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UGARMYRet, why the sour grapes and basing this on money? For all we know this guy could make more money than you do and have a nice home. Maybe you need to take a little advise from coach Smart at SEC media days when asked about the CFPNC game. Smart said “he’s moved on with the loss and it’s made him more hungry, more determined to win”. You’re stuck on the Second&26! Move on!
Seriously auphinphan. Auburn will be 1-2 in their first three games. Everyone knows Aubie loses on the road. 0-2 in ATL last year. Make that 0-3 when Washington hands your team a “L”. Another “L” in Starkville. Then you’ll be calling for Malzahn to be fired.
SECCG of course. I was thinking NCG. Tide will still roll in ATL. Saban is 13-1 in ATL (only loss to FL in 2nd year) and 2-0 in Athens.
Kanell has been downgraded twice. From ESPN to FoxSports. Now he on on a XM Radio Sport show. He is no more than a troll now. Say what you want about UCF but the NC trophy is in Tuscaloosa.
I watched that Peach Bowl again and watched UCF beat Auburn. UCF totally ran on that D. Auburn was 0-2 in ATL. Make it 0-3 when Washington hands your team that L. At least Bama wins National Championships on a regular basis. #5 in 9.
You mean to tell me you are still salty over this Tim? Let it go! What makes you think this would be SEC officials? Could be PAC12, Big 12, ACC, etc. Saban is 4-1 vs Georgia. If they happen to meet again, make it 5-1.
Tim Rupert, I think it’s more you want his coaching to come to an end. As long as he is in good health, can coach, can recruit and enjoys what he does he will continue coaching. He has said this many, many times. He could retire in 3 years. He could coach for another ten. I fully understand that you are ready for him to retire though.
@ilovemydawgs You couldn’t even afford to bet. I’m sure you’re living off the government with that 2nd grade education. It seems that it’s a consensus on here that people realize just how dumb you actually are.
DawgsofWar is dumb. He’s been a so called Georgia fan since late 2017.
This Learfield article ranked teams based on sports hardly anyone even enjoys. Women’s & Mens LaCrosse, Women’s Rowing, W&M’s Tennis, W&M’s Track &Field, W&M’s Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. Baseball and W&M’s Golf are probably the only two worth mentioning. Learfield did NOT even mention Football or Basketball.
But Georgia loses to Bama every time in football. 41-30, 32-28, 38-10 and 26-23.
Bama is ranked #1 in 2019 recruiting. Bama beat Georgia in CFP. Georgia always plays second fiddle to Bama. 26-23, 2nd and 26, 5 in 9. You’re a troll.
Why do you always have to post another comment to explain your previous? If I was that stupid, I would stay off these comment boards. Constructing a sentence is definitely your shortcoming.
I can assure you that Bama will win another natty before Georgia does. Bama could win 3 in the next five. Saban is 4-1 vs Georgia. #5 in 9. #26-23. #2nd &26.
Bama has a total of 16 four and five stars to one three star. How would you judge that?
That idiot above redsox2004 is a fake troll. Claims to be a Georgia fan but still pouting that Bama beat them. Blames it on the Big Ten refs. He’s not the brightest person so pay him no attention.
He needs to come to Bama where he will be able to raise the big trophy in January.
You might as well blame those Big Ten referees for Georgia being left out.
Chris Low needs to worry about how many more years he will be reporting for ESPN with all their staff cuts. If CNS wants to coach till he’s 80 and hasn’t missed a step, let him coach.
aggierider, that’s rich. What A&M needs to prove is they won’t have another second half of season collapse. This has happened like 5 years in a row now. At that rate they will lose to MSU.
That comment took a lot of thought. How does it feel to be as dumb as a bunch of rocks? You should change your name above to dumba$$. It would define you.
2 of the losses were in Sanford Stadium. That’s Georgia’s Home stadium since I’m sure you didn’t know. The other 2 losses were in ATL. That’s Atlanta for you pea brain.
I love your first grade education. You are as dumb as hell. Georgia always chokes against Bama. How does 41-30, 32-28, 38-10 and 26-23 sound? I live on the corner of 2nd & 26 you retard you.
It’s nice to be on top and keep reeling them in though.
Gman, you need to worry about the Aggies winning more than 8 games a season. They seem to be stuck on it.