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Free agent contracts folks! Not how many people signed from each team
One of those was not a contracted free agent. Check your list again.
The coaching staff will be the weakness of this team. A real coach could make something of these 2nd rate recruits. Maybe if we had a real recruiter, we wouldnt be in this situation. Maybe if we had a real coach with actual real first hand experience this wouldnt be an issue. Again I will say it, don't expect anything great out of this coach either. TN needs to spend real money for a real coach. But they won't, they are too cheap. For all of you offended by comments, at your fingers out of yours ears and away from your eyes and put them back in your panties.
Again and again and again Tryin to sell pruitt to us. Only 42% of fans have bought into it. I prefer to wait until season to start b4 making decisions. I think most people want to see first. Its natural to be skeptical after dooley and butch. Trith is, pruitt has less to show than they did. Hmmm
Of course he knows what great football looks like. He was at bama under Saban. As far as TN, i think we forgot what it was like. I dont see any changes coming to TN in the next few years. I dont see pruitt able to change anything. Im willing to bet TN looks for a new coach in 3 years.
Give him some time We have been hearing that since dooley. Its garbage. How about hire a real coach with experience in wins and championships. We dont have anymore patience or time to say give him some time. Im over it.
Maybe so, but butch had experience and more wins than losses over his 5 yr at TN. I dont see pruitt doing the same for at least 3-4 yrs
Lmao, i would had rather had a few wins under butch than no wins under pruitt
Youre blind. Pruitt is neither a recruiter after this last recruit season and never has been a HC yet. Butch was a better recruiter and coach than Pruitt.
6 months later and the media is still trying to convince us that Pruitt was a good hire. They are still trying to sell Pruitt to us who know better. Its like the whole hillary campaign all over again, when she didnt have a chance but the media sure sold her.
I dont think he was a bad AD. He was a bit slow but definitely had better coaches in mind than Pruitt. He went to sign Mike Leach and was called back and fired. Leach was about ready to sign on. Fulmer comes in and throws that idea out and hires basically someone with no head coaching exp. So we had a sure thing, now we have a gamble. Dooley was a gamble, butch was a gamble. Who will be next and where will it end?
The only reason TN is on this list is to keep the hype up in TN. There is no possible way that TN has a chance of winning it out next season. NO POSSIBLE CHANCE. The media has had a field day with TN this last season. They got lots of ratings for it. They would love to see TN disappointed fans, because they always act out and its drama they get to report on.SDS is the worst
Once again FL and TN will suffer in this arena this year.GA will seem to dominate the east again, but KY is still a force to surprise you. SC will trail GA and...Vandy... who?
Whatever, just bring him back. TN needs Jennings if they expect to have any wins at all.
There goes pruitt making unnecessary decisions. The gray uniforms were the best looking uniforms. Butch may had not much going for him, but he did have style. Now, pruitt needs to back off the changes that dont pertain to the success of the team. To say the uniforma cause a certain aroma of loss to GA, thats just superstition which we know is really stupidstition.
Im the biggest TN fan, but i agree with you for the most part.Half of the TN fans really think and have such high hopes that Pruitt will lead TN to several wins. Its not going to happen. The media is really controlling their reality.There is absolutely no indication that Pruitt has any ability to be a head coach. None! "Give him a chance" they say. When are we at TN going to stop giving chances and start hiring real coaches?We gave Kiffin a chance, he left Dooley a chance, screwed us Butch a chance, burried us Now PRUITT who has less experience than any of the previous. No experience is worst than bad experience.The only reason TN moved to 26th in the recruiting was because TN started with nothing. Its not because of Pruitt. Fulmer if anyone pulled recruits.The only thing tgat TN hopefuls will come back at me with is... Get out F you You dont know football Give him a chance Dont be negativeSame ole thoughtless answers
Why would you think Pruitt would flip anyone? Did you buy into the media hype like half the other TN fans? Dude pruitt is garbage. He will never make it as a coach at TN. He should had got some experience somewhere before coming to TN as HC.
Im sorry, am i supposed to be shocked?Such an "elite" recruiter lost a committ?
Butch made same promises with other words. We will be lucky if TN isnt buried deep by 2019. All you "fans" rallying behind pruitt. Why? He has no experience. His experience under saban is not enough to be a head coach. After seeing his lack of ability to recruit, what are your excuses now?