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Colorado Buff fan to heart, but I love watching The SEC

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These kids do not understand the value of an eduaction to have as a backup should things don't go as planned with professional sports Athletes should be required to at least gain an Associates Degree before they leave for professional sports.
Probably pointed a pen at her and said, "I'll file for divorce!" Knowing how the media loves to use catch phrasing headlines..
Since players are being paid now, they should be required to play 4 yrs as supposed of 3
I can only wonder how it must feel for Burrow and Chase to be living the dream of being successful on the same team in college and in the Pros. Hats off to both of them. I'm hoping Cincy finds a way to make it to the Super Bowl.
I almost agree. Gameplan was probably play hard enough to win but safe enough to not get injured.
So a projected high draft pick getting hurt in a semi final cfp game is better than them being injured in another named bowl game? I didn't know they'd increase their value from playing in a different bowl game.
Nope! And if they get caught having an agent, they'll be sitting out that game for certain.
Great season. Congrats to Coach Pittman. Winning 9 games is a remarkable feat, as mentioned, in any conference. However, I believe they'll need to win 8+ games a few years consecutively and maybe close the gap between them and Alabama and maybe pull off an upset along the way before they garner any true respect from SEC West teams.
Sir...Even though the game was in Atlanta, Alabama is more familiar with that venue than Georgia is. They've played there and won how many times to Georgia? Yeah Georgia had more fans, but who won? And how many times have they won? Before you mention embarassing oneself, I suggest you dig deep and understand the meaning of even though the visiting team isn't playing at home, it is almost like a home game for them when they constantly win there. Does that claify things better McFly?
You have to be favored. Georgia has been the best team all season long. Just because they lost to Alabama, doesn't mean they still aren't the best team (as ridiculous as that sounds). Alabama had that "Any Given Saturday" game. When they played in Atlanta, it was moreso a home game for Alabama in the sense, they'd played in that game/venue so many times already. I believe this will be the first time either team will have played in Indiana. I think in a true nuetral site, Georgia may hold a FG advantage.
10 wins (including bowl win over a good B1G team), I'd say is a very successful season. Congrats on good season WCats..
If the players don't want to play in meaningless bowl games at the end of the season, then they should perform and win during the regular season. They are given 12 games to win. It isn't the sponsors of these bowl games to have to take a team that went 6-6 during the regular season, give them free gifts on top of their already bowl stipens. It's an entitlement era that needs to be put in check very soon. If that's the case, then we should go back to when it was maybe say 15 bowl games plus the Orange, Rose, Fiesta and Sugar. Only having teams with 8-9 wins be rewarded.. Then watch the crybabies complain.
I find it rather strange that people complain about Alabama and Georgia or any other SEC team competing for the title when 13 teams have a shot or had an opportunity to avoid that from happening but failed to do so. If Alabama goes 12-0, ppl complain.. If they lose a game, their dynasty is over... Which one is it?
Does anyone actually believe those players from Athens would say, "yeah, let's get blown out by Alabama so our conference can have 2 teams in! Let's get embarrassed in the one hyped game that everyone in the sports world expects us to not only win, but win in dominant fashion. You guys need serious mental therapy
Hopefully Saban will return college football to when players didn't bolt after their Frosh/Soph seasons if they don't playing time.
This game has a smell of Georgia running out to a 31/35-0 lead and from there, does Coach Kirby decide to lay the lumber and run up the score or show respect? I think Georgia goes for the blowout.
The more I think about it, Georgia's defense may have Bryce Young looking like a deer staring into headlights once they begin to put pressure on him. Yes he has lasted (beaten once) in some tough games, but this will be his toughest test.
They will do any and everything possible to keep Alabama in the CFP.
I am no Alabama fan nor a Georgia fan, but I think Kirby will not let up off the gas. I smell a complete dismantling of Alabama. The line may be Georgia -6/7 but the emd result will be at least a 20+ margin.
After 10games, you still need answers about your team?
I was noticing no previous criminal history, tickets, domestic violence charges, what he did back in the 3rd grade, how connected he is to the community...I know he's white.
Paul...If Alabama wins out and defeats Georgia in Atlanta, Iowa loses the Big10 CG and Oklahoma stumbles, Alabama has to get in. Imagine a #5 team beating the #1 head to head and not being apart of the CFP? It'll never happen and especially if that #5 team is Alabama.
This column is gaslighting at it's best. There hasn't been a top 20 team Alabama has faced after a loss. How would those stats look if Alabama had to play Georgia/Florida or even Kentucky after each loss? Smh..C'mon SDS, you could've done better to pull the sheep over our eyes.
Agreed. Every dropped ball critically changed the dynamics of the next play. Especially when a sure TD is dropped.
I say Alabama and Georgia lobby to swap opponents and play eachother so then conversation can be over with.
A good segment of the show will be selling the decision for Texas and OU to be moving to the SEC
When offensive players begin getting called for lowering their helmet and planting it directly in the chest of a defender only then will this rule be ammended. Bad call on every level.