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If anyone transfers it will be Nuss. Daniels, with a years experience and his mobility will be the guy. Nuss is a pocket passer while Daniels and Howard are mobile. You don't ramp up to higher goals by going with a gunslinging turnover machine nor do you hand the reins to a redshirt freshman. Nuss also knows he won't beat Howard after Daniels leaves. So he's the odd man out
Is it the same beatdown as LSU over UGA 2019? No. But LSU could not stop the Bulldogs. The biggest difference was UGA's secondary getting toasted. The Georgia offense may win games but the defense, which has looked great, looked beatable. LSU's defense was decent in 2019 but made big plays when it all through the SEC CG and playoffs. UGA can't play that poorly the next 2 games. Hopefully they correct their issues
2 ridiculous ideas here... That LSU moves to way That an LSU SECCG win would get trumped by a 2 loss Alabama team. You guys need to stop smoking...
GWHITE, you are WITHOUT a doubt the biggest and WORST troll ever. We could go A Few Good Men and offer to have the court reporter read back all of the stupid and insulting things you've said but why waste time explaining this to you...a man with a brain with only a handful of cells that rub together. No matter how bad UT beat LSU or your excuse making for losing handily to Georgia and USC...UGA and LSU have something still to play for...and you don't. So why are you still running your mouth? No one cares about a NY6 except for those who have no NC aspirations
Why don't you post your address so some nice men in blue can take you to see some nice men in white coats?
Vols fans shouldn't be talking about coaching right now...
News flash for Vol are not getting in to the CFP. UGA is in, win or lose the SECCG OSU/Mich winner is in TCU/USC are locks if they win out. And if LSU wins out then UGA, LSU, OSU/Mich winner and either TCU or USC with 1 loss (assuming one loses a 2nd time) gets in and the Vols cry, cry, cry. The Vols need someone other than OSU/Mich to lose to get in. So all these crazy comments about how close the UGA game was are laughable. I didn't have a dog in that fight and I stopped watching before half because UT couldn't do ANYTHING. Once the rain came UGA shut it down. If you won more Vols you'd be less delusional.
I hate to break it to you (and I'm sure many people have already explained this) but the following WILL happen. UGA is in OSU or UM is in (but not both) TCU and USC are in if they win out. LSU would be in if they win out but NOT in if TCU and USC win out. In almost every conceivable way UT is not getting in UNLESS USC, TCU or LSU loses. USC or TCU a loss anywhere and the Vols jump them. LSU losing in the SECCG would eliminate them from any consideration. The Vols have the misfortune of being really good but playing in the division with the best team, currently, in CFB.
Tennessee fans thinking that LSU has no shot against UGA are just asking to be disappointed. Not saying LSU will win...but on any given day stranger things have happened. And then the Vols will be missing the CFP
This comment is proof of how delusional Vol fans have become. You're utterly nuts...
The UT UGA was not a respectable loss. It wasn't nearly as close as your addled mind thinks it was. UGA loses to LSU...unless it's a huge blowout...gets in ahead of UT. That's a fact. Same record, played for the championship and undefeated until the very last weekend. Not knowing how winning championships and making the playoff works tell us all you really are a Tennessee fan. You are forgiven for not knowing anything about those things.
So you're a UT fan...or put another way, a fan of a team that got its hat handed to them by UGA...and are making an argument that UT is better? That kind of stupidity makes it pretty obvious what team you pull for because that's extraordinary stupid. If LSU wins out and was somehow to pull out an impressive win against UGA...guess what? UGA still gets in OSU/UM...1 gets in TCU gets in unblemished And LSU would get in over all this rant of yours tells us is that your panties are in knots because you know it's true Go troll with UT fans and tell each other more fantasies
What's with the nastiness? Are you 8? You are the reason that SDS is like low rent sports reporting. It's not matter the comment you're replying to.
It's not the close losses it's the way they've played all of their other games...the penalties as an example...and the way teams are not fearful of the Bama "process". They probably will be back next year strong with Saban at the helm...but they have no swagger and no one is scared. That's just a fact.
The problem with these statements is that they're usually wrong. Other than Alabama no one has been consistently GREAT for other than a year or two. Not OSU, not LSU, not Clemson. Short bursts then it's over. We'll see. And count out Saban at your peril. Some years are like this one. It happens.
Oregon, with 1 loss and PAC 12 champ gets in over UT
Assuming either Oregon or TCU lose and OSU or UM win out as does UGA. UGA gets in with a loss in the SECCG OSU/UM gets in LSU would get in with a SEC championship at 11-2 Then you have a Big 12 or Pac 12 champ ahead of Tenn. If Oregon and TCU win out then they, OSU/UM and UGA are in. UT is MIA
If LSU were to win the SEC they would certainly be in ahead of 1 loss UT. You guys were never in this game today and LSU would have ti beat UGA who beat you badly. And they'd be the conference Champs. Not likely LSU goes that far but UT would lose that bet
You're the 1st Bama fan I've ever hear say that LOL
UT can't be ahead of TCU. They were never in this game
Kelly did inherit some talent. But no O Line and a secondary built like Legos. This team didn't even have a QB on the active roster for their bowl game last year
Mostly luck? What rubbish. Great play call and play
Think it was more how tired the team was. Strike while you have the momentum.
Taking a short handed LSU team, improving it with transfers and making the SEC Championship Game...gets you coach of the year. No one, NO ONE thought they'd be in this position now.
You're bagging LSU for wanting to be 2019 LSU but the truth is that the Vols recent history is so bad that you guys don't have anything to be like so YOU'RE trying to be like 2019 LSU... That's what will never happen
LSU isn't likely to win this game but if they do win and win out and beat either an undefeated UT or UGA in the SEC championship then they'd have a shot. UM or OSU would be jumped without a conference championship but 1 loss. UGA or UT aren't getting in if LSU wins Big 10 winner Then who the Big 12 winner in undefeated TCU, Clemson(anyone else wins the ACC championship and LSU is ahead of them) PAC 12 if their champion only has one loss
Since I'm not a UGA fan I don't care how many players they play with. I do know that fans of teams who haven't won anything in the lifetime of their current players lives should probably keep their mouth shut.
Are you 13? Whomever you're a fan of says please be a fan of someone else
If and/or when UT blows through the rest of their schedule and dominates in the SEC Championships and CFP then you could have a case. Hooker is not Burrow and their receivers, while excellent are not Chase and Jefferson. Team comparisons will end with results and stats but they don't have the same players