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Wow! We got a POW WOW going on here. wde0012, didn’t a 2-8 South Carolina beat you this year?
Every coach in America want Saban’s assistants at their school. Pete Golding is a very average defensive coordinator. Nothing special. In fact there are quite a few better out there but since he is under the Saban umbrella, that’s all that matters.
Scrub, I’m not a UGA fan. I’m just stating that UGA is ranked higher than your 8-4 scrub team.
I think negan still holds that honor. The Scrub just doesn’t babble and carry on writing a novel.
Scrub, you are a clown on SDS. Enjoy your four loss season and UGA ranked higher in the polls.
You still did not answer my question. I’ll ask again. Keeping the 46 in the equation, what does 38, 34 and 20 have in common?
Saban just signed the #1 class (7 five stars) and he loves the game. He said he will coach until he feels like he isn’t contributing to the team and losing focus.
Bama beat an unprecedented 11 SEC teams and did not play the two weakest teams in Vandy & South Carolina. The SEC did not get their three usual cream puffs this year either. Bama beat 5 Top 10 teams but when you take the cream puffs out of the equation, the SEC takes on more losses due to attrition.
You do realize you were the 46? As in you lost? What does 38, 34 and 20 have in common The Scribe?
The Scribe, how many times are you going to bring up that same comment? Are you still salty with that four loss season?
Connor’s articles on SDS are too long. I find myself losing interest in reading a novel. Anyone else have this problem?
Corch, Fantasy is delusional. He is your version of negan.
Bama kicking your arse in recruiting. Seven five stars to your two.
Sanctions will win a natty. Finish what Katrina started.
Show proof on that claim 42-13 chump. 12-0 > 6-5.
So you’re saying that Auburn has no experience in developing QB’s and loves to shop in the transfer portal. Does Auburn get a discount?
Aubie108, Auburn needs to start developing QB’s and quit relying on transfers. Newton, Marshall, and Stidham were transfers. Gus tried to get Kelly Bryant and D’Eriq King before they went to Missouri and Miami. In all seriousness, why waist a recruiting spot in QB’s when you can shop for them in the portal?
Great game Aggies! Way to represent the SEC and go out in style.