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So, basically he'll get the same reaction he got when he coached us?
Scheduled my wedding on a weekend Ole Miss and LSU both had BYE weeks. No way we would get my family there with either of those teams playing that weekend.
Considering the culture of rape and violence that surrounds the Baylor program, I'd say this is relatively minor. How many players in the SEC have drug problems...if you want to call marijuana a drug problem?
I'm referring to the fan base more so than the team. The team seems to be saying and doing all of the right things.
It was two blow out losses to two teams that were supposed to blow us out. I'm missing the point of all of this despair. Yeah, we should have won the Cal game, but good lord the schedule still shakes out for us to potentially win 6 or 7 games. Luke doesn't seem to be the guy to lead the program, but there's just not a whole lot of options on the coaching front at this point until the NCAA ruling is handed down.
I'm as far from a left-wing liberal or social justice warrior as you can get and even I agree that it was sexist. It's essentially him saying he's surprised that a woman knows enough about the game to ask him a question about a technical aspect of the game. Like BamaTime said, there's no way to spin this that makes it better.
That's the first thing that I thought of, too. He's taken some punishment in the past few seasons and he seemed to be a little off in the video.
There's no denying that Bama has been dominant. I think that added with A&M's struggles this year equals a large margin of victory this weekend.
This is the greatest thing ever. Coach O is the gift that keeps on every team except the one he's coaching.
I wish they would ban cut blocks altogether. Derrick Henry tore Tony Conner's knee up with a cut block two years ago and he was never the same after than. The game is already physical enough without having players diving at your knees.
"Rebels quarterback Shea Patterson is talented, he doesn’t have the pieces around him like Chad Kelly and Bo Wallace did."You serious? The best receiver Bo and Chad had was Treadwell and there are three receivers on the team right now that could break all of his records this season. This is also the deepest O-line we've had in forever. Next time just say that Ole Miss doesn't have a defense comparable to the ones Kelly and Wallace had when they beat Bama, because Patterson has way more pieces around him than either of the other two ever did.
Before every home game at Ole Miss, regardless of the opponent, fans in the South endzone can hear a shout of, "Go to hell, LSU!" I've never heard anyone worry about shouting anything about State, but I have seen church billboards in 2003 with "Go to Hell, LSU" posted on them. I understand your need to feel relevant and important when trying to live up to big brother, but I don't know many fans personally (I live on the coast) that care about State anywhere near the same as they care about LSU.
Not to try to pile more on to this article, but Metcalf is listed at 6'4" 225 lbs and runs a sub 4.5 40. He was a multi event state champion in Mississippi's 5A classification. I'd wager that the kid has a size advantage over every DB in college football and a skill set to go along with it.
Agree on Fromm. The kid looked sharp Saturday night. It's really a rich man's problem deciding which of them to play.
Isn't that the same guy that represented Casey Anthony?
Not sure about the season records, but he is only 5-29 against ranked teams.
The only player accusing Ole Miss of paying them admits to getting money on signing day...from the school he signed with...which was State. Glass houses and all.
Not a chance in hell that Mullen leaves State. The guy makes $5 million per year to be mediocre. He rarely beats anyone he is an underdog against. He's 5-29 against ranked teams. 5-29 only gets you paid $5 million at one school. He might be able to do more with a school that allows him to recruit better athletes, but his job security is through the roof right now. All he has to do is win an Egg Bowl every other year and upset a ranked team every couple of years and he's the greatest thing to happen to Starkville since they opened McDonald's (which was coincidentally voted the #1 hamburger in Starkville last year).
LSU got embarrassed along both lines of scrimmage. The defensive linemen all looked fat and out of shape (except for Key, but he's not in game shape conditioning wise). Their offensive line couldn't open a hole to save their lives. Gotta win in the trenches.
The state of Mississippi's problems are Bjork's fault? Go drunk em6126, you're home.
Um, yeah, I'd much rather Mississippi than any part of that cesspool they call California.
Didn't think it was legal for two players to cut block the same player at once. Center and left guard both try to cut the DT.
People upset about these "kids" getting pepper sprayed should have done a better job of calming the situation down. 35 penalties (mostly for unsportsmanlike conduct) means that either the coaches were facilitating the behavior or they were just incapable of controlling their players. Either way, these coaches need to be looked at.
Growing up on the Mississippi coast definitely gives me (and almost every Ole Miss fan I know down here) more hatred for LSU. There's a reason you hear "Go to hell, LSU!" shouted during the national anthem at every Ole Miss home game, regardless of the opponent.State will always be the little brother that ruins thanksgiving dinner every now and then, but LSU is that next door neighbor that never mows their lawn, plays loud music all night and smells funny (corn dogs anyone?)
Laces in really explains why Wunderlich is missing chip shots all of the sudden.
Yeah, nothing says college football like horns honking and random people bustling about not caring about the show at all. One of the many reasons I change the channel to SEC Nation when it comes on.
So wait a second, now he's claiming Ole Miss offered money and he turned it down? How many different stories does this kid have? If we didn't pay him, how are we the ones in trouble here?