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We already have a 5* dual threat from California in Bryce Young. Dude is a stud. I don’t live in a trailer. Never have.
kodyaufan2, Stidham regressed horribly from 2017 to 2018. Last year he tried hard to get Kelly Bryant to come before he went to Missouri. All Gus wants is transfer ready developed QB’s.
That derogatory comment towards Bama kickers could also apply to Auburn QB’s now couldn’t it kodyaufan2?
kodyaufn2, Will Reichard is a 5* kicker but was injured early in the season (imagine that) came back and reinjured his hip.
Geaux Long, 21-0 was sweet revenge in NCG. We practically own the deed to Tiger Stadium and will win next year when LSU reverts back to their old ways. Enjoy this year. Joe Burrow will not walk back through those doors.
He is out recruiting in full force and has the #2 class right now.
When will Colorado win the PAC12 and get out of cellar dweller?
I understand fully what you stated above and it makes perfect sense. Our ooc schedule was weak. I get it. It’s tough to win games when your front seven was plagued by injuries both pre season and into the season. Our front seven turned into 5 true freshman taking up the slack. I’m hoping next season the injury bug will be nicer to us and cut us some slack.
- Wisconsin loses to Ohio St by 13 and stays put.
Here’s my beef and bear with me please: Bama started in the CFP rankings at #3. Lose to LSU at home by 5 with a QB (Tua) NOT at 100%. Tua was obviously limping towards the end. I know he is injury prone. Bama drops to #5 which is fair. Lost to Auburn at JHS by a field goal (48-45) with a backup QB with two career actual starts that performed well (other than 2 pick sixes) and amassed 515 yards of offense over and elite defense. Fell from #5 to #12. Heck of a fall. Fell another spot today. Conference championship games yesterday: - Georgia loses to LSU by 27 and falls one spot. - Baylor loses to Oklahoma by 7 and stays put. - Utah loses to Oregon by 3 scores and stays put. - Virginia loses to Clemson by 45 and drops 1 spot. Something in the CFP committee stinks, don’t you think?
UGARMYRet, you have already forgotten 36-16 last year? Is wins all you recognize?
A Georgia fan above stated that Bama got whipped by Auburn and LSU when they lost by 3 and 4 points respectively to those 2 teams. Doesn’t the same apply to UGA’s loss to SC?
Would it be fair to say that South Carolina (4-8) whipped Georgia’s a$$? You may get another tomorrow.
Tim Rupert, the SECW is kryptonite to Kirby.
WarEagle14-0, I agree our D was not good this year but injuries played a big part of it. Our backup QB put 515 yards of offense on that elite defense of Auburn.
I may be wrong but I thought we were in Atlanta last year. #35-28 in SECCG. The year before too in NCG 26-23. If you think I’m going to go tit-for-tat conversation with you all night long then you are wrong.
We’ll be back. We have the nations best dual threat 5* QB in Bryce Young here next year. How does it feel to not win a natty in nearly 40 years? Always next year? UGA is 1-5 vs Bama and 0-2 under Kirby. 0-1 vs Orgeron, soon to be 0-2. Will you win the natty next year?
Saban at #2 in recruiting for 2020 and 5* dual threat QB (Bryce Young) coming. I don’t think it is winding down. Saban will be at Bama longer than Gus is at Auburn.
kodyaufan2, Bryce Young, 5* dual threat QB out of California is the future at Bama. Guy is a stud.
It will be fun watching LSU beating your Dawgs Saturday. Almost as much fun as UGA’s loss to 4-8 South Carolina.
The latest I have heard and may change Sugar - UGA granted they lose to LSU in SECCG Orange - Florida Cotton - Bama I love how Corch has already conceded the SECCG to LSU.