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Yep. Agreed. Tomorrow ain’t here and yesterday is gone. Go fish.
He’ll get a spot somewhere. Feed him good and coach him well and you never know….
Yep. College ball is tough. SEC ball… is a whole different country.
I hope you live to my age (87) You’ll understand.
I had my fix of college ball live. It was nice but the older I get the more I enjoy the home conveniences. Clean toilets.
Helicopter player…we’ll see. Proly be on the in the portal again.
I’m thinking easy chair, big screen, no hassle, money in pocket.
All teams are tied for first place 8-1-22
NCAA seems to be rubber stamping most everything here of late. My gut says he will be cleared to play. Not that it is the right decision.
Teenagers change their mind as the wind blows. Give them a choice of college when they graduate high school, ghats once. Then one time transfer after that without any penalty. No more after the transfer. They stay put, try no fun league or drop off the map.
Get one transfer, no questions asked but thats it.