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Colorado Buff fan to heart, but I love watching The SEC

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Because A&M doesn't deserve to be ranked that high. To have Tennessee that far behind them is pure nonsense. If you can tell me when has A&M shown they belong in the top 11? Maybe if they played cupcakes their first three games maybe. But a full blown SEC schedule? Nah.. Before Oregon, Washington and USC take the field, they'll be automatically better than the bottom half of the top 25. The SEC is benefitting from this madness. Any rationale person wouldn't entertain this top 25 talk.. Bet you if the SEC opted out, you guys would be screaming, "No way is Purdue, Ariz St etc bettter than even Kentucky!!"
You do realize OSU is better than: Georgia, LSU, Florida, Auburn and Texas A&M right? I would argue, Penn State is better than A&M.. To complete my argument, I'd say even though the PAC XII isn't playing, Oregon and Washington is better than Texas A&M. Summary, your conference should enjoy a season filled with asterisks.
This is beyond absurd! So let me see if I'm not on some type of mind altering substance....Not having live mascots on the field coincides with this pandemic? So all the other birds and animals that continue to roam the earth are what? Not as important as a school's mascot. I will never agree with the Right, but nonsense like this makes it very difficult to support decisions being made.. Pure Bull! Well I'm glad Ralphie, the #1 mascot in all of college football is retired and she's grazing somewhere on a plain with fresh air..
His second shot is and will always be more than your first shot. Quit hating. BTW, how is your "elite" qb Jake Fromm doing?
The only thing Arkansas will have this season is to say, they were beaten by every SEC team on their schedule and not a mid-tier G5 school.
He drove his team down the field in the crunch. Put his team in a position to the lead. Threw a perfect ball to Green (who was called on a questionable interference call). Kicker misses tying FG. Yes the mistake (rookie) was a "WTFAYD?!?!" Not sure what else can be asked from a rookie qb..
Every stat, ranking, award etc associated with the 2020 season should have an asterik next to it.
He will learn IMMEDIATELY from that mistake. I'm certain he realized he wasn't playing against Miss St, Vandy or even TAMU...I'm willing to bet your house, he nevee makes that mistake again.
Smh..JB is shaping up to be something, we haven't seen a while..
If JB is shaping up to being sonething we haven't seen in a while..NFL Rookie of the year is his to lose.
Exactly!! Costal needs to be ranked "based off the body of work they did and NOT, well if Ohio State, Penn State, USC, Washington and or Colorado played...."This entire season is a wash..
Kansas will be projected in the G5 or even the FCS as "what P5 school, can we schedule, play, win and get a check?!" I just dislike Coach LES' name being attached to it (head in palm of hand)
Although CC played well throughout the game, I believe the G5 schools or underdogs period pose a greater chance of upsetting P5 or the favorite when they play on the road this season. Without the home crowd screaming and making it uncomfortable, we will see plenty of away teams winning games they may not have under normal circumstances.
Can't stress my agreeance anymore..This seasom, the players have sort of a "pass". But we're talking about 19-20yr olds.. If it continues, I forsee the NCAA "tweaking" the National Letter of Intent. I'm all for the players, BUT because there is a free educational ride included, a line in the sand has to be drawn at some point.
I believe it's due to the strength and size of the players. There is a major difference between a 19yr old that goes to class, studies, hits the weight room for a few hours and watch film (extra on their spare time), vs a NFL player that all he has to do is watch film all day and work out. You will find a few college kids that are NFL ready after their Frosh yr, but that would set a dangerous precedent for the ones that aren't physically ready. The NFL made the right decision by declining then Maurice Clarette's challenge. That decision more than likely saved a slew of players afterwards.. But then it comes down to the position.. Should a Punter or PK have to wait 3yrs vs an interior lineman, WR or RB? It's a murky debate, but I think the 3yrs removed from prep school is the right way (as of now)
100% times 10 agree with everything you said! What stood out the most is, why have someone suit up and play if their heart isn't in it 100%, give someone else behind you a chance. Chase was already and will still be a top 15 overall pick. Although opting out may seem selfish, but players like him, didn't ask for this Covid crap to destroy the 2020 season. I just hope he stays in premier football shape.
Well since we're being honest, a 17yr old walking around with an assault rifle that later shot and killed 2ppl deserves praise and is given a bottle of water for being a patriot is perfectly fine right? Or a man that's handcuffed sitting on the ground and has a hood placed over his head and suffocates to death while everyone stands around saying to themselves.."so this is how it was done in the 50's and 60's", is ok also. Since we're being honest..
mudragon.."Some People" would prefer not to constantly have to read where "Another" unarmed human being was shot in the back. Takes a real man (which I hope you are) to know you don't shoot anyone in the back..But I'll wait for the but..but..but.."Some People" will call you a coward. If you don't think there's anything wrong with that, then "Some People" will draw the conclusion, you hit women when you're drunk...or worst...Sober!
I could care less Becky.. You just keep admiring that conman and hooker that's in the white house. This'll be my last response to you. I'm sure you wish you call the police.."911 state your emergency." I feel my life is threatened. Some guy called me Becky..Please send someone quick..Hurry please!" Go sit down.
Confirms my point, LilMissBecky "some people" choose not to riot. I'm certain you've attended a few Klan rallies within the past year or so. But Mudragon, partially of what you said, I can agree with. Cities that were once a decent, wouldn't reach and say great, have done an about face. Coach should project a positive outlook on the state of Mississippi. I'm not a fan of "let's forget what happened and move on." Until there is a mutual understanding across the board, everyone will be stagnated. And reason why there will never be progress made, is because people like LilMissBecky. Then as soon she feels her life is treatened, she grabs her cellphone and calls the police. Typical Blonde haired Blue Eyed move.
"Some People" would NOT tell Coach to tell his players that. Mississippi has a dark history in this country. "Some People" have tried to move beyond those horrific years/decades. But "Some People" would rather take this country back to those days. The South is by far, well second to the Great Pacific Northwest, a stellar place to live. People don't chose to retire in the south for no reason. It's tradition, hospitality, grace, peace of mind, fresh air, serenity etc all the south has to offer. But do understand, when "SOME PEOPLE" chose to live in today's world, they wish not to be reminded of what the South once was?
I wish someone would explain, how Bowls are going to played? Having a ranking is complete nonsense. Why? You'll have a bunch of idiots from Texas Tech or Arkansas, swearing before Holy God, they were better than Oregon, USC and heck, even Colorado if somehow at the end of the season they receive votes..
Do you know how ridiculous you sound? Living with it, is one thing, defeating a virus by way of how? How is going to happen? Oh, I know.. By saying it will go away..No time frame, just a gaslighting statement. So hypothetically in 2-3 years, when there aren't any more cases or outbreaks, you can then run back to your, "You see, I told you, we'd defeat it!" Back to football..The SEC will get 4-5 games in and then be forced to cancel their season. You guys trying to prove something are doing nothing but setting yourselves up for a national embarrassment. But I will be a happy camper those 4-5 weeks watching college football!!
Using the old "I'm more likely to die in a car crash than by (inserted arguement)", doesn't negate the facts. Using Alternative Facts to promote your case, does't remove them. I do agree to some extent this shutdown of almost everything is reaching frustration points, but we're where we are because of the lack of patience.