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Fitzgerald is not a dual threat. He’s a runner.
SDS is starved for attention. Tennessee beat Auburn last week and now they are world beaters. Next week’s article: MSU put up a fight with LSU but still lost. Will the Bulldogs be primed for Bama?
Tua is not as badly hurt as you alluded to. Tua will have Bama up 21-0 in first quarter before he is pulled and Jalen put in his place.
I can’t for the life of me understand why these writers are always on State. They were on State with Dak and now Fitzgerald. Neither QB beat Bama (Fitzgerald won’t this year) and neither carrried their team to Atlanta. Fitzgerald is just a running back. One dimensional.
The SECW is better than the SECE. When why the last time the East has won a natty? 2008 Florida. Since then Bama has 5 natties and Auburn has 1. Georgia won the SEC last season and that was the last time since 2008. The West has 5 teams ranked and the East has 3. Florida beat LSU and Kentucky beat MSU. I’ll give you that. LSU beat Georgia, Bama beat Missouri, aTm beat Kentucky and SC. AAnd came 2 points from beating Clemson. An interesting fact on Fromm was presented on Finebaum today. Last year and this season he is 2-3 against the West but 10-0 against the East. You may want to rethink your statement since the West is King.
I’m hoping the typical ignorant SDS Georgia troll (XLuvMyDawgs) will disappear for good.
It may have been a bit racist but that imbecile X deserves no less.
I have more friends than you have dollars poor boy.
I’ve got 2 things to say. 1) I’m not a nighha and 2) Bama has beaten LSU 7 straight times. Florida will beat your sorry azz team in Florida in 2 weeks. Kentucky will do the same thing in Lexington. Say bye bye to those rings and Santa Clara.
These injuries (small or big) are really getting out of hand. We need to go into Tennessee with a victory of course but NO injuries. After Tennessee we have a bye before LSU. Time to get healed up.
I don’t know what’s happened, but the injuries we have been facing the last 2-3 years is unprecedented. We can’t go through a game without incurring injuries. I know other teams are facing the same issues. What has happened?
I remember the first game of the season vs Bama, Petrino stated at a luncheon that they would beat Bama. One of his receivers Dez Fitzpatrick stated “Louisville has better receivers and would go toe to toe with them and win”.
Then your in luck. Tua’s younger brother Taulia (QB) will be a freshman next season. He’s pretty good too.
Why? Tua is the better QB. I have a ton of respect for Jalen but you go with the better QB.
The CFP awards the highest ranked team the venue closest to their university. Dallas is closer to Tuscaloosa than Miami. This writer(s) must have Clemson as the 1 seed. Bama should be playing in Dallas if they win out.
I bet Auburn and his staff are in overdrive in having Kelly Bryant come to the Plains. Stidham is more than likely gone after this season which leaves the QB position thin with talent. 5* Bo Nix will be a true freshman and Auburn lacks the ability to groom QB’s. Gus needs this “transfer” in Bryant. Newton, Marshall and Stidham were transfers that played the QB position for Auburn.
Wolfman, you do realize that Tua played 2 1/3 quarters. Had he played all 4, Tua would have hung 65 on aTm.
Let’s just say that Stidham turns pro after this season. More than likely. Kelly Bryant transfers to Auburn, plays his senior year at Auburn and does great. Willis and/or Gatewood transfer. Now Auburn has 5* Bo Nix as a freshman coming in next year. Will Auburn groom Bo? Will Bo be an exceptional QB at Auburn? Who knows. Bo does have exceptional talent and that would be a travesty for it to be wasted by not being developed into what he could become.
First of all I wasn’t “going off” on Auburn fans, I was simply making a statement. You need to concentrate on your school studies so you can learn how to spell and construct a simple sentence. What does cursing on here do for you? Georgia fans are tired of you too and want you to disappear with your illiterate ways.
Auburn is addicted to transfer QB’s. Newton, Marshall and Stidham. For some unexplained reason Auburn’s coaching staff cannot develop a QB and relies on transfers. Bo Nix is a 5* star QB committed to Auburn and they need to groom him instead of worrying about another transfer.
If he does transfer, I’d be willing to bet that Gus tries to get him, Auburn loves transfer QB’s.