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Pure class LaterGator. Now if we could have more fans like this on SDS instead of a lot of these undesirables. You know who you are.
If Matt can’t play put Plumlee in. That dude can run. Even more than Corral.
UGA is deserving of the overall top ranking. Great offense and suffocating killer defense. Why do you have to be like Negan, Corch, TheDawgsofWar and kirkm1976 and be an arrogant self righteous prick?
As a freshman he needs to be patient. You will get your playing time. Auburn needs to recruit better and stop feeding off the portal.
Are you ever happy? You are one miserable person. Seek help immediately!
Where are all these lunatic UGA fans coming from UsmcDawg? Their popping out of the ground like fire ants after a huge rainstorm.
Great win Marine. Has Coach Orgeron seat simmered down some?
Great win Marine. Is all the talk over Coach O simmered down after this win or too early to tell?
I understand why Farner works freelance. He jumps on this story every week.
Hard to believe Mullen is 4-6 in last ten games. .400 is NOT getting it done at UF.
This site is going to explode with UGA fans. Should be entertaining.
I’m hoping when we play Auburn Bo is the latter of each of those lines.
Just wait. In a few hours we will see an article about Gary Danielson being called out. It’s coming.
I don’t think Iowa will win the Big Ten Championship in Indy. They don’t face Michigan, Michigan St or Ohio St in regular season and more than likely the Buckeyes would smoke them. I also think the Sooners will drop a game before the Big XII Championship.
FPI predicted the Gators would beat UK. What happened?
No. That’s excuses. I’ll tell you how Florida could have beaten OU. Outscore them. That’s what every team has to do. Even if you have a bad D. Our D against the Aggies was brutally bad. We lost, pure and simple. Did we make too many errors? Yes. I’m not going to come on here and make excuses to justify or sugar coat the loss like you do though. A loss is a loss. We have to move on and take care of MSU. I don’t use anyone’s talking points to affect my posts. No one.
Why can’t you ever say anything on here without writing a novel?
Those turnovers happened. You can’t take something away that happened. How asinine are you?
The Archon, Bama still controls their destiny in the SEC West. Does UF control theirs in the East? No. UGA is ahead by two games and UK by one.
It’s not worth debating with you. Quite honestly, you are full of excuses. Even more than Negan. This garbage Bama team still beat UF in the Swamp. 31-29. What’s that make your team? A total dumpster fire?
It went pretty well for Louisville in 2013 and Oklahoma in 2020.
I love this game too. If UF high powered offense could have scored two TD’s instead of settling for FG’s, they would have won 21-20.