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That's very specific. Been there before?
He proved that if a job gets hard and some other team waves enough money at him, he'll bail. I have zero respect for somebody who'll jump ship right in the middle of a season.
10 wins for years and zip to show for it.
It was disappointing to watch that group. They went from one of the best lines in the country to a liability. They also need some help at WR. That group has been underwhelming since AJ Green with the exception of Malcolm Mitchel (who was a hidden gem because UGA didn't have the QB to get him the ball).
Not really surprising. Kiffin has done nothing but prove he's a horrible HC wherever he goes. Add his crap attitude and only the truly desperate will put him in a position of power.
Typical rhetoric from the losing team's fans. "We beat ourselves." Funny ...I didn't see your defense out there playing against your offense and holding them to 3 and outs all second quarter. Could have sworn that was UGA's defense out there. Not letting it go to my head because I know this team is far from good, but they beat your team. Fair and square. Admit it. Get over it.
I read an interesting article on another website that outlined how the Bulldogs are feeling the effects of a couple poor recruiting classes in '13 and '14. It outlined how a large number of the recruits were either kicked off the team or left. Most of those who stayed don't contribute much and very few are actual starters. Those kids should have been our junior and senior starters but the team is pretty young and don't have a lot of experience. It was expected to be a down year. I think Richt knew the team better and would have had a bit more success, but I'm not ready to count Smart a bad hire yet.
Of course it matters. Divisions are decided first based on overall record. If they lose to GT, that's another tick in the L column which could effect their standing.
UGA needs to play better on both sides of the line. I don't know what happened to that o-line but it went from one of the best the past few years to not being able to stop pass rushes or open holes.
Jeff Fisher looked like he was contemplating whether or not he could murder the dude and get away with it.
Typical Alabama fan not knowing anything about football. No back can have an effective game when his team has no passing game, so the defense just stacks the box.
Well that was more entertaining than Chris Burman and Steve Young...and a hell of a lot more entertaining than that boring game.
So you're saying he was perfect and has no room to grow?
Same. He was pulling it down to run out of bounds, but it slipped out. Still, his arm was moving forward which is a pass, so I think the officials got it right.
Found a better video of the play and the hit certainly looked malicious to me. His teammates were all standing around. The opponents were converging on the kid who INTed the ball to congratulate him, not turning to block. Refs waving the play dead. There was nothing on the field to indicate the ball was live.
Yeah, I am a UGA fan, but let's be honest here. Chubb and the other RBs are the reason they won this game. While I know it was the freshman's first game, Eason played just ok. I can see how he can grow into a good QB, but if UGA wants to win this year with Eason, he has a lot of growing up to do and fast. My biggest concern was his willingness to throw into coverage. The only thing that kept him from having several INTs was the fact that he overthrew defenders and receivers. With the exception of the wide open McKensie pass, I'll chalk his widely inaccurate throws up to nerves. I will say one thing, no matter the reasoning behind most of those ill-advised long passes, his willingness to go deep kept the defense honest, which really got the ground game going, something Lambert doesn't do with his ball safety frame of mind.
that's special and all... Except I can send batting practice pitches over the wall and it's been a couple decades since I've played.