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I highly doubt a bowl game for TN earned. Now TN will buy one of they can though, but it won't be earned
OL has no depth. We can't skate by. One hurt on the OK and the season is over
You're an idiot. Pruitt can't do it. Wake up. TN is also not good this year. Wake up. Im the kind of real fan that is pushing TN staff to spend real money on a coach with experience and proof of greatness, not taking chances on never has been coaches like Dooley, Jones, and now pruitt.
You're crazy dude. Win over SC, Vandy, WV and KY? Wake up, they are better than TN. Pulling for them to lose?? No, idiot, I'm in touch with reality. You should try it.
Wow I'm so disturbed by your comment. Oh geez u got me. #rolleyes
You can troll the poop coming out of my butt. TN is where I went and played football a long time ago. I know what goes on in that school and in the locker room. Pruitt is a puppet. He is not the answer everyone hopes for. You will see
Who cares about the other schools. We are talking TN. That's where it matters
Players who want to win and be remembered will not play for TN. Not til.they get that Azzhat clown of a coach out
Love those uniforms. Piss off to bolts, Rudy, and the rest of yall
Yep, a bunch of 3 star and a few 4 star. Yep, shapping up nicely, :// #roll eyes
Really?? He has recruited a bunch of 3 stars. And that's amazing?? Jones sucked but recruited better than Pruitt. Wake up
By end of the season you won't be able to give them awsy
No, they are the same garbage as last year. I'm a TN fan so I can say it
Pruitt will never have TN in good order. He will be out of here in 2-3 years. We will have bad coaches until TN staff sucks it up spends money on a real coach
Ga has great players and a great coach. Dont get cocky. Seasons always change
Lol, this will be used as an excuse for all thr losses TN will have tbis season. Watch
Hahahaha "Whatever happens fulmer will be watching" That's funny since fulmer is the one who put him in there. Pruitt can drop an entire lost season and they won't fire him. Pruitt is literally a cheap hire. TN saves a lot of money with Pruitt in there. He's not going anywhere.
You live in lahlah land fuzzy. This year will be not much different than last. Get some coffee bruh. Time to wake up
Dude. Our Vols don't have any favor. It's another losing season. Come on. Pruitt hasn't done anything different than Jones. Quit listening to the media. Do your own research
Just how the hell do you see 7 wins. Against Who?? Dude wake up from that fantasy And Jones sucked but at least he was experienced. Pruitt don't even have experience