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The Rebs will only lose a couple of scholarships for three years. Big deal. we'll keep rolling and won't even notice. There will be no bowl ban.
Yes, the m$u/Will Redmond saga was pay for play. He was paid money not to take any more visits and to $ign with $tate. I know you are hoping for "harsh" penalties, but why should they be?!? Ole Miss has not paid any players and all there is are some impermissible benefits that don't amount to a hill of beans. I think alot of you haters are going to be very disappointed when penalties are handed down. And yes, we will beat you hapless hayseeds again for 3 in a row.
Lack of institutional control?!? You hayseeds are reaching now.
Uhhhhh, you do know m$u just came off a 2 year probation for paying Will Redmond don't you ?!? Yea, Mullen is a crook.
Drunnya Wilson for m$u got a felony charge of weed in the summer and didn't miss a game that fall.
There is nothing going to happen to the Rebels. Do any of you read or keep up with anything?!? Very minor violations, nothing to see.
The assistant coaches at m$u are jumping like rats off a sinking ship. That's what happens when their head coach shops around for other jobs every year. I don't blame them for leaving $tarkville. One of the new hires for Mullen this year is living in Birmingham and didn't want to move wife and family to $tarkville. lol