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Maddox looks like a nice pickup for VU. Appears to be a bit of a late bloomer with plenty of room on his frame. Glad to have him come aboard.
We should all be thankful for the fact that we have the time and ability to enjoy sports and other more important things at this time. As for Vandy, what is most remarkable about the development of the trenches is that the D-line went without it best 2 from last year basically all year this year and lost a starter for the year before the first game. And the O-line has played without multiple starters most of the year - that group has been a mix-and-match all year.
As a VU grad approaching his 50th reunion, I am so happy our Board, Chancellor, AD, and coach are FINALLY aligned. Today was a great effort by the players, a very good plan by the coaches, and a great win for the program
As a VU grad, class of'73, all I can say is I am glad Clark Lea is our coach, Candace Storey Lee is our AD, and Daniel Diermeier is our Chancellor. And I am doubly glad our Board has committed to athletics.
Ginny, thanks for the coverage. Davis was one of if not the best DL we had last year before his injury. While I don't expect much from him in his first game, his return may pay dividends from an emotional standpoint.
Vandy has a long trek ahead, but this is the first time since before the50's that we have had Trustees, a Chancellor, and and AD aligned and committed to athletic excellence. If anyone can do it now, it is Clark Lea, a Nashville native, former VU player, with 2 degrees from VU.
Smoke, thanks for the kind words. Wake is a very good team and VU played poorly. Not Sure Vandy's A-game would have won, but would have made it more competitive. Still need a year or two of strong recruiting at all positions to become competitive with upper-tier teams.
And I omitted Arkansas and UGA by mistake, since Cincy and Oregon were clearly comparable teams. And I am not suggesting Wright should be in the top half of SEC QB's, just that he is better than 14th, especially considering his supporting cast.
Smoke, I said that poorly. I was NOT comparing Utah and FSU to Hawai'i and Elon. I was trying to say that Florida and LSU had played teams at or above or close to their own level. The rest have played what should be relatively easy wins.
I wish Auburn could find a way to recruit, develop and keep a very good quarterback. It has been ages since that has been the case - Cam, Nick were both transfers; Bo Nix was as close as they came but did he progress at all under Malzahn? And now there are 3 transfer QB's at the top of Auburn's list.
Mike Wright - I understand that Vandy's level of competition so far is fairly low, but only Florida and LSU have played comparative competition. Given Wright's stats through two games, I think he is underrated here. Of course, the Wake game may change perspectives, including mine.
Mike Wright is a great young man who has really blossomed this year. Hope he can get through the season without significant injury.
Ricky Rahne (ODU) and Brent Pry (VT) coached together at Vanderbilt under James Franklin. AND, the VT D-coordinator, Chris Marve, was a star middle LB for Pry on at least one of those VU teams. So there is a history among those 3.
FWIW, back in the 70's (I know, the Dark Ages) VU had a defensive lineman whose nickname was "Cheeks". We were classmates. Great guy.
Two Words for Dave Hooker who needs a refresher in UT Basketball history - Ray Mears. And I'm a Vandy guy.
But I thought UT had cornered the market on walking the steps, at least doing so correctly. Did Harsin copy this from Knoxville?
To paraphrase a dead philosopher/mathematician, I don't think, therefore I am not. Grew up in Alabama, divided allegiances between two (3?) SEC schools, and I would vote for Charles in a heartbeat, simply because he is direct and transparent. Wish I knew him.