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You’re probably right. I just can’t comprehend how some fans can get so bent out of shape and literally lose it on here. There’s meds for that or log out.
corch, tdow, and negan all seem to concur that UGA has the best overall QB’s in the nation and it’s not even close or up for debate doubleduece33. Read their comments on these threads and you will see what everyone is talking about.
G fan, UGA has some demented fans. Three in fact. One is at the top of this comment board. You know who the other two are.
Had Bennett started the entire game, he would have had the Heisman wrapped up.
Unfortunately, the hogs won’t win a game in the SEC either. 0-16 the last two seasons. Make it 0-26 after this season concludes. Don’t get too excited.
Should have been a 25 point win if our 3rd string could have kept Mizzou out of the end zone with that garbage TD with no time left.
Missouri’s head coach was hell bent on getting that last TD. Burnt all 3 time outs and scored with no time left. I was hoping the subs could hold them out on fourth down but they were gassed.
If UGA turns it around in second half and win, those three trolls will say something along the lines “we were rusty but now we are ready to bust the SEC wide open”. Go Hogs!
Hey Return, you sound like a good UGA fan. Let me let you in on a secret. You will NOT hear from negan, corch or tdow right now. They only respond when things are going positively and talk condescendingly to all fan bases. Those three are the worst of the worst.
You won’t hear from them three clowns right now 96 Gator. If they win then the trolls will be out in full force.
negan you are a joke. Who cares if you don’t recognize Bama’s last NC. The trophy is here in Tuscaloosa. 26-23 chump. #2nd&26.
negan, If losing to 9-4 Auburn @ Auburn is unforgivable, what is losing to 4-8 South Carolina at your stadium? I’ll say it again! You’re a crybaby pu$$y!
Corch is always making stupid comments. Throwing shade at Mac Jones and Bama when Bama absolutely owns UGA and will again in Week 4. With his comments, you’d think it was the other way around. 1980. 2nd&26. 26-23. 35-28.
I’m not fixated on the trophy as much as you are about 40-38. This conversation started on just a simple request. That’s all in a nutshell. You’re talking about a game that was completed 20 years ago that Bama lost to UCF. There, I can admIt to it. Not hard at all. I also discovered that your team lost to two MAC teams that year too. All you had to say was that UCF did NOT win the natty in 2017 but are Peach Bowl Champions. Is that hard to concede to? I’m not going tit-for-tat with you all day long. I said what I had to say and my initial request was denied. ;)
All I asked was to see a picture of the trophy. That’s all.
Since my request was too hard of a task for you, I’d settle to see your consolation prize. :)
Where’s the trophy? You haven’t shown me anything.
40-38, show me the National Championship trophy UCF has for the 2017 season. In return I’ll show you the trophy that resides in Tuscaloosa.
So when the Big Ten starts their season late next month, will they just plug Ohio State at #2? Where they started preseason.
negan, I’m calling you out! Your recruiting services suck along with your overinflated useless comments. K. Foreman is staying out west.
Korey Foreman going to USC Trojans according to 24/7 Football recruiting.
Why do you comment so much? Such useless babble.
Don’t respond to bubbatime. He’s a doom and gloom troll.
You’re absolutely correct boxter355. My comment was inappropriate and repugnant. I apologize to everyone. While most fans on SDS are good, there are some that have become an intolerable nuisance. I think we/they know who they are without calling them out.
I’m pulling for Florida to beat UGA this season along with Bama. Your constant chastising on Florida(duh) and SDTC has become an intolerable nuisance. You and your 2 companion of clowns tdow and negan.
It’s quite clear they never had any values and while I am against abortion, negan would have been the exception.