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SEC-ond to none

Recent Comments
Lots of factors at play here. Fans are fed up with Luke. Fans are fed up with the performance. Fans would rather spend Thanksgiving night at home with their families than freezing in the stadium watching another sub par performance.
And yet a large portion of the fan base, myself included, can't wait to see him go.
So as I've told anyone on here that would listen, the penalties are over after this year. No scholarship reductions, no recruiting restrictions and we probably weren't going to be bowl eligible this year anyway. The investigation hurt us more than the actual penalties.
What are you even saying? It sounds like you are trying to say that Ole Miss, the team with the 4th best passing offense in the country, isn’t committed to throwing the ball. Do you even watch football?
Your logic fails when you realize that he was worse statistically in his second year starting for Mullen than his first year. He's gotten worse every year. YEAR CMP ATT YARDS CMP% YPA LNG TD INT 2016 196 361 2423 54.3 6.71 74 21 10 2017 159 286 1782 55.6 6.23 62 15 11 2018 61 123 709 49.6 5.76 44 4 3
Didn't see the play, but I'm guessing it involved him diving into someone's knees?
Um, why no blue against Arkansas? It's gonna look like a spring game or a scrimmage out there.
Can you really label Fitzgerald a "dual-threat" QB? Dual-threat would imply that he can also throw the ball.
Sounds like a fight and he went through the window.
I don't understand how Luke can say, "That's not who we are," when talking about penalties. We're first in the SEC in penalties! We were sitting at third going into the LSU game. That's who we've been all year, Matt. Wake up!!
So a fan base that overwhelmingly did not want Luke must ride out the storm with Luke just because? We wanted him fired years ago when he was an offensive line coach, yet we give the guy the HC job? Fire him yesterday as far as I'm concerned.
Bryant would be coming in an competing against a redshirt freshman QB. Patterson practically lost the starting role. I agree he didn't want to compete, but it's a little bit different scenario. Patterson lost his job, transferred somewhere else, competed for and won the starting job, much like Bryant would be doing.
No Ole Miss? We have one scholarship QB on roster after Ta’amu graduates and he will be a redshirt freshman. What QB wouldn’t want to step into that offense and immediately compete for the starting job?
Are you serious? In the age of player safety, this is the most overlooked thing in the game. You have 300lb+ linemen constantly running full speed and diving at the knees of what I would call a defenseless player. They’re worried about protecting the QB and defenseless ball carriers from head trauma, but they’re perfectly fine with season (possibly career) ending knee injuries that are totally preventable. I can go back every season since 2012 and name at least one Ole Miss defender that has been lost because of cut blocks. Tony Conner was a 5* safety who’s career was never the same after Derrick Henry chopped him and tore his knee up. It’s just a chicken s*** way to block someone.
Ole Miss managed to slow down the most productive offense in the country (Texas Tech currently sits there after 4 games) in week one. I like our odds if we can have any kind of defensive success Saturday.
So who’s lying in the story? You have a coach saying one thing and a player saying another.
I imagine we'll put up at least 50 on them.
Why wouldn't firing the DC make things better? It's not like it can get much worse.
Plus 75,000 on a 2 point game seems a little far fetched. The only possible explanation for this has to be a glitch in the system that allowed those odds. I've never bet with them before, but I can't imagine the odds being that high down 20 with 2 minutes left.
I tend to agree. If Snell played for Alabama he’d likely have a Heisman by now.
I don’t know about other Ole Miss fans, but this one would love for this game to turn into a shootout. If we’re trading TD’s with Bama all day then that means we are still in the game, regardless of how our defense is playing. I think Bama would be the ones that want to avoid a shootout.
Student section was slam full the first quarter. Most of the stadium began clearing out around halftime. Students have cleared out early for years, though.
I wonder how long it’ll take people to realize that he is Laremy Tunsil’s younger brother.
Let’s not pretend that TT doesn’t have a top 20 offense every year. We gave up a lot of yards, but stepped up when it counted.
Burrow was very unimpressive to me. He had one good throw all night. He did exactly what LSU needed him to do and nothing more. 11-24 for 170 yards and no TD’s feels like a “pump the brakes” type performance.
He’s not defending Fisher, he’s defending the program. The NCAA will punish the entire program, not just the coach(es) in question.
Fitzgerald actually regressed in his second year as a starter. Threw for 1000 fewer yards and had more INT’s.
I think Moorhead should have moved on to Thompson. In my opinion, Thompson is a better passer and runs just as well (maybe not as powerful of a runner, but fast enough).