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I agree. Hopeful Pruitt can do it, but doubtful
I'm TN all the way, but am not on the Pruitt train. All teams have a great win from time to time. I won't take our win away, but I also wont call it victorious. Auburn made mistakes, TN made fewer. That's how it went. "Bad coach vs bad coach" was the game. Reality is that this may very well be the only sec win this year. Enjoy it while we have it.
Sweet! Take us to the final 4 Josiah! TN is switching from football to basketball stars and KY from basketball to football.
That was me. Had a great time with my son who had never been to a TN game. I haven't been in years. Thanks for the tickets Fulmer.
I will be taking him up on this offer. I had to leave my home for the storm. Not even sure if it will be there when i return. Go Vols! But fire pruitt
Butthurt ogo? There are TN fans who dislike Pruitt. Feel cheated out of getting an experienced coach when they had the opportunity to hire one and piszed it away for a never been. Some of us are tired are giving chances. Spent a decade doing that, and have nothing to show for it. So tired of hearing how great his potential is when there is no proof of it being there. Tired of hearing about his recruitment success when it doesn't match the "talent we have. 3star players are not recruitment success. There is no depth on this team. Yeah, maybe next years will be better, but this year it's not. And with 3star recruits it cant be better. So do the math.
Evacuated Heading back to TN. Maybe catch TN game with other fans for once. Too bad Pruitt is coach
It's worse. At least plays in dirt were made even if they were bad. Now we just watch other teams and decide then what we will do.
What a terrible coach..."sometimes we don't know where the ball will go, or what the defense will do What the hell dude, it's your job. You're the "coach" Don't ask me again why Pruitt sux
No matter what kind of year FL is having, TN will be worse. 99.9% chance of losing out the rest of the year.
Dave hooker, wrong again. TN future doesn't look brighter after that win at all. Etsu was no competition at all for one. What you are doing with this article is giving more TN fans false hope. Get another job
Sds deletes my response. I had said... And kap is still unemployed
Not impressed. It was just etsu. Game doesn't even count. Lots of hype over a useless high school game. On another note, it was fun to watch UK beat FL
TN will never be good again until they hire a real coach. YOU k ow, one with actual head coach experience
Flvol69, hush bruh What planet are you from? Get back here with the rest of us TN fans. Pruitt isn't killing anything in recruiting. He hasn't even been impressive yet. Also, wheels won't be spinning in TN for years still.
That's right Dave Hooker, keep giving us false hopes. Any fool can see that Pruitt is coaching like any inexperienced high school football coach would. It will take Pruitt 5-10yrs to learn to coach. TN fans deserve better. I really don't want another decade like the last, but it looks more evident that we are heading that way. Can someone call Leach please? I hear Urban Meyer is available.
Yep, but the insults are coming from the leftist
Nah gatorboy, not all of us think that. We won't have a team until they hire a real coach.
Don't want to deal with it anymore. Tired of crap coaches
Yes volbeef, we have recruiting struggles. We are plagued with them. It will continue like this until Pruitt is gone
Guess im the only tN fan Who will speal up. Pruitt sux. Ive been saying it since i heard he was coming. People didnt want to believe me. It's not going to be good football until TN spends money on a real coach. TN keeps taking chances on 2nd rate and no experience coaches. This is our life now. Pruitt will never be better than this. Patience is gone for TN. And don't say give him a chance. We gave Dooley and Jones a chance. 10 years later we arent any better off. At least Dooley and Jones had some experience. We took a step further backwards with Pruitt. The only one to blame is TN athletic dept for passing on high caliber coaches to cheap out on a no name. Reality is, that it's not going to get better until the staff at TN are replaced.
This is simple... I will say it once again... Pruitt is crap. All I can think to add is, I told you so
I highly doubt a bowl game for TN earned. Now TN will buy one of they can though, but it won't be earned
OL has no depth. We can't skate by. One hurt on the OK and the season is over
You're an idiot. Pruitt can't do it. Wake up. TN is also not good this year. Wake up. Im the kind of real fan that is pushing TN staff to spend real money on a coach with experience and proof of greatness, not taking chances on never has been coaches like Dooley, Jones, and now pruitt.