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Our defense is trash. Both DBs out. Yah. Have fun LSU... Tua is good but you can best believe LSU will target that sombish quick time. LSU 23-20. There is a reason Dave Aranda gets paid 2 mil plus...
Good comment, even considering its slightly insulting. I mean lets be honest, LSU can play one good game against a MUCH better UGA team that shot itself in the foot numerous times.. On Nov.3 though there will be HIGH TIDE in Baton Rouge and yes sah it will be a rollin. Get you some of it. LSU won't see the CFP in at least 10 years if ever.
You are so incessant... GTFOH
*Efficiency based on ESPN. We are number 1 total and great in offense but our defensive efficiency is 3-4 maybe. It'll go down after this showing.
LSU maybe... UGA maybe. UGA defense is still nasty. Most efficient in the country right now..
Its official. This is the truth. We have taken a DEEP step back on defense this year, Ive seen it through 6 games. We are giving up 200-300+ yards, 5 yds per carry in the run, 6-7 yds per pass. Thats not normal. This isn't "garbage time" doing this to us, this is mainstream in the first half. Now our offense is better than it has ever been probably, good QB with great wideouts makes it unstoppable. We do have trouble running it up the middle. However, we also really haven't played anyone all year (See Louisville, See Texas A&M not really that good... at least not yet). We will bet tested, LSU and UGA in the SECCG for sure. We'll be alright definitely the number 1 in the country but just a different playing type for us.
... you keep making us seem petty. This is why people don’t like Bama, you, my friend. Such a tool on this sight. Roll your Tide off the comments bro
Its great to see a team from the east be competitive again, I mean last years Natty was great! I can only hope Georgia and Bama meet again this year for another top SEC team throw down. Maybe y'all will take it, who knows. We are all looking good so far. Except for TN... but give Pruitt time. There was a time not so long ago when nobody wanted anything coming out of Knoxville and I dont think that is far away...
You know Auburn beat Bama and UCF beat Auburn... with your dumb always fun to look at logic UCF beat us... you're a joke. Go somewhere else.
What is this? ... We'll see how it is a FULL SEC season, Jalen is still Jalen.
Y’all will be fine. Florida will lose 3-4 games but it won’t be like last year! Y’all be good! Best of luck. Won’t beat UGA though, I mean let’s be honest. Comes down to coaching and talent. But like I said best of luck.
Was about to type.... "Wait for it...." but hahahaha here you are ^^^ must be retired or something. Im at lunch, loving it. lol Yah I had Burger King....
@BamaTime >>>>> Your Troll ass is one to complain..... you're the worst..GTFOH
dont trust him. Ill take a 26-2 starter anyday. We'll see how "good" Tua is when teams prep to play him instead of Jalen.... mark my words. You'll see.
I knew I didn’t like him..... “I wanted to leave. I told my dad I wanted to go to a school where I thought it’d be easier for me and wouldn’t challenge me so much.” Jalen all the way.