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These new-aged players want on the field immediately. No 4-5 star will accept sitting 2-3yrs before they see the field. Has nothing to do with lights
If LSU loses by a fg or less than a touchdown, they'll make the playoff (granted they finish 11-1)..If they lose by 10 or more, they can hang it up.
I agree. They're in the same situation FSU was in years ago..LSU, Oklahoma and maybe just maybe Oklahoma could finish the season with 1 loss and they would still stiff arm Clemson away from a CFP spot.
When they play Alabama (granted they're #2 still) should they lose a close one, they'll only drop 2-3 spots and still be in contention for a CFP spot. If they're #1 and lose (regardless close or not) and Ohio State, Clemson and Oklahoma win out, they will fall to at least 6th and be left out. A #2 LSU (11-1 with the loss coming from a 3-4pt loss to the #1 team) will guarantee a better look when deciding against a 12-0 Clemson. If there are 2 (11-1) teams (LSU & Oklahoma), Clemson might still get left out.
That good ol' cliché...You are free to make any choice you want..But you are not free to escape the consequences of your choice!
One thing that bothered me was even though there was no way in hell JG would've caught the defender, but dude could've made it look good by chasing him (even 30-40yds behind). That's the part that ticked me off no effort after the mistake. Bet you next UT turnover, the ENTIRE team will make an effort (as they should and are coached to do anyway).
I don't have a problem with the incident. As a former player, I get it, was an heat of the moment reaction. However, as a former player I do have a problem with the incident. How many times have coaches called a HORRIBLE play that cost the team the game? How many times have players been benched for showing their frustration towards the coaches "in the heat of the moment?" I played during the late 80's early 90's and this was perfectly fine. However, Coach Pruitt needs to understand, players can no longer tackle the same way due to "targeting" rules. The game is completely different nowadays and that extends to how coaches show frustration to their players as well. Hopefully this will turn The Vols into a different team.
College Football usually has a way of working these sorts of issues out. Mizzou just happened to run into a good "2019" Wyoming team.. If the Cowboys can manage finishing 10-2 with a Conference Championship and Mizzou somehow manages to make the SECCG, that loss early, will make sense. I would hate to read the comments should the same Tiger team, that lost early to Wyoming beat Georgia.
With Florida, LSU, Georgia and Alabama remaining on their schedule, I believe it's waaaaaaay to early to speak of becoming CFP-NC.
Take the first 3 quarters of this game, add on the next 4 of the next game and that will sum up the remainder of the Hogs season. Side note: Games like this is why the SEC West shouldn't carry "The Best conference is the SEC West" banner any longer.
Maybe I'm lost a bit.. Every year we always see the "Greater Power5 Schools" play basically scrimmage games on the same day.. Since these schedules are done in advance (years).. Why can't Alabama look at their 2026-7 schedule (non-conference games) and i.e; Ohio State look at their non-conference games and remove the scrimmage and set a date?
I believe the whisper for Pruitt to be gone is beginning....They struggle or lose to Chattanooga and then get blown out by Florida and Georgia..Coach is History!!!
So A&M could lose twice with that schedule and still make the CFP?? That happens, the field will go to 8 within 4-5 years.
So I guess; 1) We'll soon see a tweet from him expressing his dislike of his situation. 2) Him on the sideline rolling his eyes and pouting with his hands crossed instead of cheering on his teammates..Then 3) He'll transfer because he cannot accept the consequences of his choices.. Confusious says, "he'll transfer 3 times before his eligibility ends...
Best story in College Football! Hope this kid makes the Espy's!! Classy move UT!!
Pass him the roll of kleenex
Sarcasm a tad bit. However when forced to scramble, you'd want your best passrushers in his face not trailing from behind. Unless you have an equal amount of talent across your front 7, then no need. If you coached, as I've played QB (lefty) and DB, then I'm sure you adjusted your defense based on film. Your RE, now plays LE..and so on.
It's hard for a 20yr old kid to perform as he did when he was 18 & 19 especially when you have a: DE, LB and playside DB assigned to you all game. What people forget is Tua is a Southpaw..It changes your defense completely. Also.. Jalen played against different defenders than Tua did.. Yes they may have played against the same team and maybe even the same players but Tua had the advantage of being a kickstart as well as a lefty
Dilemma..Who is better Tua or Jalen? Solution: Alabama 14-0 vs Oklahoma 14-0..
Bet you all the other mascots have contemplated doing that!
I believe that may just happen and what better way for Jalen to end his college career than ripping Bama's defense to shreds and by way of chance, scoring the game's winning touchdown.
I think the SEC East has already had a Divisional Meeting where they have all agreed to play the spoiler team for the remainder of the season..
If Tennessee loses to BYU, Coach Pruitt will be forced to resign immediately!
If Utah State manages a win against LSU, this will surely damage the SEC in more ways than one. First, the loss itself will carry a huge impact on how people already believe the SEC West is no longer the Best Division/Conference in College Football. Second, LSU will have to convince themselves that they are worthy of a CFP birth even if they somehow (belches) win the SEC.. Third, they would NEVER schedule a team from the MWC (or wherever USU is from) again.