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The only reason TN is on this list is to keep the hype up in TN. There is no possible way that TN has a chance of winning it out next season. NO POSSIBLE CHANCE. The media has had a field day with TN this last season. They got lots of ratings for it. They would love to see TN disappointed fans, because they always act out and its drama they get to report on.SDS is the worst
Once again FL and TN will suffer in this arena this year.GA will seem to dominate the east again, but KY is still a force to surprise you. SC will trail GA and...Vandy... who?
Whatever, just bring him back. TN needs Jennings if they expect to have any wins at all.
There goes pruitt making unnecessary decisions. The gray uniforms were the best looking uniforms. Butch may had not much going for him, but he did have style. Now, pruitt needs to back off the changes that dont pertain to the success of the team. To say the uniforma cause a certain aroma of loss to GA, thats just superstition which we know is really stupidstition.
Im the biggest TN fan, but i agree with you for the most part.Half of the TN fans really think and have such high hopes that Pruitt will lead TN to several wins. Its not going to happen. The media is really controlling their reality.There is absolutely no indication that Pruitt has any ability to be a head coach. None! "Give him a chance" they say. When are we at TN going to stop giving chances and start hiring real coaches?We gave Kiffin a chance, he left Dooley a chance, screwed us Butch a chance, burried us Now PRUITT who has less experience than any of the previous. No experience is worst than bad experience.The only reason TN moved to 26th in the recruiting was because TN started with nothing. Its not because of Pruitt. Fulmer if anyone pulled recruits.The only thing tgat TN hopefuls will come back at me with is... Get out F you You dont know football Give him a chance Dont be negativeSame ole thoughtless answers
Why would you think Pruitt would flip anyone? Did you buy into the media hype like half the other TN fans? Dude pruitt is garbage. He will never make it as a coach at TN. He should had got some experience somewhere before coming to TN as HC.
Im sorry, am i supposed to be shocked?Such an "elite" recruiter lost a committ?
Butch made same promises with other words. We will be lucky if TN isnt buried deep by 2019. All you "fans" rallying behind pruitt. Why? He has no experience. His experience under saban is not enough to be a head coach. After seeing his lack of ability to recruit, what are your excuses now?
I said it and said it and said it and got so much smack for saying it. USE KAMARA! You other TN fans fought me over and over saying Hurts was better. I still say i could make a better coach
Looking forward to barnett sacking brady in the nuts.
This article isnt so much about SEC schools as it is about KY and Auburn. Several SEC schools are in it this year. TN isnt even mentioned, GA barely makes any talk. Bama gets dumped on. Etc etc
Love to see him at TN. He will get immediate play time at TN as we have no real depth here.
No, he is making a statement. What you dont see in this report is where he said he would be standing on the field during the anthem. Media likes to cut out stuff and SDS is just as liberal to not post it.
Its not about health. Its about knee. Timberlake also went on to say, where the media cut out, that he will be standing on the field for the anthem.
Timnerlake is a conservative. Always has been
Playera should be protesting by taking the flag and running the field with it in protest against government
The players are taking a knee in protest to the government. The problem with this is that the flag is not government nor does it represent government. The flag only represents freedom and those who died for it so that we may have freedom. If these players would study history they would see the story of the flag which was created in the midst of the war for independence. It was a spit in the face to England using their colors. The flags meaning was anti-government control. It represents what we as American humans have done to have freedom and rise up against tyranny and government control. So a knee to the flag and anthem might as well be saying that you are FOR governemnt control and enslavement to policy.
Not constitutional. We are a republic. Salary caps are socialist agendas
Really tho, any bama player not talked about earns it. Very few positions have been comprised for the past 5 years
Im beginning to think Fulmer just doesnt want a better coach than he was. Cheap hire like Pruitt, getting with the media to hype pruitt up in knoxville. Come on Fulmet, if youre gonna stay there, ya got to let the past go and get an experienced coach in there that cost lots of money.
SDS thinks we care what kirk says. SDS always trying to stir up some drama.Kirk is just as much an idiot as Pruitt