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SDS doing what they do best in putting out filler content. To answer their question: "no, they don't belong in the playoffs." Tonight was Georgia's chance to redeem themselves, but they failed to do so. If the motivation of making it to the playoffs wasn't enough to drive them to win the game, they don't belong. Plus, who wants to see a rubber match? No one.
Do we need to review the Ron Artest video to see what happens to fans after athletes enter the stands? It's so funny how tough they act in the stands, but if any of those fans met one of the players in the parking lot, they'd probably show the complete humility.
Additionally, you're pretty well dominated within your own state to be worrying about anyone else.
We're where in our name do we have Alabama, thank god.
PHEW!! I'm glad you were able to get out ahead of this one, Doozer. This would've turned into a media firestorm the likes of which even Cal Fire couldn't handle. Good save, my man, good save.
BamaTime, Sue Duhnym is simply calling out the hypocrisy of an Alabama fan exclaiming "how stupid that is" for a school to claim a title that they clearly didn't earn, and proceeded to list reasons why. Correct me if I'm wrong, Sue Duhnym, but I don't believe the intent was to argue for UCF getting the title.
......That's why he retired. He was a great coach, and you're just upset because you're team is terrible. You make yourself and your team look bad when you make bitter comments like that.
To djh1960, look at the number of coaching changes bama made through the 90s and 2000s.
Um, yea. Why the hell would I make the joke if I didn't attend Auburn? I'm guessing you did attend Alabama considering I had to spell that one out for you.
What do all Bama and Auburn fans have in common? They never attended the university of Alabama.
First, take a look at how Clemson's football team came about, little brother. Also, look at the head-to-head record between Clemson and Auburn. Report back when you have those facts.
Says the fan of the team who was blown out by a fairly weak Oklahoma team. That was after Bob Stoops was talking smack about the SEC not being as strong as everyone thinks. Also after Nick Saban and AJ McCarron stated they deserved to be in the national championship and were going to prove it during the sugar bowl. Way to eat your words bammers.
I too don't know how to read these subjective articles with indifference.
The "Crimson Tide" is a woman's menstual cycle.
If you want to talk about mascots, your tiger definitely looks physically deformed. I think natural selection would weed it out.
You need to give your jokes a tune-up, because they're definitely not firing on all cylinders. You've tried that one twice....and *crickets*
If the article had read "A win by Alabama this weekend, however, could send the division into a tailspin, with a scenario in which all four teams could be tied atop the SEC West at 9-2", you could assume they were placing Auburn over Georgia. Another key word in the sentence is 'could' meaning it's only a possibility not a certainty. A little reading comprehension goes a LONG way. I assume you're just upset that UGA's name isn't being tossed around in the national spotlight you were in the early-to-mid 2000s.
If you don't know the rules, you shouldn't comment. I felt it was a terrible way for the game to end and I hate to win that way, but the call was made accurately.
A friend of mine grew up with Bo in Tennessee. They played backyard football as kids. He said he was a cry-baby, momma's boy then; and after watching him unravel during the game, I can say that he is still is.
Sure, we'll take your derelict players and turn them into fine upstanding men as we have done time and time again. Notice how they are criminals at the schools they leave and have no issues when they get to auburn? I think it may be a lack of discipline or attention from the programs they come from.
0-2 or 1-1, whatever. It was Indiana. Would you guys just shut up already? You would think that instead of running your mouth about respect, you would let the play of your team do the talking for you. You guys were talking about respect after the first game of the season. So, please, for you sake, stop embarrassing yourself and your team.
Haha ha....ha...ha. Ahem, you have to be in the ballgame in order to even get lucky, right? Secondly, you can attribute the play more to the bone-headed defense by you bulldogs than luck of Auburn. Lastly, please give me your definition of earned, because if going from defeated in the SEC and unranked preseason to beating the number team in the nation isn't earned, then give me a better example. I'm not saying we didn't get help from outside entities like Oregon and Ohio State losing, but we need up our end of the bargain in the nation's toughest conference. Don't linger on last season because the Bulldogs made a costly mistake. It's a new season, a new Era for Bulldogs to once again get all the hype in the nation only to go up in flames.
Or for that Lane Kiffin, Auburn thanks you