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Wish Derek Mason could replace Grantham as D Coord next season, but doubt that ever happens. Mason and Mullen seem to really dislike each other. Mason with UF talent, would be a nasty Defense!
WHOOP! Go GATORS!! But I won’t celebrate yet.... GA may find a bag of points after the game and win tomorrow.
Hopefully next week Gary will outline his resignation and make us all much happier during CBS SEC games next fall.
Did anyone posting read the's about golf & a classic Spurrier response. Posting trolls on all sides getting cray.
NOT and fsu fan by any stretch, and there are many reasons for the decline in ticket sales. But one huge factor is the devastation of the local region due to Hurricane Micheal. Panama City to Dothan to Tallahassee looks like a war zone still, and many have left to start over elsewhere. Lives have been turned upside down after this CAT 5 storm and football is not on the priority list when your house is still unlivable and you need to find a new school for the kids. Keep the panhandle in your prayers.
1st round: UT vs Toothpaste always a tough match-up. "stole that from the radio, but made me chuckle all the way home"
Felt good about UF to the sweet 16 until this story. Kiss of death. I have watched at least 20 UF games this season and 3 in person, this is the most inconsistent group I remember watching in a long time. Some nights they could dominate and compete with anyone, other nights they could lose to anyone. Frustrating team...Hope Jay is right.
The main difference is the refs looked past the most obvious non call pass interference penalty in championship game history. Something that would have never happened Jags v Patriots
As a Troy Alum, this hurt to see Coach Brown go, but we all knew it was coming. WV seems like a perfect spot for him. An hour from his hometown in Kentucky, rabid fan base, and I would argue is a better X's and O's coach Holgerson with integrity. Homerun hire for WVU! Hope Troy keeps the tradition going and gets another great HC.
Danny is Mike White's brother (UF MENS Hoops Head Coach). The more I read from Danny, I get the idea he is just f'ing with his brothers boss just to spice up the holiday conversations. I wish UF would play ucf. I like the 1 - 1 - 1 deal. Play in Jax, UF, and then at the Citris Bowl in Orlando. It holds 65,000 almost a 1/3 more seats than the ucf bounce house.
This has to be a spot for Lane right? UL has a long history of recruiting in FL, they like offense, and Lane could compete with Dabo for the ACC Atlantic in a few years with FSU in rebuild mode. Kiffin in the ACC is a win for everyone. (or wait another year and see Lane Kiffin as the new HC at Auburn....this is what we all really want)
Mason did start it, this shouldn't be up for debate. If he checks on his player and heads back to the Vandy sideline nothing happens.
Just like Rick Flair off the top rope, total slam, penalty deserved. Should Vo have been get kicked out for both benches clearing personal foul....not so much terrible rule.
1st - Not targeting, looked like a perfect tackle football play. Targeting against UF on the punt not targeting either. This is getting out of control. 2nd - Mason started the pi$$ing match not UF. He walked over, glanced at his player for 4 seconds, then glared at the UF sideline. Watch the game and quit assuming after watching a clip or reading an article. Love Mason, but he started this one.
Troy's next power 5 victim, Mizzoo Oct 5, 2019! Trojans = Giant Killers
Go Trojans. One of the best mid majors every year. Neal Brown will be a power 5 HC soon. But for me and the other Troy Alums out there I hope that day is a long way off!
Awesome. Welcome Jumpman. Hopefully goodbye forever nike army green gator prints.
No one cares but this is another misleading headline. He left due to Shannon leaving, nothing to do the Grantham being hired. But silly facts, not important on a blog site.
Nice shtick Mr Frost until you went 3rd person with the last sentence. Good points all around, but NFL, Oregon, Central FL then to Nebraska....that doesn't make sense. I think UF AD Scott Stricklin summed the opportunity at FL up best last week when he said: “I think if you want to work in the best athletic department in the country and have access to some of the best talent in the country and have some of the best support in the country and play and coach for the best fans in the country, you want to be at the University of Florida,” he said. “We have 21 sports. 17 of them, either now or will be in the spring when their seasons start, will be nationally ranked. A lot of those, as you guys know, are not just top 20. They’re top 10, they’re top five, they’re No. 1 in the country. This is a place where you can compete for championships at the highest level … I think this is a dream job for somebody.”
Against UGA, Spurrier is... 2-2 as a player 0-2 as an assistant coach 11-1 as Florida's head coach 5-5 as USC's head coach 16-6 as a head coach 18-10 in his career. That's some hate.
Alabama was the example because they are our neighbor, in the SEC and used to be UF's main competition. The only argument I hear for the uniform debacle is recruiting, Alabama and other national programs do fine without marketing gimmicks. Maybe you could lighten up as well. Clearance racks across the southeast will be full of these jerseys and tshirts in a few months. Merry Christmas Gator fans.
Some younger Gator fans have told me this is great for "recruiting". High School Players "love" these alt uniforms and it gives UF an edge. I guess all the #1 recruiting classes "past and future" that keep marching to Alabama didn't get the memo.
Some stories are better left untold...this uniform being one of them.
Great article, best I have read on SDS in a long time. Growing up and attending school in the same era as the writer UT and FSU are "THE" rivalry games for me. That said, my 2 trips to Rocky Top (2000 & 2004) we must've ran into the biggest group of jackasses in the entire state of TN and ruined the experience. To this day it is the only SEC stadium I will not visit. Getting half chewed food and beer thrown at you isn't worth the price of admission. I get every school including UF has their share of jerk fans, I happened to meet all the UT jerks on both trips. Go Gators!
College football fans want Lee Corso to retire.
I hope the Gators come out of SEC media days picked #3 in the East. Mac enjoys the underdog role. If he somehow wins 3 east titles in a row this might be the last year he can savor it. On paper this is his best roster.
Use NFL clock rules for Division 1 football. All of them, even the 2 minute warning. Period. Average NFL game time 3 hours and 12 minutes. I finally agree with Crist on something. WTH.
Agree with your comments. Negative talk from Gator fans about Mac is crazy. As we all know there is unfortunately the small annoying part of every fan base. I for one am a Gator fan and huge Mac fan. I think the future is bright and am really excited about years 3 - 4 and hopefully beyond with Mac at the helm. With the crazy # of injuries & lack of upper class talent on offense winning the East back 2 back years is a small miracle. Only wish is that Mac would actually take over the play calling duties. When the Gators run scripted plays it has been impressive. Once the game gets going, Nuss seems to run out of ideas.