Recent Comments it because Georgia has never won a game in Sanford that was worth rushing the field over? Except maybe Yale.... in 1929. Not sure if rushing off the field after Florida layed 50+ on them counts....
This!! THE biggest item for Florida will be to pressure Burrows. Get him rattled and running for his life. If...and that's a big if, Florida does that, they will win. The pressure has to start early and be relentless for the whole game. If Burrows has time, he will make us pay and it will be a long day for us. Not just being a homer on this, but, I believe Florida has more than enough to win this game. That place will be rocking for sure. We will see. Go Gators!
I agree. I think Auburn ran into a buzzsaw. Everyone around them telling them that they are a top team in the nation and that they were going to walk into the Swamp and destroy Florida. I don't think Auburn is a bad team, on the contrary, I still think they are very good. They played an excellent team in an extremely hostile environment. Few, if any teams would come into that game and walk away with an easy win. The LSU game will be the only one that will rival the intensity of the fans in the Swamp. I am excited to see how my Gators do in a very similar environment, at night in Baton Rouge. That place will be rocking as well. I definitely think these teams match up better than most, strength vs strength. Go Gators!
Absolutely sucks to see a Qb, or any player for that matter, get injured on a play like that. Hopefully, for you guys, he will be ok.
If you require the perceived slight of being scheduled as a homecoming game in a matchup of top 10 teams, away from home, with your season's hopes(albeit, both of these teams will still have a shot at both Conference and National goals) quite possibly on the line, then you need to get into a different line of work. Both teams are going to be bouncing off the wall ready to go. The stadium will be electric....Go Gators!