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I think I’m going to take a break from SDS. As far as Saban retiring, it’s bittersweet. He always said for the last half dozen years that if he felt like he was not contributing to what he expects of himself that he would step down. He was true to his word. I’m glad he was not selfish like other coaches and stayed too long and brought the program down. With that being said, he stated that replacing coaches over the last several years was excruciating. Over the last six years he had to replace 11 coaches. Everyone just seemed to want what he had. Kiffin, Pruitt, Sark, Locksley, Cristobal, Schumann, Steele, Travaris Robinson, Holman Wiggins and a few others. That turnover takes a lot out of you to keep hiring and get them on the same sheet of music only to have someone tugging on you a year or two later to come play for them. As far as NIL and the transfer portal he mentioned it was a real challenge. I never thought I would see the day where a raw recruit wanted to be paid to visit a school. If he shown interest in that school only to be outbid by another school to come play for them. If a player isn’t the best at their position at any team and thinks their playing time is lacking or the coach was rough with him at criticism, they jump in the portal. I think Kalen DeBoer will be a good coach. He seems sincere and wants to be successful at Bama. He has some big shoes to fill and I wish him nothing but the very best. With that being said, I’m going to sign off for awile or longer. Adios and Auf Wiedersehen.
My sincere apology resorting to name calling. That was totally out of my character and my apologies for that. I can promise you that won’t happen again.
FWIW, I don’t hate negan. I think he is just an idiot with too much time wasted on SDS.
I called you Megan one time. A few days ago. I’ve had civil conversations with you but you seemed to have changed. Can you honestly say that you have not changed your stance from just six months ago. You make antics like the one below with Milroe. That’s the kind I expect from Megan, Corch and Dougie, not from you.
He’s an a ss. He used to be one of the good UGA commentators on SDS. We’ve talked for a few years on SDS and had great conversations.He has crossed over to the dark side and now a troll.
The two trolls alive and unfortunately well.
Everyone always wants what Bama has. King Kirby can’t recruit an elite staff and not rob from the coaches portal?
Look at these sad trolls. Doug the liar with his pivot man Negan.
I was there along with my family. It was chilly but that wind would cut you in two. I was impressed with the turnout.
One thing I can tell you. On all the Bama articles you can tell the good UGA fans from the trolls. Corch and UGAplaysD are absolutely pathetic.
Just over a year ago you lived in Huntsville, AL and were a senior engineer for the Space and Rocket Center. Lies. Lies. Lies.
He’s a compulsive liar. He doesn’t even remember the last lie he told.
Again Boochy, Kiffin was never offered the job nor did he shut it down.
… and all the other coaches who turned it down before Bama’s list got down to DeBoer. Name one.
Dougie from AL is full of lies. A little more than a year ago he claimed he was a senior engineer at the Rocket and Space Center in Huntsville, AL. A few weeks ago he claimed he had another prestigious job (in compliance of some sort). A lie isn’t nothing for him to tell. He is also the “king of trolls” on SDS and proud of it.
I referred to you as Megan since you have morphed into him. Albeit a shortened version. I don’t know why?
You mention that wuhan natty many times. My question is, was it a natty for Bama? Was it 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 of a natty? Can anyone change what happened worldwide in 2020? If UGA would have won that year would you be saying the same? Bama did all they could and won 11 SEC games that year. Kirby had six loses in the last five years and three of them were to Bama.
I will always remember knocking the Dawgs from the top spot in the CFP all the way out and ending that 29 game winning streak. 27-24 in your back yard.
He’s dumb as dirt Marine. A troll that gets called out by his own fan base.
DeBoer is a transfer QB transfer coach. He’s got another rent a QB in Will Rogers. Bama and Washington both lost to Michigan. Bama played a much more competitive game. I’m not into moral victories but just stating the obvious.
Living in the past? Go back to all your comments since UGA beat Bama in NCG. You are the meaning of a troll. Go back and read all them trolls. Every one. Even UGA fans are calling you out on your stupidity.
He’s not smart enough for simple deduction. Just spouts stuff on SDS with no research.