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The OLINE was injured a lot. That changes how they can practice. They didn't go "light" because of style.
I like Johnson personally but I don't think he'll ever be an elite QB. He throws off balance even when he doesn't have to. Nussmeier showed better mechanics and a higher upside and if he'd played as much as Johnson over the last year and a half I think you'd see a real difference. In this day and age you can't have 3 guys who think they should start. I'd bet $ that whomever the starter is and Howard are the ones left in the locker room. Odd man out transfers
How many for Missouri? For Florida? Georgia and LSU are the only teams besides Bama to be in the CFP. Who recruited Burrow? Who hired Brady? Who recruited most of the players? Shut up and troll somewhere else
If Gus was on this list Kelly would be above him. One NC with a super QB and defense and then years of mediocrity. That's Fisher. Kelly is better than that.
You're an idiot, which is a given since you're an Alabama fan. The Hospital thing had nothing to do with LSU or TAF. Go back to your basement troll.
I love when Bama fans comment. It proves over and over how little you know about football
You're stuck on his record. He took over a bad Baylor program that had fallen way off...during a pandemic and in two seasons has them in the top 10. Saban was an average coach at MSU until LSU hired him. Aranda is not as firey as Saban but scheme wise he's right there.
You lost because you had no Bo Nix and instead had T.J. at QB.
1. BOB? He did little in college and was a dumpster fire in Houston minus 1 or 2 years. He is no better than Miles or O. 2. For the love of God stop pushing Gus. That dude was in the same league as O...won with an elite QB and then tanked. At least O was able to identify and assemble all of the pieces. 3. Aranda not a proven commodity? He helped change LSU's Defensive identity and he's done the same with BU in two years. That program was on a fast track to being irrelevant again but he's changed the culture. LSU would do well to have a stable, MATURE, leader as HC.
FSU was willing but the teams had fallen flat. Except for Saban, many coaches seem to hit that wall. Not a reflection on JF per se. Just happens.
It is stagnant. 4 years in and you're still not making the playoff. Better is not the measure. Relevant in the final 4 is and AM isn't there again. And it was said by a sad Aggie fan that it was a "lateral move at best" in this comment section. And to the sad Mizzou fan...its disgruntled...with a D. But Mizzou has not known much D so you're excused.
For the misinformed Aggie Fans...LSU is not a lateral move or a step backwards. LSU has won 3 NC's since 2003 with 3 different coaches...two of which would be considered below Jimbos level. Alabama does recruit Louisiana well but the other schools you mention do not. They may snag a rare player but LSU doesn't lose out much to Ole Miss, State or anyone else. Jimbo, who I do not want at LSU, is in year 4 at A&M and the growth is stagnant at best. You have a great shot at losing to Ole Miss and having another 3 loss year. At LSU you will get almost all of the top recruits...even more so with him there, plus kids from Texas, Florida, California. The Aggies can spend all the money they want but they aren't winning an NC anytime soon.
You mean like how Bama fans have a reason for every loss EXCEPT having a bad team? Like the refs or the coaching? You guys are the worst fans in sports...and there's no close second.
LSU is decimated by injuries...not by opt outs or quitters you goof. At home that's the best Bama had? Bama I'd good but not great and definitely not great on offense. LSU showed it still has talent and Bama showed they aren't as good as you think they are. Now...can they get better? Absolutely. Maybe by years end they dominate but that's not what's on the field right now.
Kiffin? You've got to be kidding. And Stoops is not running a long-term successful top program.
Clemson fans should NOT be calling anyone redneck. Have you been to Clemson and surrounding area? It's like the cast of Deliverance...
Neagn, so you admit to having extra chromosomes...that answers SOOOOOOOO many questions about you.
I'm not sleeping on UCLA but they ran the ball well against Hawaii but the passing game sucked. How does that offense move against LSU???
The only people who refer to South Carolina as USC are cocks
Bama fans digging on LSUs running game in 2019. 167 ypg vs Bamas 183 in 2020. Passing LSU 401 ypg vs 358 for Bama. If you don't tell a Bama fan they're the best at everything every 15 minutes they get their feelings hurt and cry. When your whole self worth is based on a game other people play it makes you pretty unbalanced.
You're still an idiot. Why did LSU lose those games with Brennan starting? Wasn't because of him. He put up huge numbers with a depleted roster and no defense. He put up those numbers with horrible play calling and a porous O line. The mere fact that you think Johnson is the better option is telling about your football knowledge.
Hey genius, in 2018 Burrow completed less than 59% of his passes with better receivers to throw maybe learn more about how teams and players grow and improve as seasons go on. And, apparently, learn more about recent LSU QB history.
Don't think A&M and Arkansas would have been mentioned in that statement...
For starters how likely is it that the head coach of any program is talking to someone directly like that? Secondly, O never called Scott a liar just that he doesn't believe he ever spoke to her but he does admit to speak to the blackmailer and knowing the basics of the incident. Why admit to that if the goal is to say you knew about Guice but didn't do anything? The problem with these stories is that while some are definitely true others are either proven false or its unknown if the allegation is legit or not. It's easy to cast blame when you assume everything you read is automatically true without any proof. Segar and Ausberry should be fired but that's not O's call. If they protected players with the knowledge of the staff then those coaches need to go as well. But how about some actual facts instead of all of this guess work. You now have an assistant AD suing the school for being so horrible that she's been there for 18 years and counting. No one is sitting before a committee being sued for 50 million...itself a ridiculous sum.
It's not a real sport and not NCAA sanctioned. So let's simmer down...
If all higher seeds had won to this point you would have played a 4. UCLA was def not a 4. You lost, move on.
Hey dawglb...doesn't matter who Georgia has as their coach you still will be 2nd tier. Until you actually win something why don't you STFU.