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I agree! TN wont pay it tho. They hired a high school coach for that position.
Seriously Bryan? Pruit is recruiting high school coaches and 1 Asst coach from Troy. Opening the pocket book? I dont see that all. TN is cheaping out. Jones did better than that. TN is doomed
Pruitt shouldnt have any problems hiaring all the high school coaches he has been hiaring.
Currie had brohm saying yes and offering a deal to Leach who was ready to accept. No, we got crap pruitt instead thanks to fulmer
TN doesnt have 5 years. The football program will be gone in 1. Pruitt is a horrible hire.
Youre an idiot. Both are NOT. Pruitt is not even a HC til now. Mullin is ok, but not great.
I care! I want pruitt gone! He can take his high school coaches with him that he just brought on. I dont have 5 years to watch him bury TN further into the ground. He is a really bad hire!
I disagree, i actually believe pruitt to be worse. I do agree, the SEC east will ride on GAs back for the next 5 years at least. Smart is a great coach.
exactly why i think pruitt will barry us further in the ground.
I agree, but we will know on 1 year if pruitt us worth a damn. I dont think he is at all.
Thank you! Someone else has common sense
And what history does Pruitt have as a headcoach? Yep, none
A real coach doesnt need 5. And pruitt is bringing in high school coaches to help. This gets even better. TN is digging an even deeper grave. So sad to see a once great football program in the ground. Now we are shoveling dirt on top. Sad sad sad day for TN. Idiot fans are so lost in hope, they fail to wake up to reality.
Obvious answer is FL. TN didnt get a coach with any real experience at all. What idiot says we will know in 5 years? 5 years? We will know in 1. Im not giving this guy 5 years. A real c9ach
Oops, forgot to mention, Troy College or as the locals call it: Troy High.
Yep, Pruitt, a real college professional coach bringing in other high school coaches. Just perfect for TN. This exactly what we need to be National Champs...high school coaches. Champions of life right there. Yep, its great to be a TN vol. (Rolling eyes)
Not all of us are happy with this choice so no Adam. Your title should had been some vol fans are happy. Not all
Id rather see kiffin back than pruitt any day. Kiffin 10x better coach
TN, be ready to pay that buy out. This guy wont last either.This was my last straw with TN. You lost my booster support with this hire. Im highly pissed with this situation when we had much better candidates to choose from.Instead we cheaply hire a Jones replacement, trick the fans and get them all riled up and excited about it, just to go through exactly what we have already gone through the past decade. The ignorant fans are really buying into this hype and its them who are going to be disappointed when, not if, when this guy fails.Disappointed with TN. Disappointed with Fulmer. Shame on you Fulmer. You know better.
Maybe he should go back to head coach at high school. NOT AT TN!!
Dont like him. TN can do better. His tenure will be short lived
Pruitt is just as bad. No experience as a HC and he has too much drama surrounding him
No, We would like Leach, Miles, or Norvell. TN trying to be cheap again.