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Still mad you are getting your ass kicked under Pruitt? I can’t wait to see what you think tonight when the biased SEC refs screw you, though AU won’t need it.
Well being a fan of a team with George Pickens and talking about class is awesome. This is coming from someone whose son is a UGA freshman. All of these players talk trash, all of the time Thank you Gators for having class and understanding the situation
Turnover battle will win the game. Neither team turns it over too much. UA grad so it pains me but 38-24 Gators. Let’s face it the talent level is ridiculous. Only a hangover for the Gators from last week would make it closer. If the Hogs start turning it over it will get ugly fast.
As a Hog fan please don’t compare MSU and AU to Florida. MSU is awful and AU is way overrated. This will be the best team we have played this year outside of possibly A&M (UGA is overrated).
I’m an Arkansas grad but our only hope is Florida has a UGA hangover (where my freshman son goes ironically) and missing Pitts actually makes a difference. I think is similar to the A&M game for the Hogs. We might take an early lead but we will trail the rest of the game and probably cover again. I’m going 38-24 Gators with a late Hog TD
If we play CFB this year Florida is not making the playoff. She can have her opinion but they won't beat both Georgia and Bama, or whoever else they need to beat to be there. They will go 10-2 and win their bowl game. Jawja will have a better QB and defense.