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I've read some pretty good stories from winning teams before. I've seen some players make changes for the betterment of themselves..When I read Coach O say " the players started work on Jan 17th. This is a player driven program! The players decided to go to class instead of partying. They collectively decided that having class (attitude) was cool." In addition to other minute factors that don't show up during practice and on game day, it really made me smile for these guys. Imagining each program adopting this attitude? The landacape of College Football would probably change dramatically. Coach O had a special team.. I'm no fan of labeling a team as "The Best Team Ever", but I will say looking back on LSU's entire season, it all makes sense now. Congrats again LSU!
Be prepared for added QB protection rules to invade the NFL again next season; If a QB has been injured previously, the defensive player can and must only tap the QB and not tackle them if they are within the tackles..
Reasons why any NFL Team that drafts him, will have a franchise player for a very long time.
Can someone just use the word "Projected Top 10/20/25" instead of "Way too early." Jeesh..
Lol...Ban him after he probably paid about $2g's just to stand on the sideline..
The only problem with the rules are a player, as long as he/she is a student athelete, cannot accept ANYTHING of value from anyone. Ed O'Bannon brought this to light. I'm FULLY against the players receiving a salary when they have everything infront of them. I'm just against this possibly being INVESTIGATED by those that cashed a healthy bonus check on the backs of young men that just placed their institution on top of the collegiate world of sports.
My question is what will happen to the BEST college football intro theme music?
Arguing this nonsense is worthless at this point.
This is when depression begins to set in....
Pefect answer: "I'm not a student athlete anymore." Nothing the NCAA can do. I'm against paying players, however, it's a slap in the NCAA faces that a regular person gave his personal cash to players for winning a title. I betcha somewhere written in everyone's contract stated: If you win the CFPNC, you will receive a "nice 5 figure BONUS!" So Joey B and others getting maybe $2-300 shouldn't raise an issue.
I'm happy for everyone on that team. Wish you all the best.
Those are video game like numbers...
Just think...Coach Sweneyhas to now recruit/coach/play his season based off of 2 teams in all of the U.S. of A. Not a good look next season NCAA football...Mercy score?? Done! Trevor Lawrence checking down receivers?? Negated.. I can see Clemson being penalized every game (if there is such a thing) for running up the score on everyone..
Publicity purposes?? LSU deserves everything..15-0 coming from the SEC/W is something to be proud of
15-0 from the (cough cough) SEC WEST?? Well deserved..Congrats LSU.
Most important thing I saw was a bunch of Kids believed in themselves till the very end. Congrats LSU!
Schedule My Buffs to prove you're real!!!!!! Congrats LSU....Well deserved ending!
This is The Bayou Bengals Year! Congrats Louisiana State University...!
Still think LSU would've had an issue with my Buffs! Congrats to The Bayou Nation before I pass out!
At this point, it's whether LSU decides to hang 70 on Clemson, or do they run the ball for 3 downs and punt.
He's gaslighting! Clemson has never had to play against a team inside a dome where at least 65% will be against them for the entire game. S.A.knows that..
Burrow has completed 76% of all his passes this year. I believe he has thrown the ball close to an avg of 30 times.. As a basketball player with an 89% freethrow shooting average is almost guaranteed in the clutch, I don't see Clemson being able to put that much pressure on him to break that 14 game avg. Clemson gets pressure, shotgun/5yd slants/WR Bubble screens turning into massive gains. Clemson backs off the pressure, Burrow sits in the pocket and plays frisbie with his receivers. I wouldn't be surprised to see a stat of: 27-33 350yds/4TDs/1INT