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Lol18... he ain’t taking any hits from that LSU D line.. Bama still has a top 10 total D... see y’all in the post season... never. Lol
Where does SDS get their stats. AUbrin doesn’t lead in many defensive statistics. Not sacks, not rush D, so wtf lol go ahead and y’all look at who does though. The team that gets zero credit despite its number 3 rank. This forum is sad as fck
And UGA is 9. Weird how SDS does these rankings.
God this site is dumb as UGA has the best win so far and y’all just keep bumping them down. More sacks and a tougher Defense than 1-3. That’s stats and facts
“Trying hard not to overreact, but Joe Burrow deserves a Heisman, a National Championship, a Grammy and probably a Nobel Prize. And Joe Brady should be President — while still coaching the LSU passing game, of course. As long as the defense can hold opponents to under, let’s say 50 points, you have to feel good about LSU’s chances going forward.” What?!?! The level of sucking the teet of LSU that this page has gone to us unrelenting. It’s disgusting actually. The team has the best Defensive coach (supposedly) in the nation, >70% blue chip talent, and plenty of experience through depth that they have on paper. So how in the f*ck can that defense with a few starters out or not keep mediocre teams from scoring. I mean the backups are still 4-5* players... that’s coaching and more coaching. It’s trash. Joe Burrow is playing well, but they haven’t been tested and also haven’t given good teams enough film. You don’t just reinvent the wheel over night. Burrow is still burrow and when plays elite talent away from home he will suffer. Suck on the teet of that a Texas win too, they were dead f*cking last in the FBS in returning production from last year. Brand new team. So relish in that fact. Good luck on the ninth, see you in hell in the stands.
Unfortunately he comes off as an arrogant SOB. He will get flattened in November, especially if their defense decides that they have zero depth and no experience. Sad really.
Yah what 3 games are you planning on them winning? I see zero.
It mattered in the game that mattered... let that sizzle.
“You aren’t playing so you never win a Natty… As far as Tua he broke records so as with your LSU assessment. You’re wrong.” What!? Hahaha Tua sucks... change my mind. Good Fing luck
That’s you bro.. UGA infatuation. It’s Fing weird.
BAMATIME: Gator... you’re wasting your time with the new xilivemydawgsx .... the best thing to do is just ignore his posts and let him Reply to himself. He will disappear when UGA fails once again to live up to the hype. I see we still can’t manage to have an article on SDS with UGA fans trolling... On topic though, I do hope Bama leans again on the ground game and use the studs they have in the Backfield more this year. I think the passing game will fall off but it will be because of the game plan and not the ability to execute.... It’s easy to laugh at UGA and Missouri fans on SDS... Just look at you. You’re a UGA fan that’s worthy of a laugh each time you post..
What was the score of the game that mattered bro? I was wrong about LSU, right about TUA . Did we win the NATTY?
What’s your gross incessant infatuation with UGA
I’m not a Tua fan... I was proven right. Look at 44-16. Are you kidding me... two INts against UGA that were giveaways... HE IS TRASH. Jalen was legit
So by your “ logic” I’m an LSU fan ... we were sucking a$$ get over it.
An honest assessment, should echo chamber my team when they aren’t performing.
You have to Fing love UGA for this sh*t to continue another year... god.
Right, I scroll... boom you are there talking about UGA again. Like dude seriously.
Good Analysis Corch. Bamatime is the legit troll of this site. Don’t mind that waste..
You’re a f**ing beta dude... so worthless here. Never ceases.