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I don’t think Nick has to have help to keep up. If you think 24/7 adjusts their composite ranking to satisfy Saban, you are delusional. You are aware 24/7 adjusts their rankings on players throughout the year?
COVID parties should absolutely be squashed and these students thrown in jail. Also should be kicked out of school for endangering the public. I noticed that article did not have a comment section.
According to ESPN recruiting, Dallas Turner is a 5*.
I believe you’re the one making a spectacle of yourself. You act as if Georgia “owns” Bama. 2nd & 26. A kick and a miss.
He’s a troll. Sadly every team has at least one.
We have become a easily offended, thin skinned, snowflake society. It is really sad and it’s only going to get worse. The question is, “will it get better?”
Already guaranteeing a win? What happens to Georgia fans on this site (you know the ones) if Florida does what the Gamecocks done last season in Athens?
No need to worry. In the end (of recruiting cycle) Bama will be just fine. Georgia eating Bama alive with 8 recruits? Ok.
Kirby is 5-5 against the SECW the last three seasons. 3 of those losses came at the ATL.
I’m done disagreeing with you on this thread. Looks like everyone else is too. You are bent on this timeout and there is absolutely nothing that could convince you otherwise. My question to you is what does this timeout actually mean to you? Do you have money at stake? It’s a timeout dude that doesn’t matter anymore and Auburn won the game.
Then why at 1:34:45 (Franklin Chow) when the ref states “end of the half” does Bama still have 1 bar (of 3) for 1 time out left under its name? Where Auburn has no bars. *Three bars would obviously mean three time outs*
NovaTiger, what is UAT? Would that be the same concept calling your team AUA?
wde0012. Go to and type in Bama vs Auburn 2019 and click on full game. It’s 3:02:38 long. Bama had 2 timeouts with :45 seconds left in 1st half, called timeout so now has 1. Never called the last timeout so had 1 timeout left. If you go to this game go to 1:30:00 to 1:35:00 and this is the proof.
King Negan. Get your facts straight. We WILL have Jalen Waddle at WR. 5* #1 overall ranked QB in Bryce Young will be out there in Bryant Denny Stadium on 9/19 throwing dimes. Take your NWO crap and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. No one wants to read your sermon like comments.
I refuse to go on a tirade with another fan like some on here. My time is more valuable than beating a dead horse in what team lost to an inferior team last year or 13 years ago. Let it go! Let it go! The future is what you should focus on.
Boxster355, there are way more UGA fans on the annual hype train than Bama, Gator, LSU and Auburn fans combined.
Leghumper, why do you continue to live in the past? How many times are you going to mention ULM? On 9/19 the Dawgs will be off our lawn but will still talk trash like they always do,
Ok Aubrey. The Pods own the Dawgs and it won’t change at Bryant Denny in September.
Can’t you write anything short and concise? Do you actually believe that crAp that your shoveling?
King Negan, what are you going to say when Bama beats the G on 9/19/20?
That’s rich Goodgodafreshman. Corch, TheDawgsofWar, King Negan and LeghumperU are just first class UGA fans.
As far as losing to ULM, yes that was a bad loss. That was Saban’s first year when the cupboards were bare. That was 13 years ago. Even our average basketball team went to UGA 2 weeks ago and beat the Dawgs.
I like ours too. Kirby is 1-3 in ATL. Lost to Bama twice (SECCG and NCG) lost to LSU (SECCG) and beat Auburn (SECCG). What are you going to say when Bama beats Leghumper on 9/19 at BDS? If Bama owns UGA then why do you run your mouth? If you owned Bama then I could see and you would be justified. You are defined as a blowhard.
Even our very average basketball team went to UGA 2 weeks ago and beat the Dawgs.