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You never know. 2008 could be one of those 40 year old adolescents on SDS. We have too many of them as it is.
Leghumper, what a refreshing take. Nearly 100 comments on this story and no negan, corch, kirkkm, 2008, TDOWTheGreat, and a few others I can’t recall to a lesser extent.
^^ How old are you actually? ^^ if SDS paid you by the comment you would be set for life Corch.
Why do you have to put a spin on Bama TrueLefty? I highly doubt he was misery fan.
I’ll bet he makes more money than you do. For someone who claims they live in Huntsville as a rocket man, I seriously doubt it.
What do you expect from two degenerate UGA fans above? Following in the footsteps of negan and tdowthetroll.
TDOWTheTroll is a POS. There are more of his cohorts that are exactly like him.
I’ll challenge y’all to act civil on SDS and quit acting like a bunch of kids on here. I really am tired of hearing the same old mantra on here story after story. I have really limited my time on SDS for two reasons: 1) Working a lot of overtime at work since no one wants to work these days. 2) SDS isn’t what it used to be. Too many bad fans on here that obviously aren’t employed and SDS is their bread and butter.
Why do y’all have to act like kids on here? Let last year go. It’s over. Focus on the fall of ‘22. Too many 40 year old adolescents on SDS.
Mississippi St could be a dark horse. Kentucky could be one also. Unlikely but possible. I think Bama will be just fine. Recruiting is strong. Saban has the #2 class as of now with an average best in class average of 94.85 (17 recruits). 2024 Saban has the #4 class thus far. You strike me as an arrogant, condescending and obtuse little man on SDS who thinks their sheet doesn’t stink.
I don’t reside in a trailer or deep off a dirt road. I reside in a nice home in a quiet neighborhood. A have a few friends that reside in a trailer and are some fine folks. Living in a trailer doesn’t make someone a degenerate or lesser of a person. “I expect a lot less from your kind.” Please explain.
Why is it you conveniently leave the 42-24 off all your comments? Do you only recognize wins?
How does that resume possibly make Alabama a favorite to win a championship in 2023? You mean 2022. This is a new season and last season is history. You can’t possibly be that dense.
That hairy dawg didn’t fare too well in ATL. You should have heard the excuses from the dawg fans. Most of them went into hibernation.
They’ve been saying the cracks have been showing for half dozen years or so now. That’s after three natties. Just another pitiful hairy dawg troll. The Chinese actually eat dog and consider them a delicacy.
I’m not insecure. I’m ready for the fall of ‘22.
He’s babbling about you and Negan acting like clowns on SDS. You seem to be called out regularly by your own fan base.
Georgia fans seem to remember all 15 games last season. Game 13 seems to be cloudy and rarely mentioned but chock full of excuses.
Bama fans shouldn’t stick out. They are there nearly every year and winning.
So 1-0 in Indy and Kirby owns it. Saban is 2-0 in Athens. Does he own Clarke county?
As a whole the SECW is hands down better than the SECE.
Bama owns Atlanta. Saban is 4-0 vs the Dawgs there. They haven’t been beat there since 2008. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the ATL the Dawgs back yard?
Actually UGA went 1-1 vs Bama so your comment above is wrong.
At least we kept UGA from going undefeated. Like LSU did in 2019 and Bama in 2020.