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Colorado Buff fan to heart, but I love watching The SEC

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Imagine the amount of liquor consumed should LSU, Clemson and Ohio State lose?
Fromm will manage this game from beginning to end. That loss to Alabama taught everyone that plays between the Hedges a valuable lesson. Georgia -24 LSU - 21
I should've used "bragging rights" instead. These rivalry games are sometimes based off of one game..MSU/Ol Miss could enter the game at 0-11 and the winner would feel as if their season was a success with a win. To say #8 loss the game that required a 35yd PAT that missed is the same as saying the team drove all the way down field and stalled at the 18yd line, FG team comes onto the field with :02 left after a timeout and misses the game winning FG..It's the Offense's fault for not scoring a TD.. He had gone 7-9 from that range. Again had that been a scoring drive and MSU got flagged and moved back 15 putting them at the brink of his limits/range and missed, then yes costly penalty..35yds in college these days are chip shots.
Had that been a 2pt conversion to win the game, it would've made better sense..Oh well
If LSU beats Georgia, Bama beats Auburn and Alabama moves up to #4 and knocks Georgia out of the Playoff, it's time to bring back the BCS!
If LSU wins and Alabama somehow manages to beat the brakes off Auburn (with the backup QB), that will strengthen Alabama's arguement, that they're worthy of the #4 spot. Every area is on blast for Alabama now to show and prove that, yes with Tua, they were a good team but even without him, their Offense is just as good maybe a tad less potent. LSU was the better team. Ohio State and Clemsom (Maybe) are better, but beating Auburn with the Backup will look better than 11-1 Oklahoma that lost to K-State. Should Utah struggle with my Buffs, an Auburn win with the backup will look better than Utah's win (hopefully not). What will destroy this entire Playoff is if Georgia beats LSU. That would give LSU the rematch. LSU is in no matter the outcome of their CCG. I'm pulling for the Dawgs to win only to expose the Committee's favoritism of Alabama.
Had the penalty been enforced on the kickoff, Logan would have probably made the kick. Great coaching decision to make him stare at those yellow poles from 35yds out instead of 20.
I kinda disagree with the author saying it was a bonehead play after the score. Extra celebrations are common and given the magnitude of the game and to potentially tie the game with :04 left would, I'm sure, send any college kid playing into space. Logan has gone 7-9 this year in kicks between 30-39yds. That was a kick that he just missed. Helluva game. The Egg Bowl now can add their own version of "Wide Right" to this rivalry.
You really meant anyone but Clemson from the ACC wouldn't win 6-7 games after joining the SEC..Now I see why they're recalling certain phones..
I agree..Clemson would result in the same way Miami did when they left the Big East and joined the ACC.. Clemson would probably have a 1-2 years on top then would avg 8-9 wins every season afterwards.. Trade Clemson for Vandy!!!
Rumor has it SC is currently practicing with 12 players on Offense and Defense so by time kickoff, that illegal substitution penalty can be argued.."We'been practicing with 12 players all week!"
I think it's safe to assume LSU will not only be proving they're deserving of the #1 spot/ranking come the CFP..I think it will also include a personal vendetta against Clemson and or Ohio State for the SEC..
I hope Georgia remembers the final minutes of this game. Mr Swift may have just solved Georgia's riddle to "How can we win a National Championship?"
Number 4 Georgia held on to beat an SEC West team with a winning record (whos losses all came to top 8 opponents this season) vs #5 Alabama that beat the brakes off an FCS Opponent (that happens to be the bottom feeder in the FCS ranks).. If they "impress" the CFPC, then I think we need go back to the BCS.
People can hype Arkansas all they desire.. When Mr Jefferson scrambles, finds himself in open field, slides feet first against a DB smaller than he is on 3rd down, and then comes up a yard short then you deserve to be 2-8.
That is no excuse for a defense yeilding 30+ points. That puts too much pressure on an offense that CAN be slowed down on any given Saturday coming up.
If Georgia is fortunate to make the Field of Four, I can see them going into the Semi's with a "we're down by 21pts mentality. Fromm and company, having been here before, would probably benefit from that factor. Georgia not having an explosive offense that nets 30+ points a game really isn't cause for panic should they get matched with Ohio State for example. It would basically come down as the author mentioned, tackling. At any given moment, Georgia could easily go up 17+ points and then maintain that "we're down by 21 points" approach to every ensuing drive. As with Tom Osborne in that questionable 2pt play to outright win the National Championship vs Miami, the commentator said.."Osborne's made this decusion long ago!" With that being said, I believe Coach Smart and staff are preparing for those game time decisions now. Having a veteran QB under center at that time would take the pressure off Georgia having to score 30+ points to beat an Ohio State or Clemson... Do I think Georgia has a chance to win it all? No I don't. But if they are placed in ideal situations, they'll probably shock the world outside of Athens.
A few decades ago, kids played College Football because they loved it.. JMO...
Coach Stoops.. You + FSU would = sending you to the FCS Ranks (no disrespect to FCS Schools)..
I hope this is the beginning of the SEC balancing itself out for years to come.
I know this sounds absurd, but I have an eerie feeling Arkansas will take LSU down to the last drive and lose the game off of a missed FG.
The score will be 34-0 at halftime in favor of LSU. Why? LSU, although played a good Alabama team, they let go of a 33-13 lead and could have easily lost the game. There is no way in hell, LSU will let up off the pedal. Final score: LSU - 50 Ole Miss - 14
Why can't it just be Alabama lost to the better team Nov 9, 2019? LSU was ranked #1. Last time I checked, #1 is supposed to win whoever they play. These kids played as hard as you can on this stage.
Honestly, that's the one thing I would hate to see is an 8 team playoff. Reasons would be: 1) Teams that have already clinched a birth in their respective CG, would sit their star players for the remainder of the season. Imagine Ohio State heading into the Michigan game at 11-0 while Michigan limps in at 7-4? Would that game mean anything to Ohio State who the next week faces a "8-4 Minnesota?" 2) As we see now, teams are scheduling conference games early in weeks zero through two. That would then FORCE every P5 school to match that style in order to get an early jump on your possible hopes to wrap up your division title as early as possible, then (see reason 1 above). Then lastly, going 8 would surely wipe out the CCGs for all Power5 schools. Either that or the layoff would shorten. Problem with that is, what do you do with the "traditional bowl games after December 28th & especially the games on January 1st. There is, in my opinion, too much to lose going 8 teams. My ultimate wish is for P5 schools to play these FCS schools during Spring Ball and pay them as you would had the game been played during the season.
Clemson being at #5 is almost the Committee silently saying."The 4 teams we have before you, two have to lose. We think you'll go undefeated leaviing us no choice but to put an undefeated P5 CC in the playoff."
What I love to see is: LSU beat Alabama then lose to Georgia in the SECCG.. Penn State beat Ohio State then lose to Minnesota in the B1GCG. Utah beat Oregon in the PAC12CG. Then to ice the cake have Oklahoma win out! Ok so I'm a Jalen Hurts fan so what!!!