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I’ve been saying since day 1! Don’t hire Pruitt. He has no experience as a head coach, not even at the high school level. Not sure how he even made it to the college level. Sure, he may finally get to mediocrity, in 20 years. I’m not waiting. My fellow TN fans, you can keep blaming butch and his recruits for the failure. But it’s not going to change until you wake up to reality. I’d rather see Fulmer back in there. At least we might have a chance at making a bowl and finishing in the top 25. That will NEVER happen under Pruitt. ANd to SDS- TN is quite capable of hiring a big name coach! They just won’t spend the money! Do your research. The previous AD had Leach on his way until Fulmer stepped in. A lot of people didn’t even know that but it is on record. Look it up. All that is left is a conspiracy theory that this has been Fulmers plan all along to get back in there.
It's not surprising. They need to indict the refs too for intentional bad calls on TN and KY.
Our flag today stands for equal rights for all, freedom for all. So you can take that injustice speech about the past and pee on it. The flag, today, is what shows you can sit here and talk this crap. Hush your mouth ignorant fool
The Confederate flag is s part of history. You cant take history back by removing the flags. Leave the flags and statues alone and teach the wrongs done under them. If we forget what happened nd not learn from history,it's possible fo relive the past once more someday
Say what you will, TN has the talent and ability with the best coaching staff. There is no reason why they won't win out the season
Fuzzy I'm a vol fan, but I keep it real. You just keep dreaming out loud. We won't have a team until pruitt is gone
You're right gator. Actually butch recruited better than pruitt
Get real hooked. Pruitt hasn't had any noticeable success in recruiting. The only people saying so are the media. 2 and 3 star recruits is not successful recruiting. TN has a history under fulmer with 90% 4 and 5 star recruits.
And the garbage at tN gets thicker. hey let's keep Hiring no names and no talent!
"Up and coming university" lmao Liberty? It's an old Christian college. There is no up and coming there. Freeze probably took the job so he wouldn't have to come out of retirement. Easy coaching and no one there really cares if they lose.
Adam Spencer is another media idiot. Who is embarrassed? I'm not. None of us are. We don't want the guy. He sucks. The media seems to want to keep TN at the bottom. Stick us with crap players. Suck it Spencer
I would really live to see TN get Meyer for HC. Go ahead, its inevitable that Pruitt will be gone this time next year anyway. (Like I said br they even hired him)
Pruitt is responsible. All the hopefuls will see by end of next year how bad it really is. Need a real coach. An experienced head coach will do.
Surrounded himself with experience? Pruitt doesn't even have experience. What did you expect?
I agree. Hopeful Pruitt can do it, but doubtful
I'm TN all the way, but am not on the Pruitt train. All teams have a great win from time to time. I won't take our win away, but I also wont call it victorious. Auburn made mistakes, TN made fewer. That's how it went. "Bad coach vs bad coach" was the game. Reality is that this may very well be the only sec win this year. Enjoy it while we have it.
Sweet! Take us to the final 4 Josiah! TN is switching from football to basketball stars and KY from basketball to football.
That was me. Had a great time with my son who had never been to a TN game. I haven't been in years. Thanks for the tickets Fulmer.
I will be taking him up on this offer. I had to leave my home for the storm. Not even sure if it will be there when i return. Go Vols! But fire pruitt
Butthurt ogo? There are TN fans who dislike Pruitt. Feel cheated out of getting an experienced coach when they had the opportunity to hire one and piszed it away for a never been. Some of us are tired are giving chances. Spent a decade doing that, and have nothing to show for it. So tired of hearing how great his potential is when there is no proof of it being there. Tired of hearing about his recruitment success when it doesn't match the "talent we have. 3star players are not recruitment success. There is no depth on this team. Yeah, maybe next years will be better, but this year it's not. And with 3star recruits it cant be better. So do the math.
Evacuated Heading back to TN. Maybe catch TN game with other fans for once. Too bad Pruitt is coach
It's worse. At least plays in dirt were made even if they were bad. Now we just watch other teams and decide then what we will do.
What a terrible coach..."sometimes we don't know where the ball will go, or what the defense will do What the hell dude, it's your job. You're the "coach" Don't ask me again why Pruitt sux