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Wish him the best but this seemed inevitable when Stoops was forced to take over play calling early in the season.
The SEC didn't have the strongest conference this past year but we still had a strong conference than the Big Ten. The ACC had the strongest conference from from top to bottom.
Great player! Wish you the best at the next level!
Merry Christmas to you as well!!!!!!!!
That's fair. I cheer for the Jags when I watch the NFL. Thought this was the year they would turn the corner. Maybe next year with a new coach.
I like Hugh Freeze, but what exactly has he done to warrant being included in this discussion?
Bob Stoops is completely worthless. His lax handling of this situation is embarrassing.
He should definitely get more leeway than one year but talented recruits doesn't always mean something. TN is a perfect example of that.
Lol, sleeper pick is always Kentucky. Maybe one day we'll go crazy and win an SEC title... big maybe.
True, but what the SECs created as rivalry weekend the last few years was genius. It's literally the best weekend in college football. Just wish A&M and Mizzou had that as well.
This game needs to be A&M's lasts game of the season. Mizzou should play Kansas as their final game and allow LSU and Arkansas renew their game at the end of the year. Rivalries make the game of football much better.
Love this pick up! Welcome to the team!
Not sure if Kirby is "good enough" but I think UGA is best positioned to win it in the Easr.
Not many people in the SEC thinks that Mizzou should have ever been invited. But they are here and we might as well treat them as respectfully as we would anyone else. I do agree that they are new with no real rivals and should therefore be moved without any consideration to what they want.
Why not, easier path to the SECCG, easier recruiting in FL and GA and closer road games.
I agree fully. 9 conference games would be significantly better than the 8 we have now. Would be harder to go bowling though.
TN has a lot of clout in Birmingham, more anyway than the that of people wanting Auburn in the East. The East will step up, probably UGA. TN and FL are talented but under coached. The East has not picked great coaches. Vandy lost their coach to Penn St and FL lost Urban to OSU. The Ol' Ball Coach retired and Georgia fired a 10+ win coach. Tough times in the East.
I would assume it would add a 4 team playoff with the winners of each pod. This would be a tall order under the current CFB playoff system. Would almost require 4 super conferences, each with 16 members, who would each send their champion to the CFB playoff.
Not a bad idea. If we did go to 16 teams, we would end up in an NFL style 4 four team pods.
This was already suggested when we added Missou and A&M but TN killed the idea quickly. The Alabama game is too lucrative to them. I don't believe the Bama faithful cared as long as they still had the Iron Bowl. I lived in Birmingham around this time and the Auburn people strongly wanted to go East. I definitely think we should keep the division's through. Very short-sighted to think the East will always stay down.
Why stop at ten? I'd take Vandy, Ole Miss, Miss State and Mizzou over Illinois, Purdue, Michigan St and Rutgers.