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LSUSMC I very seldom comment and enjoy the back and forth derogatory comments between each teams fans, I have one question for you. Why is it that on every story that you have to have the last word?
Don’t forget we have 5* dual threat Bryce Young who may be the QB this fall.
I thought this article was for teams that can win a natty on a regular basis. No natty in 40 years just will not cut it.
Clemson has a top QB signed this year. I cannot pronounce his name but starts with a “U”.
My, oh my this is most entertaining. I love reading these derogatory and inflammatory comments between two college based football fans. Keep it up!
I’ll bet OU’s Lincoln Riley is highly upset about this. He’s still looking long and hard for a transfer.
BengalBeaux, so Auburn lost by 3 at BR and was run out of the stadium. Got it.
Gagaof3, Auburn the better team. Bama had their backup QB and injury riddled defense and still shredded that vaunted defense. Lost by 3. Meanwhile, Auburn is still overrun with gophers.
MLU, so losing by 5 is a blow out? What if (big if I know) Bama had recovered that onside kick? I guess Auburn losing by 3 was a blowout too, right? Bama won 29-0 last year in BR. By your terminology would that be considered an assassination.
The transfer portal receives more business than Amazon.
I think Bama will be just fine in the QB competition this year between Mac Jones, 5* dual threat Bryce Young and Taulia Tagovailoa. Wolf man, does your team still have Kelly Bryant on your roster? Isn’t he the washout QB from Clemson that Bama beat in the 2017 CFP Semifinals 24-6?
Why does Florida live rent free in your head? I really don’t understand the constant name calling and condescending comments. It’s Georgia fans like you, TheDawgsofWar and King Negan that maybe Florida can do what South Carolina (Sakerlina in your term) did last year in Sanford Stadium. Give it a rest.
I think Kevin Steele’s ceiling is a DC. He doesn’t want to be a head coach.
I wish bubbatime was on the downward slope.
I’d be willing to bet that King goes to TransferQBU. Oklahoma.
I’m excited about 5* dual threat Bryce Young competing against Mac Jones, Taulia Tagovailoa and Paul Tyson. Bryce Young is going to be hard to beat out.
MSU does not have to worry about adding points since that comes at a premium.
renorocketsfan, how about Shea Patterson going for a TD in the end zone down 19 with one second on the clock. In the end he threw a pick. Don’t you think that was Harbaugh trying to get back at Saban for the late TD? Harbaugh actually called a time out with one second left.
Seriously. Bama couldn’t keep up with us? We obviously lost but if we were within 5 points of LSU in the end, I’d say we were within striking distance.
Why would it be funny? Saban has beaten Clemson twice in the CFP era. It’s one thing to be overly cocky but another to be just downright arrogant.
I don’t watch DWTS. I was pulling for LSU since I am a huge SEC fan. Overly cocky fans like you makes me want to pull for the opposition.
LSU has had one great season since 2011and now you’re world beaters and were to respect you like you have beaten us the last eight years? Our recruiting is going great too. Win a couple of natty’s then you can talk.
We already have a 5* dual threat from California in Bryce Young. Dude is a stud. I don’t live in a trailer. Never have.
kodyaufan2, Stidham regressed horribly from 2017 to 2018. Last year he tried hard to get Kelly Bryant to come before he went to Missouri. All Gus wants is transfer ready developed QB’s.
That derogatory comment towards Bama kickers could also apply to Auburn QB’s now couldn’t it kodyaufan2?
kodyaufn2, Will Reichard is a 5* kicker but was injured early in the season (imagine that) came back and reinjured his hip.
Geaux Long, 21-0 was sweet revenge in NCG. We practically own the deed to Tiger Stadium and will win next year when LSU reverts back to their old ways. Enjoy this year. Joe Burrow will not walk back through those doors.