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I like the State over the Aggies pick. Of course, not as much as I like his KY over the Rebels pick.
I’m not saying they are a top 25 team, but it does stink for them that they had to play 3 teams within their first 4 games that are ranked in the top 12…
Ole Miss got the W in a weekend filled with lackadaisical performances. Can’t wait to see the KY-Rebs game. Should be fun
Vandy will beat Missouri. Bama will go to Atlanta 12-0. Kentucky will end 10-2. Both AU and Missouri coaches will get terminated this year.
Better question, how is candy not ahead of at least Missouri? And a case for SC.
The Vols are looking good. I get the ranking. The Aggies surprised me, congrats on the solid win. I still think it will be UGA, Bama, Clemson, and a big ten team. I think USC falters before it’s said and done. Strange week but most SEC teams survived, guess that’s what counts.
Suing the police, classy. The police did as they are trained and these entitled children are taking them to court. Charges were cleared, let it go. I’m positive they didn’t mention this to Stoops beforehand.
I may be in the minority nationally but you seem to be in the minority on this page.
I’m not interested in it maintaining legitimacy. Regionalism is definitely my preference.
I agree. The NFL is everything that is wrong with football in todays world.
I have to disagree. I want it regionalized and the rest of the country to completely lose interest. I’m not interested in the sport becoming more obsessed with money and completely changing into a minor league sport (anymore than it already has). Regionalization could be the best thing to ever happen to the debacle that is college football today.
Only if we beat UGA and not a moment before.
Honestly, UGA is just playing at a level we aren’t even close to right now. In fact, no one in the country is close. Smart has set them up to have a dynasty for the next decade.
Can’t see it ending outside of a bowl game either. Louisville has been a mess since Bridgewater left.
If the horses are running, make sure to do Keeneland first. It’s a uniquely Kentucky experience.
Until VT is in the SEC (and I would have voted for them and UNC or TX and OK) why are we reading about this?
Huge stretch to include us hosting Ball State….
Hard to tell until we play the Rebels. Why isn’t Ole Miss getting more love? They seem to be firing on all cylinders.
Still think it’s going to be UGA, Bama, big ten winner, and maybe Clemson or Sooners for the CFP. I’m not buying the USC hype at all.
The whole student section apologized? Maybe a couple students felt bad but this isn't surprising from anything associated with the state of Oregon.
Just glad we have State in Lexington. Always a tough environment to play with the cowbells.
We will be more solid when we visit Knoxville but we have a very young O-line. Honestly, TN seems to have our number most years (even recent years). TN should beat FL but will be a fun game.
I never sleep on the State game. Just glad it’s in Lexington this year.