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Yes they have, as a HOG fan I rooted for TN in certain sports but that coach and baseball team has now made me hate them and I'm so glad the Irish whipped that ass
Love you hog fan but F the Vols.. They can enjoy being at home while the Hogs are at CWS
Ron I was just about to ask you why you took the MO off your name, but now I have to say good take
Hope so as well but not happy TN goes home, their players and coach are deserving of the Irish kicking their ass
That's funny... Fu*k Tennessee baseball..Fu*k the cocky ass coach that is lucky he even got to lick Dave horns boots and Fu*k the cocky ass players that just got to go home... If they didn't get ejected first
Don't ever give up on the pigs, they're still in it.. Vols can take their cocky a""s home!!!
Serious HOG fan but have never been happier to see TN lose..I didn't realize that converting choir robes into baseball uniforms could be so effective... Much congrats to the Irish... Go home and cry Vols it's where you belong... Love it