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Auburn didn’t belong with those 4 loses. Learn to win games away from JHS.
Is that because Auburn plays lousy in ATL? 0-2 in ATL! I bet you wish Auburn could play ALL their games at JHS. Then they have a great chance of winning.
That’s rich. Bama has time to get 5 stars and will. When is the last time Georgia has won a natty. 38 years ago maybe.
It may have been a little desperation. It worked out too. You sound salty. No Natty for Georgia in 38 years.
Tua’s brother Taulia is a junior at Thompson High School in Alabaster, AL. He will be at Bama in 2 years. He’s a stud too.
Auburn is tough as nails at JHS. Away, not so much. Auburn was 0-2 in ATL this season and could be 0-3 when they face Washington in ‘18.
Bama is 5-1 against Aggies. Johnny beat Bama one year 29-25 and Bama still won the West, SEC CG and NC.
Auburn relied on Kerryon this season too much. They ran him like a scalded dog. He was hurt in the Iron Bowl and still played in the SEC CG. Wasn’t a factor in CG since he seemed about 50%.
Aggies are the ones who struggled all year. Had that big lead on UCLA first game of the season. UCLA came back and beat ya. Finished the season at 7-6 and was beaten by Wake Forest in a Bowl. Lol. The three previous years A&M was 8-5, 8-5 and 8-5. That’s 31-21 in 4 years. In 4 years Bama is 52-5 and at least are still playing. No need to name teams that could beat Aggie since all 128 teams could do it. A&M will never be relevant. They will always be a doormat to the SEC West. Another natty for the Tide Monday night. Eat that Aggie. Bama owns Kyle Field!
Ekinggill88, aTm isn’t even relevant and won’t sniff 10 wins in a season for the foreseeable future. The only thing that aTm will gig is the 5th best team in the SEC West.