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I had to look it up: UTK's last NC --> 1998 UGA's last NC --> 1980
Just don't see this happening in Tallahassee.
You've got Ky and Vandy ahead of Ark and Tenn? Watch much football? Ever play sports as a kid?
Well, it's a far cry from a "life-size" statue! No offense to you height-challenged folks out there... heh, heh, heh...
What a homer! Man you don't know football. I didn't have a horse in this race but UT got hosed by the refs.
Ole Miss is a great first half team. Tennessee is a greater second half team.
I just have to wonder if the SEC was wise in letting Mizzou be in the conference. Right now you have 3 very weak teams in the SEC with Mizzou, UK, & Vandy. I know we need UK's basketball prowess but it's hard to imagine any of these teams leaving a mark in football.
Yet, he carries his teams to wins every time. I became a believer after watching the 2nd half of that UF game.
I think BrahMane is looking for something more objective, like, for instance, numbers. Something in the order of "38-28" or something like that...
You're obviously too stupid to register any humility. You fellas were darn lucky to get out of Oxford alive and you still act like this? The SEC as a whole is down this year, including Bama. OSU, Louisville, etc. are on a different level this year than ANYONE in the SEC. Bama will be in the playoff but it won't be pretty after that.
Alright, I promised myself I wouldn't LOL at this.... I'm not how much longer I can hold on, though....
I understand EMU was 1-11 last year. Who did they beat?
UGA, that was embarrassing. I read last week where you were putting down UT and UF for their close wins over "cupcakes." Btw, where is Nicholls State?
Why is Mizzou continuing to be allowed to remain in the SEC? I'm beginning to wonder if you fellers will ever win a game against a Power5 foe again.
Hang in there UK. We (at least most of us) all have been there.