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Colorado Buff fan to heart, but I love watching The SEC

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Paul...If Alabama wins out and defeats Georgia in Atlanta, Iowa loses the Big10 CG and Oklahoma stumbles, Alabama has to get in. Imagine a #5 team beating the #1 head to head and not being apart of the CFP? It'll never happen and especially if that #5 team is Alabama.
This column is gaslighting at it's best. There hasn't been a top 20 team Alabama has faced after a loss. How would those stats look if Alabama had to play Georgia/Florida or even Kentucky after each loss? Smh..C'mon SDS, you could've done better to pull the sheep over our eyes.
Agreed. Every dropped ball critically changed the dynamics of the next play. Especially when a sure TD is dropped.
I say Alabama and Georgia lobby to swap opponents and play eachother so then conversation can be over with.
A good segment of the show will be selling the decision for Texas and OU to be moving to the SEC
When offensive players begin getting called for lowering their helmet and planting it directly in the chest of a defender only then will this rule be ammended. Bad call on every level.
Last time I checked, the #10 is supposed to beat #22 especially at home. Auburn played as well as anyone could have played. A few miscues here and there is what tape, film and practice will resolve. Nothing to be ashamed of Tiger fans..
Having a stadium full of fans for these types of SEC matchups makes a difference for the home team. As far as Florida "almost winning", should Alabama go 12-0 and win every game by 7 or less, every team will say, "we were almost there!" If this season continues the way it has started, we could very much have a CFP with each team having lost 1 or as many as 2 games. I can smell an expansion coming for sure.
Until Alabama begins to lose consecutively on CBS don't blame Gary.
Why don't they just let coaches in the Maternity Ward. Allow the coaches to view the sonogram, discuss with doctors, the kid's projected height and weight etc. etc.
It's been apart of their uniform for ages..Florida's white doesn't fit their tradition.
Regardless of who starts. Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide has been planning and preparing for games like this long before this week (See last year's results). Any team can be beaten, on any given Saturday, but this Saturday, Alabama simply won't be.
I'm not to old to remember when almost everyone doubted Jalen Hurts' ability to play at the next level. The New NFL is beginning to look like an extended version of College Football in the sense of almost every player has played against their opponent in college not too long ago.
It took a blown coverage for them to finally score a TD late in the 4th to edge it out. Great game, but I would have some doubts about A&Ms ability to run the ball after Saturday's matchup.
If I were a Top 5 SEC (West) team going up a PAC12 team favored by 17.5 and it took a blown coverage with 2+ minutes to play to barely win, I wouldn't be so happy. We all know, had A&M lost, you along with every other person in College Station, would be calling for Jimbo's resignation.
And this is what a 5th ranked team looks like? Texas A&M season looks like it's headed for a 8-4 finish. A Bowl game rematch would be fitting for revenge.
We will beat A&M and send a message to the rest of the PAC12. If that happens, the SEC West will have a difficult time lobbying for a high-end Bowl game.
I'm a PAC12 fan and the only reason UCLA would want Alabama is for press exposure. The PAC12 has been as irrelevant as a 99yd KO return for a TD in a game when the score is 49-0 with 3mins to play. Seems as though one of the quickest ways to get your team recognized these days is by shouting out a pure superior opponent. UCLA has to worry about us first.
4 Pods, keep each rivalry school together and rotate the rest. Not sure though if say Texas would be open to scheduling Alabama, LSU, Auburn and then playing Oklahoma at the end of the year. Yeah, it looks great for TV, but you're essentially disqualifying yourself from the playoffs just by scheduling alone.
He does at times, along with other Blacks, feel as though they can make comments like that and it be considered "ok." I agree with everything you just said and honestly, whoever makes comments like that, should be called out on it.
I doubt Pippen is racist considering he's married to a white woman
I wonder do players run gassers at the end of practice if they mention SEC Championship or National Title? Asking for a friend.
Assuming he signs with Ohio State, it would be fitting the Buckeyes meet Alabama in the CFPNC and this young man makes the National Championship game winning sack.
With Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and maybe Oklahoma all but certain to reach the playoff, I highly doubt, they would make a fuss about playing at home. They're more focussed on the ultimate prize.
Good to see the NCAA work with teams that chose to work through the pandemic. Hopefully there will be packed stadiums in the Fall.
It is hard to believe that any award given this year would hold any merit based on what has transpired all year long. Too many what ifs and supposeds. Who's to say, and I'm a Mac Jones fan, that he didn't throw 4ints
Congrats D.S. Glad to see Mac Jones having the year he is having. Only thing I feel bad for is, he doesn't have 100+ fans in the stands to watch him.