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Lmao. Vols will represent. Great thing about being from Tennessee is we get to piss in your (GA) drinking water every day. I see the Tide rolling your ass in 2 weeks.
Great thing about being a Tennessee Vol is we piss in your drinking water everyday cupcake.
I will give you the one thing why we lost the Florida and Alabama tonight. It's name is Joey Halzel, OC promoted by Heupel last year before the bowl game. He was a weak ass back up at Oklahoma and has had Heupel's di*k in his mouth for 15 years.
No, that's a weak ass OC called Joey Halzel. He has had CJH's nuts in his mouth for 15 years. Goes back to the Oklahoma days.
Nobody gets the calls. The question to Coach Josh Heupel is when are you going to take your nuts out of OC Joey Halzel? He has ball sucked him for 15 years. Started as a weak as back up at Oklahoma. I swear Joey has a picture of Heupel f-ing a goat. I have a better play book then this guy.
Congratulations Tide fans. As a UT graduate you exposed the real issue most low IQ vol fans have no clue about. It's name is Joey Halzel. Our OC. As i know you don't care he has been a 15 year nut hugger to Josh Heupel. A lover his entire short career at Oklahoma. He should have washed jock straps and went into the hotel business. Hopefully Danny White will interview me soon. Best of luck the rest of the way.
It's a shame that a low IQ and so called Vol fan comes to a open comment site with your BS. I bet you are Vol Nation guy. Those weak Pu**ies blocked my account after just 3 weeks. And I am a UT grad. So, stop your f,ing whining and do your homework. Our problem is Joey Halzer. Do you know who he is cupcake? Our OC. He has nut hugged Coach JH for 15 years. Question needs to go to CJH on with is this no play caller still with you. I can't wait till Monday on Vol Calls. Hope I get through.
You are close in that statement. As a UT graduate I will lay out the problem we have. Its name is Joey Halzer, OC. He has been a nut huger to Coach JH. 15 years now. I will not waste your time with the simple resume of the weak ass. I am new to committing on this site since the little thin skin women on the Vol Nation site blocked me for calling a so called 5 star poster out. Most people on there have no idea about college football and the history. I lasted three weeks. What a lame ass site. Thanks