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Colorado Buff fan to heart, but I love watching The SEC

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Kirby...they did it in 1921. They did it from the 1940s till the 60s. Are you now ignoring facts that whites went around looting black neighborhoods? Are you now denying the massacre that took place in Tulsa Oklahoma? Convenient for you to make such a statement. What America is afraid of is; blacks doing to whites what the whites did to them. You're terrified. White America has embarrased us a whole around the globe. A total embarassment!
How can you pay for my entitlements when White People are the majority beneficiaries of Government Assistance? You said you make more money than I do..Claim you're smarter than I am.. Then please give me the fact of how you're tired of giving me handouts? OHHHH I know... If the Whites only get 35% of the pie and the Blacks get 25%. If you eliminate the Black's 25%, then the White's percentage would increase. So when that jack@$$ convinces you that illegal aliens and Blacks are the problem, it's because of that group, your cousins can't reap the full benefits. I get it..Y'all want all the Government Assistance for yourselves. I get it...Lmao.. You disgust me!
Sounds like the same thing your cousins did in 1921 in Tulsa Oklahoma..Sounds like the same thing your cousins did frequently when they finished drinking moonshine and went to terrorize black folks in the middle of the night. I mean you can easily google when and who started the looting and rioting. It's in your face to see, taste and swallow. Don't get mad now because you, Billy and Jake can't be openly racist anymore... What about that kid that murdered 9 ppl attending church and the cops took him to burger king before he went to jail?? I don't a black man would've went for fries and milkshake after murdering 9 white people..ESPECIALLY while they're in church!! Oh my God..Let that happen......
At least I'm man enough to troll you in the open and claim my squad..You??
Germans: We didn't know! MAGA: we didn't know! Have you convinced Grandma and Auntie to go work in the diner bussing tables so your disgusting person of a so-called President can win the election? Side note..You probably watched Fox News and saw where the idiot said 4.8 Million jobs were created..America is "roaring back under the MAGA agenda! Not realizing the smart people over here know, people that were unemployed simply didn't claim Unemployment benefits and went back to their jobs. So yes, it'll look like 4.8 Million Americans are at work.. Don't be so easily gaslit my friend..But you make more money.. Lol..I'd probably run your company if all of you are Trump supporters...
I don't need to check my grammar when speaking to am ignorant individual. Check your racist president. He opened the gates for you, Jim, Billy, Sally and Josh.. You should get a twitter account and check him.. If you want to hold anyone to perfection, hold your familiar face to it. That guy that sold out American Troops! That Flag that Kaep knelt for? Why is it ok for your rancid, racist, orange faced, child molesting, child cancer charity robbing ass (just to name a few) to get a pass? Will you or your friends be apart of the 4th of July "Take Back America" movement? You support a (less than) man, that doesn't give 2 $hits about you. Lmao.. Effrheleft...Yeah ok.. As the Germans said when Hitler was exposed..."We didn't know!" It has to suck when your own race is turning on you!
It has been proven, they report "Chicagoland" in order for you to spin your narrative, but unless there is someone, somewhere capturing video footage of modern day lynching, you are allowed to carry on with your nonsense. If I'm correct, one of the police officers that took place in George Floyd's lynching is out on bail and was filmed by a teenager that recognized him (walking freely, shopping at a Walmart) with his family as if it were just another day in the neighborhood..There is a priviledge that is associated with that...Those days are over!!!
Famous Right wing statement.."Get over it." History doesn't need to be rewritten, it needs to be told as it was, not with y'all alternative facts spin on it.
Obama didn't allow Russia to place bounties on American Troops.. #bountygate
So much for UF and FSU fans believinf their is a hatred. Seems like UF and FSU have alot in common...
I said it before and I will say it again...The SEC will be the defacto why the 2020 CF season will not be played. Why? I don't want Connor and SDS to shut down the comments...
New York City doesn't know or care about Tebow. It's a whole nother animal up here.
My message to PF.."lay off the sauce!"
With Franks, maybe and I say maybe, Arkansas wins 5games at most. Is it an upgrade? Sure is..Being in the SEC/W, it wouldn't matter if Tom Brady was under center.
So the NCAA is actually going to penalize an institution when they (NCAA) is ok with kids signing waivers (if they contract Covid-19) to play? I believe, the Power5 needs to break away and form their own league.. Yes SEC Land, I'm disgusted with you all.
I can't think of any other True Freshman QB that has beaten Alabama. I'll give The Tide the understanding that Tua wasn't under center..But their defense still had to stop Auburn from putting up nearly 50pts..
See this is where I'm not going to respond to your comment "I'm stupid." No where did I say Alabama lost to two freshman qbs in "The Same Season! Go back and read what I wrote. And since (and I will give you this much credit, your football knowledge with your thumbs seem to be knowledgeable). I CLEARLY SAID SABAN HAS NEVER LOST TO TWO FRESHMAN QBs! Question? When was the last time a Nick Saban led team lost to a Freshman QB? Like it or not, Auburn is my pick to win the West? Alabama won't matter "if" they get past LSU and Texas A&M. Face it my guy, Alabama will be the spoiler in the 2020 Iron Bowl..
At this point, it's all love.. Honestly, I'll be the first to admit, I was dead @$$ wrong for bringing my personal feelings into a blog site in which I chose to join just to get away from this BS in reality. Seriously...I'll leave the BS out of it going forward.. I wanna discuss why Auburn will win the SEC/W, SECCG and be seeded 3rs or 4th in the CFP. Seriously, it's no secret you, I and plenty others have a difference of opinion with day to day situations. We agree to disagree.. Let's leave it at that. Can we? But what school do you root for? Inquiring minds, like mine, want to know! You sound like an Arkansas Razorback..Why I chose them? Well cause like them, you talk a good game throughout the first quarter. From the second till the final whistle blows, you're nonexistent
Why? Because they did..Trevor was a freshman and so was Bo..That adds pressure to the guys (which I'm hoping y'all beat again handedly). Be happy I'm for LSU this season..
The beating he took, the completion of an entire SEC schedule as a freshman and yes, beating Alabama in the biggest game of his football career, will without a doubt produce a better sophomore campaign. He doesn't have to be elite. All he has to do is manage the game slightly better and limit the mistakes. No1 can question his toughness. Neither can they question his heart. Only questions, I see being asked are; Can he win multiple big games? Can he produce comebacks on the last drive in games he's struggled and how many redzone turnovers will he have? Auburn is my pick for the SEC West and if they get past LSU & A&M, I have them making the CFP. Sorry Alabama, but I can't remember a Saban team that lost to 2 freshman qbs. With that being said, I believe Alabama will be the spoiler for Auburn going to Atlanta and not the other way around.
Let's call a truce. Since your president is about to be brought up on Treason charges, now would be a good time to mend things...Lol
You're so angry that you couldn't star in "A Time To Kill" it's hilarious.I just wish you could talk sports..Who's squad Rashneck? Probably Mississippi. My salary SON, is nowhere near your comprehension. Where I live, you have to make 6 figures to live the life I live. Where I live..You Billie Ray, Johnny Tom and Susan Rae have to save up just for a weekend. See Billy, once you start cursing, I know you need dental work or don't close your shutter door to your mobile outhouse..Like I said, you can red herring all you want, your Grand Wizard is up for Treason. Too bad ole Freddie isn't here to defend him. But you carry on (right fist up). You will be forced to earn your welfare handouts from me soon "Sir." Fox News did a segment on Socialism in America..Guess who gets the majority of it? Yeap!! Billie Joe, Darren, Ken, Jim Bob, Karen Anne, Becky Sue, Jane, Sarah and let's not forget Ashley Lynn.. All mooching off my hard earned dollars. SMH, was just reading how England schools skip over British History. Boy I know you can't stand this fact.."WHITE SUPREMECY IS OVER!" All the world needs is for your ignorant @$$ to 2 things...:1) Accept it's over and 2) Believe fact #1!
The worst criminal right now on earth just got caught (again). To sum up what you said..there will be an equvilancy of the lives lost. That's why you and your toothless cousins are screaming "ALL LIVES MATTER!" It's because of hidden racism, like yours, why America won't be great! Know how it will? When cowards like you say how you really feel when you're not with your welfare savages. Your White Supremecy days are over SON! Those times are gone. Your Massa Donald Trump can't carry on his father's legacy. Just think, that jack@$$ in office..his own wife doesn't want to be with him..His son..The hate that you have, you're entitled to it (sucks to be you). That trailor park you live in, I'm quite sure my tax dollars ensures you and your rashnecks appreciate it. Imagine you being fed by a Black Man? Oh Lawd..How many crosses will get torched behind that? Lastly...This is how I can tell, not only are you a fool, but also ignorant....Go and Google who lives off of who? Young man..You live off of me..You, your cousin (who you sleep with at barbeques), you uncle (the one that wears the overalls with no draws underneath, your aunt (who your uncle beats because he lost his check gambling betting on chicken races..Or even your dad, who beats your mom because she didnt have his whiskey on the table when he came home. My state ALLOWS YOU BOY to go to that idiot's KKK rallies. Bet you your wife (if it isn't your cousin) probably dreams about what it's like. That's what you hate the most. I would feel some type of way also knowing that. Inferior you will forever be SON!
The reason why this virus will stay active is because we ALL did not come together and bite the bullet today for a better outcome tomorrow. We aren't used to that and it's showing. We will probably be the only nation that is still dealing with this virus. We as Americans are selfish (as we are allowed to be, the greatest nation on earth). However, we didn't (as a 50 state nation) do what was needed when it called for it. Now we have sections of the US causing the rest of the land to suffer setbacks. This is what they meant when they said, there will be a second wave. Now coupled with the seasonal flu, the Fall doesn't look so good. If the virus has to leave any conference alone...Leave the PAC12 alone...You guys here in south can deal with it the best way you can (Pure sarcasm). Sigh.. I'm gonna miss College Football this Fall...