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Tim, I agree with your take. For me it’s just enjoyable watching Jimbo get hosed.
Nice to see where the short horns are ranked. They really did Herman wrong shopping his job. I wonder if Herman really had his agent inquire about the USCe job. It’s amazing with all of the resources available to any Texas coach how they can’t be more successful then they have been in the past 15 years.
Tiger TD, I agree not showing up is the only way Bama loses. It’s going to be as interesting a game as their last one.
UCLA is not going to pay the earth shattering contract Urban’s ego will demand. Not that he needs money he just wants to be publicly stroked. Texas had the money just not an easy path to the playoffs that he also wants. Notre Dame and Clemson are jobs if suddenly open are two capable of providing what he requires to return. I just don’t see USC stepping up on the first part. If he took that job and won the PAC 12 the media would surely grease the skids to the CFP for him.
I guess the author`s information regarding the handling of JT Daniels is better than is father who publicly stated his son was not game ready until after the Florida game. Regarding his take that the Mizzou team Georgia is facing this week is not a doormat is typical lazy writing. Mizzou has been getting better and is certainly capable of beating about anyone in the SEC other than Bama. Drinkwitz or Sam Pittman should be coach of the year in the SEC. Both first year coaches have done an excellent jobs.