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I wonder where Fantasyfootballgod (LSU troll) has gone off to. He always claims that “Bama is going to have a long year and LSU will skullfugg the Tide”. His quote.
D Nova, waiting for your reply on story of Bama or Okla St. Last comment, I promise.
Okla St lost to a seven loss team in Iowa State. Seven. Bama lost to an undefeated team in LSU by 3 in OT. Does Okla St have the better loss to trump Bama?
I’ll say it.... Nineteen eighty! GO CLEMSON!
I pull for the SEC to win games. ONLY because of Negan, I hope Clemson beats the crap of the Dawgs.
Negan, you are everywhere! Now you troll on Bama basketball? How many hours per day do you spend on SDS? Do you not have a job? Do you enjoy trolling? You need to let that 2017 natty go. Be a man and not a punk and admit that UGA lost. You sound like a whiny little girl.
I’m just amazed at all the replying that negan does on SDS stories on here. Seriously, how do you find the time to write a book on everything? Do you work or just collect unemployment your whole life. I wish I could just sit around all day but someone has to pay for the deadbeats.
I don’t mean to keep badgering Diesel but am awaiting an answer. Maybe they should have cancelled the BCSNCG and crowned LSU champs as no team was worthy of playing.
Every team had at least two losses. Who should have played LSU??????
DieselNova, you do realize that Bama lost to #1 LSU 9-6 in OT. Okla St lost to an unranked team in Iowa State. Why should OSU had played LSU in the BCSNCG? Was the Cowboys loss more impressive?
It’s nice to see Nate Oats name NOT mentioned. I was surprised it wasn’t since colleges (senior staff) that fire their coach usually have Bama on their mind.
SMU? When I read the headline my first thought was he’s going to UGA.
Negan is the worst. Bama lives rent free in his head and he uses a lot of profanity in his comments. He has used the r word a lot of times that rhymes with date.
There are several UGA fans on SDS that need to be thrown off this site. You know who they are.
LSWho way down in the “others receiving votes.” Lol. Bama gave the corndogs three loses including two skullfuggings. Watford knew he made a huge mistake going to Loseriana. Geaux Tigah’s What?!
That’s a first. Did someone have you at gunpoint to say something positive about Bama? I’m truly shocked beyond belief.
Aren’t you a Debbie Downer doom and gloom Aubie108.
Pitiful free throw shooting cost Bama this game.
Pitiful free throw shooting cost Bama this game.
How’s Bama going to handle the attrition? I think Saban is use to the attrition and will handle it the best he can. Am I concerned? Sure. Are there LSU fans on SDS that are more concerned and bring the subject up all the time? A resounding YES!
What’s really pathetic. FFG battling Negan in becoming the ultimate Bama troll. In all honesty, how could you be proud to be a troll? You know they comment just to get a response from y’all. Why on earth would you want to spend all your time making comments on ALL Bama articles?
FFG is most likely a high school kid in his mothers trailer as a keyboard warrior with Bama on his mind 24/7. At the first sign of intimidation he would fold like a deck of cards.
Bama resides in FFG’s shallow mind 24/7. He thinks about Bama more than LSWho. Geaux Tigers what?!
Well, you’re 0-2 in your prediction. Nova and Loyola both going home.