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Gman, you need to worry about the Aggies winning more than 8 games a season. They seem to be stuck on it.
Kanell has a fiery hatred of the SEC. He’s a sinking ship. Went from ESPN to Russillo & Kanell to Siriusxm.
Like Georgia did in SECCG and UCF in Peach Bowl. Not to mention LSU and Clemson too.
In UCF claiming a NC at first I thought was comical. Now, more than 3 months later it is played out and sad that they won’t let this go. It makes you want them to lose a game this season just to put this to bed.
This season you will have to play Georgia and Bama at their home. You’re not in JHS this go around.
True in that you beat both Georgia and Bama. I can’t see how having 4 losses constitutes a great year. I guess winning the Iron Bowl negates them 4 losses along with losing the Peach Bowl to an AAC team. UCF > Auburn.
There a bad fans on both ends of the spectrum. No denying that. How do you know he is NOT a Georgia fan? Elaborate on this.
You Georgia fans ought to be embarrassed by LoveMyDawgs comments. He isn’t overly bright, can’t spell worth a damn and spouts off like Georgia owns Bama in football as of late.
No Kirby won’t. Georgia always comes up short in the big games.
Not at all. I’m a Bama fan through and through. I thought you would have figured it out by the last sentence. Guess not. Just don’t feel the need to flaunt it. If you have any issues with it, I live on the corner of 2nd & 26.
You should know by now that the Dawgs always come up short in winning the big game. Always has, always will. Stay salty though.
Your dawgs will NEVER win the natty. They always come up short.
Your comment shows how little you know x since the natty will be played on Jan 7. You just post erroneous information without checking making you look like the retard you are. Are you still licking your wounds from 26-23?
Thomas, how does it feel to lose to UCF in the Peach Bowl? 0-2 in ATL? Make that 0-3 when Washington comes to ATL the first game of the season and hands your team another L. You’re not playing in JHS.
Still salty after all these months huh x? #LetItGo! Bama won fair and square.
Weagle99, how does a 1 loss team back into the playoffs. Auburn wasn’t getting in with 3 losses. Make that 4 after losing to UCF. Lol.
What about UCF beating Aubie. That wasn’t close either. UCF ran all over the Barners. That’s what Washington is going to do first game of the season in ATL. Aubie will be 0-3 in ATL in 3 consecutive games. Lol.
Thomas, I bet it felt great to beat both Georgia and Auburn. I loved it when Georgia got that sweet revenge 28-7 whipping of the little kitties. Then Bama and Georgia playing for the National Championship with Bama winning it all while Aubie gets beat by UCF in the Peach Bowl. Lost to an AAC team 34-28. Lol. UCF > Auburn. 34-28 UCF wins! How sweet it is! Washington gonna get that a$$ in ATL!
Auburn would be happy to finish every year at 1-11 if that included a win over Bama. They have low standards. The Iron Bowl was their natty. UCF > Auburn. Auburn was 0-2 in ATL last season. Make it 0-3 when Washington beats them. You’re not playing in JHS. Lol.
Is that what you say UGARMYRet on any recruit that decommits?
Bama plays Louisville first game of the season. With Lamar Jackson gone it has lost some of its luster. Granted this game was scheduled four years ago, we never heard of LJ at that time.
I thought last season we had an unprecedented amount of injuries. I guess we haven’t seen nothing yet. Maybe Bama needs to wrap their players in bubble wrap. #Thiscrapgetsold
Do you have absolute proof that Saban wrote a check? If so, prove it without a shadow of a doubt. If you can’t then shut up.
Tim Rupert, talk about pressure. Bama seems to know how to beat Georgia in big games. How does 41-30, 32-28 and 26-23 sound. The three games Bama has beat Georgia under Saban. Don’t worry, Bama will be there.
Bama can beat LSU on a regular basis and beat Clemson. 13-1 > 10-4. Barners need to learn how to win games away from JHS. As far as the Iron Bowl goes, yeah you won, but a National Championship trumps that. In all seriousness, winning a National Championship takes the sting out of the IB.
Damn, you two above ^^ are reallly salty after that beatdown Bama put on Auburn. Even saltier than Pearl.