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BTW for those calling Johnny "bias", he did say "Before I start, allow me to state that the article written is my own personal opinion, and I have used my own criteria". What about that didn't you Bama fans understand????
Ok while I am an Auburn fan true and true even I can admit and say that THE BEAR should have been number one on your list. But it sure didn't hurt me either that you didn't do that. :-)
I agree. There are plenty of teams that don't get televised that might now be able to if there is a NFL lockout.
Yeah our coach had something to do with the Cam mess. BECAUSE there was no mess! Get over it already!!! Cam had moved on, the fans should also!!
Oh great likeness of him!!! LOL That was NOT a compliment!
Well before this year did YOU know who Cam Newton was? NO! But I am sure you knew who Greg (Bama QB) was. But guess what? Cam won the Heisman and a National Championship. Doesn't matter what someone did 3 years ago, it does matte what happened TODAY!!!
I find it great that Auburn was ahead of Bama last season when they won the National Championship. War Dam Eagle!!!!!!!!!
OMG if you are not RIGHT! I hate to admit it but I am one of those fans that did and still do defend Cam. But I refuse to defend Cecil. I know in my heart his dad did wrong, I just can't see it in my heart that Cam did. I may be wrong and so be it. But if I am like you and many others and find myself glazing over any team breaking rules and find it nothing really important than that is a sad day. :-(
Wow I wonder if that idiot even realized the "crap" he will be facing? Won't be so funny after he REALLY finds out.......