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In the SEC they are all big. Each week, each and every game. None can be labeled bigger than the previous or larger than the next because, in the SEC, if you overlook just one program along the way it'll end-up biting you on the backside and costing you big time. I want you to think about something. Think about SC leading Auburn late, in total control, and Garcia fumbling twice. If SC wins that game think of the difference over the entire landscape last year. But even then, forget that game. Think about if SC goes to KY and doesn't choke after being up 21-0. It puts them in a different place by the time the Arkansas game rolls around and possibly forces them to get-up for that game. If they win that one, now they go into the SEC Championship game with one loss against an undefeated Auburn with a chance to redeem themselves in the eyes of the world. But they failed to stay focused. In the SEC you gotta do it every week, week-in and week-out.
Wow, nothing but love for the potential breakout players in the West only? There are several in the East who could sway the balance of power back to some sort of equilibrium - (which might even lead to a winning record versus the West, for the East this season) - that some seem to be overlooking. There is Kwame Geathers at Georgia, Sharrif Floyd at Florida and D.J. Swearinger at South Carolina just to name a few. The West does not hold the patent on young talent with potential in the SEC.
Wow, this article appears to paint South Carolina in an extremely favorable light. It is clear that the powers-that-be at SC, at the time, were exceptionally gifted with incredibly good foresight. What a coup for the Gamecocks to have entered the greatest league in the country twenty years ago. These days, FSU and her fans, may have two ill-gotten MNC's under their belts because of their fear of playing in the finest league in the country, but they also find themselves on a downward slope the longer they remain in the pathetic ACC. So, naturally, now FSU wants in huh? I say, let them eat cake.
South Carolina has a couple of players faster than Ace. I guess they are now, officially, our secret weapons.