying. A loser mentality and certainly not a man, but what more can be expected? He does attend a school where a 12 on the ACT gets you in the door.
I use her as an example of what a 3rd grade education looks like. Hopefully she found something to do after Bama got thumped, like clean out her spittoon. Not sure why Paul keeps bringing her on, she is utterly senseless and is a fool. This has become a yearly thing now, Bama loses and Phyllis tries to come up with new words to say. Cowherd is right and Phyllis is the face and cigarette voice of Bama football. Great fanbase between Phyllis and Updyke, but they are the leaders fans in Tuscaloosa turn to.
I guess Phyllis and the Upykes will be crying and making excuses for the next nine months. Saban will need to increase his payroll and get more 5-star guys in next year. No team with as many top players as Saban has should ever lose. When the Bama team has 26 4 & 5 star guys and Ohio State has 9, it's a coaching problem. Down goes Bama...AGAIN!
Harvey claimed disability from that trooper job, he wasn't man enough to hack it. Shows he's just a welfare grubber. He's nothing more than a pig-faced punk. Gives all college football fans from the south a bad name.