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Colorado Buff fan to heart, but I love watching The SEC

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Good to see the NCAA work with teams that chose to work through the pandemic. Hopefully there will be packed stadiums in the Fall.
It is hard to believe that any award given this year would hold any merit based on what has transpired all year long. Too many what ifs and supposeds. Who's to say, and I'm a Mac Jones fan, that he didn't throw 4ints
Congrats D.S. Glad to see Mac Jones having the year he is having. Only thing I feel bad for is, he doesn't have 100+ fans in the stands to watch him.
It's not at all that bad. No one on earth expected LSU to come close to what they did last year. We won't see a run like that for a decade at least.
It's that daggone cat he brought with him to Baton Rouge.. Only one cat belongs and that's Mike! BTW..LS Who?
I find it disgusting that anyone would ever assume Coach Saban doesn't care about his players. The comment was more fatherly than coach. Tough injury. Hope he recovers. Side note: Everyone who spoke negatively about coach, just gave Alabama a reason to play angry. I wouldn't be surprised if they ran up the score on every opponent left on their schedule.
Clemson and South Carolina should swap Conferences.
I think it's the opening SEC on CBS theme song that gets him going. I miss Verne though (sighs)
This entire season should have an asterisk next to it. Unlike the professional venues, college stadiums create a different type of energy. Kids seem to play harder when 80-90k fans are on their side. The adrenaline level increases. This year is simply a Spring Ball full contact scrimmage on steroids. An elevated practice that actually counts.
So now SEC refs allows a QB to fumble twice? I picked Auburn to win the West. Clearly, I was wrong. I trashed Arkansas based on previous seasons. The Hogs were robbed on this one. I hope they mentally recover.
Somewhere in my list of comments I clearly stated Auburn needs to beat either LSU or A&M to win the West. After watching LSU today, it will come down to A&M. LSwho is staring at a 6-4 season! Great game State!!
I've bashed the Hogs consistently.. They're showing flashbacks of the late 90's early 2000's against Georgia. I can only assume, playing an all SEC schedule can only bring out the best in you right from the get-go.
This all SEC schedule will expose a few teams.
With no home field advantage, every visiting team will have an advantage. But losing by 20 in an empty stadium is something to worry about. An all SEC schedule is going to expose a few teams..Ole Miss was the 1st.
As I said all along..Nix and Auburn has the SEC-W to lose. Every hurry, knockdown and sack from last year, will translate into a phenomenal season. Auburn 10-0 if Nix stays healthy.
Because A&M doesn't deserve to be ranked that high. To have Tennessee that far behind them is pure nonsense. If you can tell me when has A&M shown they belong in the top 11? Maybe if they played cupcakes their first three games maybe. But a full blown SEC schedule? Nah.. Before Oregon, Washington and USC take the field, they'll be automatically better than the bottom half of the top 25. The SEC is benefitting from this madness. Any rationale person wouldn't entertain this top 25 talk.. Bet you if the SEC opted out, you guys would be screaming, "No way is Purdue, Ariz St etc bettter than even Kentucky!!"
You do realize OSU is better than: Georgia, LSU, Florida, Auburn and Texas A&M right? I would argue, Penn State is better than A&M.. To complete my argument, I'd say even though the PAC XII isn't playing, Oregon and Washington is better than Texas A&M. Summary, your conference should enjoy a season filled with asterisks.
This is beyond absurd! So let me see if I'm not on some type of mind altering substance....Not having live mascots on the field coincides with this pandemic? So all the other birds and animals that continue to roam the earth are what? Not as important as a school's mascot. I will never agree with the Right, but nonsense like this makes it very difficult to support decisions being made.. Pure Bull! Well I'm glad Ralphie, the #1 mascot in all of college football is retired and she's grazing somewhere on a plain with fresh air..
His second shot is and will always be more than your first shot. Quit hating. BTW, how is your "elite" qb Jake Fromm doing?
The only thing Arkansas will have this season is to say, they were beaten by every SEC team on their schedule and not a mid-tier G5 school.
He drove his team down the field in the crunch. Put his team in a position to the lead. Threw a perfect ball to Green (who was called on a questionable interference call). Kicker misses tying FG. Yes the mistake (rookie) was a "WTFAYD?!?!" Not sure what else can be asked from a rookie qb..
Every stat, ranking, award etc associated with the 2020 season should have an asterik next to it.