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The Sugar Bowl committee is not the Manning family.
How'd that work out for you, princess? 190 yards in the 4th alone.
Nearly lead them to the playoffs?! What a story. ?
UGA and Stetson beat #1Tenn and Hooker. Bennetts stats are better. QB ranking is better. Don't be dumb.
Alabama is in no way, shape or form better than UGa. TN and SC proved that.
The Heisman isn't just about stats. Idiots keep forgetting that year after year.
Every time you post, you show the world how retarded you are.
You are a special kind of stupid. It's astonishing.
"it has now been 27 quarters that a wide receiver has a reception of longer than 30 yards" What a solidly stupid comment. UGA has not had a single game with less than 480 yards. Most are over 550.
The 110th defense in the country can't do anything. TN is grossly overrated.
Georgia doesn't have last years squad. Did you idiots forget the 7 dozen articles you wrote about how much they lost to the draft?
Just as legit as Texas, who the refs stole a win from to protect Alabama.