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UT fans should just silt in silence. It's not that LSU lost pretty much everyone they also had a young team with no spring ball and Covid related fall issues. They should be better and clearly lack leadership but your take is idiotic.
What bridge do you live under troll? No one is making excuses for this years team. Facts are they lost a ton, more than Florida for sure and are young with new coaches, dealing with lack of Spring practice and Covid related issues so it's a bit understandable. UF won't even win a championship of any kind this year and it will just be another year of would, coulda for the Gators. All facts...
Other than TD's is stats are not better. If he keeps up his current YPG average he'd still fall short of Burrow. He'd need another game and a half to get there. Plus we all know they won't get the NC game so he'll fall short regardless
They bought an offensive linemen? Missouri is known for its must smoke a lot of it...
Someone please explain to this UT fan how the 7 second delay works...because he clearly doesn't get it
For starters I'd rather have LSU's future than UGA's...who looked average against Arkansas. 4 turnovers with a VERY young D and no Stingley...yeah that's a huge positive.
Brady left...the concepts didn't Aranda's D was not playing up to potential. They made big plays but didn't stop anyone really. Receiver is well tended. Is there a Chase? Maybe not but a lot of really good young receivers. Gilbert will do more than fill in for Moss
Your mom was cursed to have birthed you...what a weirdo
South Georgia football is like no other? Really? Texas football? Florida? Schools like John Curtis in Louisiana? Bruh...get off of the weed
LSU fans hate all things Ole Miss...but the teams ceased to be rivals long ago
A few things to note: 1. The NCAA hasn't even sent a NOA to LSU should respond to what? 2. If LSU were to fire Wade without him being proven to have done anything wrong would result in a lengthy and costly lawsuit. 3. The "strong ass offer" remark was in regards to Smart who was held out and interviewed by the NCAA and then allowed to play. If the NCAA is allowing Smart to play then what's the risk to LSU? 4. Wade is only practicing self preservation...which would be the right thing to do if he's innocent. Bottom line...I think he's guilty but anything is possible. LSU SHOULD let everything play out and then go from there...and Coloradeaux TIGAH should put some clothes on and come out of his moms basement
Thats my point. Its related to the theft and not influencing a players choice of school
He's still coaching because (A) without absolute proof if LSU fires him...he sues and (B) he's stonewalled the NCAA so long they haven't been able to nail him, which is about to come to an end. But...if they don't have real proof and only the words of people who are themselves shady...then nothing will happen
I don't comment often here but some of you guys are a joke. The OBJ thing is minor. It was clown move and the money was returned. LSU did think it was fake money originally but admitted it was real well before the NCAA got involved. The Orgeron thing...also not a big deal. The BIG deal is Funes and his money to a players dad...especially if he's not the only player/family member that was paid. That would be more serious but if it's outside the locker room LSU or any school can not seriously monitor what parents or family members are snagging for themselves. Besides...who bribes a guards parents to go a certain school? A tackle maybe but a guard?
LSU had 2 players opt out where they are strongest. DB and DL. I'd love to have both but it won't make a difference
Criteria IS plural but it can and is used as both plural and as a singular reference. Criterion is rarely even used. While you are correct it is acceptable to use is after criteria and grammar nazi after your name...
All pf you Bam homers are ridiculous. Tua consistent? As a freshmen he only threw 77 passes and 1/3 were in the NC where he completed barely more than half his passes though the comeback was awesome As a soph he had a great year with great weapons but nowhere near Burrows numbers As a junior he didn't finish the season. Multiple injuries too. Give us all a break
Yeah...OSU and UM peeps live in different states. UA v AU divides the state, families and is 365 days a year in your face. Bigger rivalry but also more douchebag fans who get carried away...
So many goofs here who dont seem to understand that free speech does not mean free from consequences. He can say what he wants and they are free to escort him from the building. Shut up about free speech if you dont really understand the idea...
Its aneutral site which is why it lists vs instead of at. Ole Miss fans have to find stuff to get excited about I guess...
I guess the question for Aggie fans is why Fisher can't find the wunderkind coaches Coach O has? Obviously O is doing something better than Jimbo because you guys keep trying to hire away our coaches. Jameis Winston the Assaulter is the only reason Jimbo got his deal. I guess rolling over on tape got them both paid...
Dude, you're a Bama Gump, we all know you're not superior to anyone. Just in your head. Change your name to reflect who you really are..."Moms Basement Tide Fan Boy"
Strange line of rebuttal? "No one substational to throw to them" Were you referring to your own QB? Did you not read what you wrote? Both Bama and LSU bring back as their presumptive starters QBs who will be 1st year starters. Except one was rated substantially higher than the other. That would be Brennan and not Jones. I guess because Jones is your boy then that qualifies him as more substantial than Brennan. No one knows what either can do. The good old Alabama arrogance can count on that every dau.
Gotta love Gump trolls. You realize your presumed starter was a 3 star ranked around 400 nationally while LSUs presumed starter was a 4 star ranked in the top 150...right? Brennan is an unknown but he ran an RPO offense, has a better arm than Burrow and threw for over 15K yards and 160 TDs in high school I believe. So he's an elite QB. Certainly more elite than your guy. Can he be as tough as Burrow? Does he have the moxy or the ability to pick apart defenses as well? Can he, will he learn? Only time will tell. Go to with the rest of the basement dwellers.
Seriously? Have you listened to ABC announcers? Unless you have Todd Blackledge as part of the group they all suck
UGA-FLA is the only decent game that week. I bet it stays at 330. UGA hates night games
Question for Florida fans...why do you think it makes sense to bash UGA when they beat YOU? Shows you what a typical Florida education gets you...
You gumps don't even own the deed to your double wide. LSU isn't going anywhere. They return a lot and while Burrow is gone and you can't replace Tua or Joe LSU is in good hands.
I lived in Athens for 2 years. Took my son to his 1st college game thanks to Coach Richt...but Georgia fans whine more than Bama fans. If your team needs bulletin board material to get up for this game then they're pretty weak. The team that has played a little better than the other is a 6 point favorite...shocker!!! Burrow is a great QB but he's not the only reason LSU is successful and his leaving won't be the end of the Tigers success. Next year will be tough no matter what with UF and Auburn on the road. I think you guys sound scared of what could happen to your dawgs. I predict a 33-27 win for LSU in a game that's never a 2 score game
It's called hyperbole and sarcasm...if you don't understand this, I can't help you. Plus, by the conference champs only relevant is an ACC championship this year? Not very. Teams are not competing on equal footing with equal schedules.