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No one goes to UGA to get drafted as a DB
You have any idea how many "great" high school players go on to the minors and have lower averages and less skill than Tebow? He gave it a shot...a shot never given to you and apparently it still stings.
Does Georgia still play football? 40 years is a long time. Most people who can remember those years are gunning their oatmeal these days...
Not better than Brennan who he'd already established a connection with. Starting over for what? To get rolled by Bama and UGA???
Nature Gator you are delusional. O so messed up the team that 90% plus of players that could leave for the NFL are coming back. He left because he didn't get the ball enough...especially after QB1 went down. UF is so weak that they blew a legit shot to make the playoff to a horrible LSU team. He quit on the team. Plain and simple. But it was a hard year all around so I'm sure he was struggling being away from his family.
It seems much of LSUs issues are outside of the coaches (save the tennis coaches) and more on the administration side. I looked at timeliness of accused players and they all had either quit or been suspended by Coach O after the initial charge/accusation. He's not going to speak publicly about an accusation and he shouldn't. The real issue is what did the compliance officd do or not do? Athletic office staff do or not do? It could still hammer thr team without being at the feet of O. Also the NCAA is trying hard to hit football because of Wade. We all know he did it and LSU will pay for that unless Wade is able to smokescreen enough to get past the arbitrator
Show us on the doll where LSU has hurt you... You hate Louisiana so much and despise Coach O yet in Louisiana you remain. You need bus fare for the Greyhound? I'm sure Alabama would love to have you...there are probably some trees that need a good dose of poison.
Thig? THe Inbred Gump? Whatever...such a lame response. Bama fans live such a horrible daily life that without football you wouldn't be able to find much meaning to your days. No one begrudges Bama their success...we just can't stand you ridiculous trolls.
How sad is your existence that LSU lives in your head rent free? Is it the fact you live in such a horrible state? Your mom never loved you? Your dad never hugged you? You have Saban because rhe brain trust at LSU hired him from MSU 20 plus years ago otherwise you'd still be stuck in successors of mediocrity to Shula. When he does retire watch the wheels come off AGAIN...because only someone who loves his home to be on wheels could ever post the stuff you do...and you're a prime example of what Alabama is all about. The lowest class of fans anywhere...
Willybob...I guess Gamecock fans no a habitual lover better than anyone...
You'd give to Bama by a kicker? You are new to Bama football honestly...
Jones was tested less because they played a lesser schedule. Facts
You're bragging about playing ND??? That team had zero business being in the playoff. None. You played UT and Mizzou, a horrible MSU & LSU plus a AU team so bad they fired their coach. Screw that "ALL SEC" crap. The conference was down by a lot this year and you can see it in the rankings. Your vaunted Defense almost gave UF the game. Just shut up already.
Bama fans are like dog crap on everyones shoe. Mac is no Burrow. He won't even sniff 1st round pick. LSU 2019 played a tougher schedule but even with a lesser D they would beat 2020 Bama. Congrats to this years Tide on their run but the problem with the Bama fans is they have such an inferiority complex in their personal lives...which comes from close relatives marrying...that if you don't tell them they're the best they troll message boards. used to open commenting and where a normal page might get 20 to 30 comments...Bama fans would comment 1k to 2k times. Gumps had to be shut down...
Ossie. Pollack had his career cut short by injury you moron
I would think that any assistant worth being hired would know why Pelini was let go. It's a there's guaranteed money so what's what's loss...
You know...I can't remember the last time UGA won a meaningful game...against LSU or anyone else. Kirby Not So Smart can't touch O
Why are people so pumped about OU. What did they prove? That they can beat an SEC team if the team is missing most of its offense? That they can win against a team that's far less than full strength? Next year they'll be what they've always been...good but not great
Uf got beat by LSU with the Tigers without almost ALL of their best players. You got beat because you were poorly coached and LSU wanted it more. That and our kicker can make FG's
It seems that, if the statement is true that AU named their coach 12 hours before the article was posted...that the article could have noted the hire. Not or not
The improvement made was NOT substantial they just made more big plays down the stretch. If there had been real improvement to build on then the games would not have been so tough. Credit to Pelini to keep the guys fighting though. Spread or no spread 600 yards a game is not cutting it. Pelini never adapted the defense at all to account for the weakest link... the secondary.
LSU's defense was not a veteran unit. With opt outs the only real returning players of note were Stingley and Stevens...that's it. Their LB corps was gone. Most of the DL and the secondary too. Do you even watch LSU football???
Why do you post here? You don't even know what you're talking about but yet, here you are, spewing garbaga on a million posts. Linehan was out of football for ONE year...2019. He was the COwboys OC for 4 years and the PG C for 1 year before that.
The Alabama offense will make the CFP. The defense has been invited to the First Responder Bowl
From now on the term anus will be replaced in medical dictionaries with the words "Bama fan". Because that's the best description for the whole lot of you...
Love the LSWho reference from a fan of a team that hasn't won anything in 40 years...
Its great she has the opportunity. She's new to kicking FG so take the kicks with a grain of salt. I think most FB fans take exception to the idea that someday this will lead to women QBs and RBs etc on men's teams. That will never happen at any meaningful level of FB. So celebrate the accomplishment but this isn't the same as being the 1st female astronaut.
GUMP is right. What an a$%@#&e! LSU isn't a great time but they haven't quit as a team despite what's been thrown at them. Its not that people hate Alabama they just hate you trailer trash fans. You tree killing, cousin marrying, trailer living, obnoxious morons who's only meaning in life is gained by what happens on a football field...