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King Negan. Get your facts straight. We WILL have Jalen Waddle at WR. 5* #1 overall ranked QB in Bryce Young will be out there in Bryant Denny Stadium on 9/19 throwing dimes. Take your NWO crap and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. No one wants to read your sermon like comments.
I refuse to go on a tirade with another fan like some on here. My time is more valuable than beating a dead horse in what team lost to an inferior team last year or 13 years ago. Let it go! Let it go! The future is what you should focus on.
Boxster355, there are way more UGA fans on the annual hype train than Bama, Gator, LSU and Auburn fans combined.
Leghumper, why do you continue to live in the past? How many times are you going to mention ULM? On 9/19 the Dawgs will be off our lawn but will still talk trash like they always do,
Ok Aubrey. The Pods own the Dawgs and it won’t change at Bryant Denny in September.
Can’t you write anything short and concise? Do you actually believe that crAp that your shoveling?
King Negan, what are you going to say when Bama beats the G on 9/19/20?
That’s rich Goodgodafreshman. Corch, TheDawgsofWar, King Negan and LeghumperU are just first class UGA fans.
As far as losing to ULM, yes that was a bad loss. That was Saban’s first year when the cupboards were bare. That was 13 years ago. Even our average basketball team went to UGA 2 weeks ago and beat the Dawgs.
I like ours too. Kirby is 1-3 in ATL. Lost to Bama twice (SECCG and NCG) lost to LSU (SECCG) and beat Auburn (SECCG). What are you going to say when Bama beats Leghumper on 9/19 at BDS? If Bama owns UGA then why do you run your mouth? If you owned Bama then I could see and you would be justified. You are defined as a blowhard.
Even our very average basketball team went to UGA 2 weeks ago and beat the Dawgs.
Saban is 5-1 vs Georgia. Make it 6-1 on 9/19 at BDS. Since losing to ULM (2007) Bama has NEVER lost to an unranked team. South Carolina has beaten LeghumperU 5 times in the last 10 years. 2019 SC was 4-8 and beat you at your house.
What will you say on here when Bama beats UGA again on 9/19?
If you would have beaten Georgia in SECCG you would have been in the CFP. Lost that game and then laid an egg against UCF in Peach Bowl. Is that the same year?
2008 @Athens 41-30 Bama 2012 @ Atlanta 32-28 Bama 2015 @ Athens 38-10 Bama 2018 @ Atlanta 26-23 Bama 2018 @ Atlanta 35-28 Bama
Bama will beat Georgia again on 9/19/20. Six in a row. You may want to read The G fan 43 below and take that into consideration.
I’m looking at the future. On 9/19/20 Bama will beat Georgia again. This will be six in a row.
I don’t remember Georgia even being competitive in either game. LSU shredded that D like it was a wet paper bag.
We lost to LSU by 5. Really had several chances to win in actuality. Georgia lost to LSU in the last two seasons by a combined score 73-26. Utter dominance and he failed to mention that. He also failed to mention that they lost to a 4 win team in South Carolina at home. Bama ran that same SC out of their stadium. Kirby is 0-2 vs Bama. Make it 0-3 on 9/19/20 in Tuscaloosa. But KN will keep on talking trash. Is KN capable of writing some article short and simple instead of writing a book?
King Negan, and 4-8 South Carolina beat your Bulldogs in Sanford Stadium. Inexcusable loss. Terrible loss. Even App St beat the Gamecocks last season.
2020 24/7 Football Recruiting Team Rank #Recruits 5* 4* 3* Avg Points Georgia 1. 25 4 15 6 92.96 313 Alabama 2. 25 4 17 4 93.56 311 Is there that much disparity Tim Rupert? Georgia owns the SECE as of late but struggles with the SECW.