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Can’t wait till 9/18 when we drain the swamp… Again.
Imperial, you sure let it be known how much hate you have for Bama instilled in you.
BOOM! Great pickup. As of right now we are in the Top 5 in recruiting.
Losing to LSU was brutal I would have to admit. Getting that sweet revenge and bludgeoning LSU last season 55-17 at Baton Rouge somehow eased that pain immensely. Winning the natty erased all pain.
You would think you could be competitive playing in your own backyard (ATL) jackass.
Defense for 2020 ppg comparison: Golding 19.4 Third & Grantham 30.8
Who really cares if team A beat team B by more points than another team? Who really cares if team A struggled to beat another team where team B beat them convincingly. If they were wins then it really doesn’t matter. A win is a win. At the end of the day 13-0 trumps a ho-hum 8-4 any day of the week.
Texas hasn’t been the same since the 37-21 thumping at the NCG in 2010.
Although it’s a moot point, Bama played LSU tough. Lost 46-41. It’s not like they were manhandled to a score of like, 37-10.
As far as college football is concerned, she will be covering Notre Dame football. Isn’t that all NBC covers?
In actuality, Auburn lost to Arky. The refs effed that game up and you know it.
If Clemson beats UGA, Negan will disappear for a few weeks. If UGA wins, SDS website will crash due to Negan going nuclear.
x next to said team was the overall winner in dominance.
Negan, let’s compare common opponents between Bama and UGA last year. Arky - UGA 37-10 xBama - 52-3 Auburn - UGA 27-6 xBama - 42-13 Tenn - UGA 44-21 xBama - 48-17 UK - 14-3 xBama - 63-3 UF - 28-44 LOSS xBama - 54-48 Miss St. UGA 31-24 xBama - 41-0 Mizzou xUGA 49-14 Bama - 38-19 UGA did NOT dominate UK, Miss St, or Cincy. We’re lucky to beat Cincy. Saban signed seven five stars last season breaking the overall average point total (327.91) and average (95.0) according to 24/7 football recruiting. This year thus far he has three five stars committed. You Negan are a blowhard UGA troll!
Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the four-win Gamecocks beat the Bulldogs in 2019 at Sanford Stadium?
This article should get Negan fired up and write a book about it. I’m surprised that he has not commented yet. He must be slipping. He has a man crush on Saban and Bama too. Always talks about the Tide.
Negan is a HUGE Bama fan. He is just in the closet and has a man crush on Coach Saban.
Bama still lives rent free in that shallow mind of yours. You think about Bama too much. Is it an infatuation? The above novel you wrote above could also ring true in UGA vs Clemson. Why can’t you write something that someone will read instead of dying of boredom reading a book. I glanced over your novel for maybe thirty seconds and lost interest knowing you write the same stuff all the time.
UGA also had to come from behind to beat Cincy last season in the Peach Bowl. Did Cincy win? See where I’m getting at?
UGA also had to come from behind to beat Cincy last season in the Peach Bowl. Did Cincy win? See where I’m getting at?
What does TDOW and Negan have in common? Pure nonsense and full of excuses. UGA had to come from behind to beat Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl. Did OU win that game? You also failed to mention that Auburn beat UGA a few games before you gave them that revenge game in SECCG. You mentioned Bama losing to Auburn but made no mention of UGA losing. How convenient. At the end of the day the West is better than the East and that is indisputable. You have been hanging around Negan too long. He is a walking excuse.
Negan is a total fraud. Even his UGA faithful has constantly called him out on the joke and embarrassment that this troll is. Even he doesn’t believe in the $hit that he is shoveling.
I thought he was a shoo-in to commit to the Gators. Guess not. The Tide up to #6 in recruiting with a 95 rating.