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It would be great if his next tweet would be “Roll Tide” Leghumper.
Agree Negan. Why don’t you recognize Bama as 2017 National Champs? Bama beat UGA but you will not recognize that. You keep claiming UGA was robbed by the refs? Do you still double down on that claim?
I have congratulated UGA numerous times on SDS. I will again. Great game UGA winning the natty. I was just throwing a little shade. No harm no foul.
I forgot to mention you can compete with QB transfer Calzada too. A three-for-all competition of transfer on the plains.
Hence the phrase TQBU. I was emphasizing the QB position. Imperial, if you’re not the pot calling the kettle black. 31-29.
I wonder if he had an order totaling 41.24?
Harsin, “JT, come to TransferQBU please!” You can compete with transfer TJ too.
I’ll bet Harsin and Auburn are blowing his phone up.
Why Jay drinking from the suds in the bucket?
Like you should have beat MSU, S.C., PSU and Houston.
13 recruits for ‘22 and barely in the top 20 with an overall average rating of 90.77? Pathetic. Kelly better get busy shopping in the portal. Lol. Oh man, are we laughing. Go Tigah’s what?!
LSWho was waxed by a terrible Kansas St team in your measly whatever bowl. 5-5 and 6-7 over the last two seasons is laughable. LSWho starts ‘22 with a big L in the ATL. We are LAUGHING! Go Tigah’s what?!
Will Bolden even make it in the draft or will he be a free agent?
I have a friend who claims the reason why everyone always wants Saban’s assistants is because they are trying to force him into retirement. He thinks Saban will finally grow tired of finding new assistants every year and throw in the towel.
Saban already knows that immediately after he hires whomever, that he is already under everyone’s microscope ready to be plucked away.
Did 2012 feel good in NOLA on 1/9? As Brent Musburger stated, “this game is a mauling folks, a mauling!” 21-zeroeaux!
Time for you to go away. I’m sure everyone on here would concur.
Great win and game Leghumper. I’m not going to be like your cohort negan and blame the loss on injuries. Just kidding.) Once again, congratulations to the Dawgs.
Just stop! Enjoy the win and don’t start being a negan.
Ok, we get it. Lame and Mulligan. Now sign off permanently.
What is it with Auburn and moral victories? Does it give you a half a win instead of a total loss? Instead of a disastrous 6-7, you’re team is 6.5-6.5