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The Big 12 doesn’t play defense. It’s basically Arena football where you spend 60 minutes game time running up and down the field at will and have to score 50, 60 or maybe 70 ppg just to win.
What’s cute RedDirt is the loss to Texas Kyler has that Oklahoma and you failed to put in those stats. If the Top 4 win out Oklahoma is NOT in the CFP. At least Bama controls their own destiny.
Well, all good things must come to an end. On Wednesday I leave once again for my fourth tour of duty in Afghanistan. I have throughly enjoyed my R&R and trolling those 2 trolls Xx and DD2. It’s back to work. Something them 2 trolls would know nothing about. I will be incognito for the next 6 months. Good talking to you BamaTime. One last thing. Go Bama! Beat Auburn and beat the puppies. We have done well in beating them during Saban’s tenure. Go 15-0 and earn another natty. Adios and Guten Abend!
What a terrible reply. Is that all the better you can come up with? I see you still can’t construct a simple sentence. Go back to school you illerate boy.
Beat Bama! 1-4 in 10 years. Ouch,
Beat GT. You’re 2-2 with them over the last 4 years.
Youre not reading it since it’s all above your comprehension. Funny how you come on here to check for replies though.
My bad the LSU score was 36-16. My error.
Xx needs to attend anger management classes. With all his expletives, you would think he is a hothead. I doubt he could afford those classes though. Maybe his buddy DD2 could help out.
DD2 you seem fixated on Auburn. Let’s back up. Bama lost to Auburn 26-14. 12 point loss. If a 12 point loss is being humiliated (as you alluded to), then what is a 40-17 loss to Auburn Georgia fared? Both those losses were at Auburn 2 weeks apart. If my math is good, that’s a 23 point loss. Was Georgia humiliated? Now I know you going to say that we beat them in the SECCG that Bama dodged by not beating Auburn in a revenge game 28-7. LSU beat your team 26-6. A 20 point loss. Humiliated again? Bama beat LSU 29-0 at the same venue in Baton Rouge. Does a 29 point loss escalate to an obliteration? You have a habit of boasting on the wins (beatdowns you allude to) Georgia has and tend to forget about the losses (humiliations). You never once even conceded that Bama has beaten your team 4/5 times under Saban. You just act as if Georgia owns Bama. Something is not adding up.
Xx, so Bama has no blueprint for Georgia? We’re going into that 12/1 game absolutely clueless on what to do?
Well take care of Auburn. We beat LSU that ran your team off the field. Even 2 win Arkansas played LSU tougher. Lost by only 7. Not a 20 point blowout. You need to focus on beating Bama. Haven’t done it in 10 years. Saban is 4-1 vs Georgia. Make it 5-1 on 12/1. Bama is 15-1 in ATL. Last loss in 2008. He hasn’t lost since. Make it 16-1 come 12/1 Your team is 1-4 vs Bama under Saban and your talking smack? Your team is 2-3 against the SECW in the last 2 seasons and boasting of it. Wow! I’d be ashamed. You must be one bad man to set them 2 fans straight. Did you admonish them behind your keyboard or take them out?
I did make that comment. Not going to lie. It wasn’t expletive by any means. You know nothing about that trait. I can assure you of that. That does prove my theory is 100% correct. You are everywhere (Auburn site). You and your sidekick DD2 are thick as thieves. I love how one Georgia fan called you out for being extremely annoying and not representing the UGA fan base. Tim Rupert has called you out before on being a bogus fan. I would think you would have half a brain to see the light that you don’t have many UGA fans on here. With the exception of DD2 of course. I’m sure you will need help in deciphering all of this since it went WAY over that feeble mind of yours.
You go on any article and there you two are. I only comment on Bama articles. You comment on everything.
MSU777, the second scenario was last years game in Starkville. Hurts pass to D. Smith for a TD.
I loved how our D performed. QB Fitzgerald (the runner) was held to a season low -23 yards.
Xx and DD2 are true Bama trolls. They are on every Bama article. I am very seldom on a UGA article.
Something that is hard to comprehend. Your team is 1-4 against Saban and you act as if you own them.
Kirby known for posting weird comments? You fit right in.
These 2 Bama trolls (Xx & DD2) never recognize a loss. You guys should be taking notes on how to beat Bama. Hasn’t happened in over 10 years. Boy you two are full of yourselves.
How come you never concede that your team lost to LSU? Arkansas only lost to LSU by 7 tonight. Your team got smoked.
DD2 is giving Xx a run for his money on being a Bama troll.
Connor O’Gara, the writer of this story is the only one complaining. Bcreek is just mad since his Gamecocks choked in the game in losing to Florida with a big lead.