SEC-ond to none

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So who’s lying in the story? You have a coach saying one thing and a player saying another.
I imagine we'll put up at least 50 on them.
Why wouldn't firing the DC make things better? It's not like it can get much worse.
Plus 75,000 on a 2 point game seems a little far fetched. The only possible explanation for this has to be a glitch in the system that allowed those odds. I've never bet with them before, but I can't imagine the odds being that high down 20 with 2 minutes left.
I tend to agree. If Snell played for Alabama he’d likely have a Heisman by now.
I don’t know about other Ole Miss fans, but this one would love for this game to turn into a shootout. If we’re trading TD’s with Bama all day then that means we are still in the game, regardless of how our defense is playing. I think Bama would be the ones that want to avoid a shootout.
Student section was slam full the first quarter. Most of the stadium began clearing out around halftime. Students have cleared out early for years, though.
I wonder how long it’ll take people to realize that he is Laremy Tunsil’s younger brother.
Let’s not pretend that TT doesn’t have a top 20 offense every year. We gave up a lot of yards, but stepped up when it counted.
Burrow was very unimpressive to me. He had one good throw all night. He did exactly what LSU needed him to do and nothing more. 11-24 for 170 yards and no TD’s feels like a “pump the brakes” type performance.
He’s not defending Fisher, he’s defending the program. The NCAA will punish the entire program, not just the coach(es) in question.
Fitzgerald actually regressed in his second year as a starter. Threw for 1000 fewer yards and had more INT’s.
I think Moorhead should have moved on to Thompson. In my opinion, Thompson is a better passer and runs just as well (maybe not as powerful of a runner, but fast enough).
No Lock? And I still don’t understand all of the Fitzgerald hype. He’s a glorified running back. He better learn to run routes and move to TE if he wants to play at the next level.
I’m not saying it does change anything, just that the entire reason we got more than what we self imposed was all based on the Leo Lewis allegations. Those allegations were for money that Lewis couldn’t account for.
The burden of proof is on the school IF the NCAA files a NOA against them. That’s basically the NCAA saying, “Here’s what we think you did, now prove you didn’t.”
Easy to say when it’s not your program. How would you feel if the NCAA was offering Auburn players immunity to say whatever they wanted about Bama without even needing proof?
I’m not saying we were completely innocent, just that most of the charges under Freeze were drummed up. We successfully argued against most of the contested charges. Freeze was let off the hook for the lack of institutional control. He was given a one conference game suspension had he been a head coach in 2018, but that was for failure to monitor (NCAA now lays all blame for any violations on the head coach). My argument is that the everything that the NCAA accepted our self imposed penalties for everything except the Leo Lewis allegations, which they have 3 different versions of, with no real proof of where the money came from. They do know that Lewis admitted to getting paid by a Mississippi State booster, but they seemed to feel that that payment was legal.
And yet there were no charges for money given to Tunsil. If I recall, it was student relief funds which every program has in place to aid students. They had it all properly documented and the NCAA deemed it appropriate. Did you read the list of violations? “I’d have to say no.”
Nobody wanted Jordan Ta’amu out of juco except Ole Miss. Sometimes all you need is a change of offensive scheme or just something new in general. He was obviously recruited as an SEC caliber player. Maybe LSU just can’t develop quarterbacks?
The money is the big thing. He seems to have the evidence of the illegal practices with the schedules and text messages from Peveto. Not sure how serious the NCAA is about restrictions on practices.
better hope he hasn’t been getting any “therapeutic massages” since he’s been in Texas.
Just remember, Leo Lewis is on record giving 3 different statements to the NCAA about Ole Miss (with no proof, only his word) and they stuck. All that matters is if the NCAA wants to get you or not. Guilty until proven innocent when it comes to the NCAA.
Since you obviously haven’t read “everything that’s been made public” yet, I’ll give you the rundown of the level 1’s that happened under Freeze: 1.) Alleged $10k payment to Leo Lewis (appealed) 2.) Alleged free merchandise from Rebel Rags for Leo Lewis (appealed) 3.)Alleged free food for Leo Lewis at Oxford restaurant (appealed) 4.) Alleged $800 payment to Lindsey Miller (appealed) 5.) Tunsil kept a loaner car too long. 6.)FCA leader gave 2* recruit rides to campus for camps (illegal because the FCA leader only knew said recruit for 4 years prior, not the NCAA mandated 5 or more). 7.)Player spend the night on Chris Kiffin’s couch without paying him $33 for the stay. Other than the Leo Lewis allegations (which Ole Miss contested via an appeal), you’ve got a whole lot of nothing. Like I said, tell me which one of these was such a horrible crime. And remember, Leo admitted to getting $10k from a JUCO coach to sign with state, but the NCAA said that was legal because the coach had a prior relationship with Lewis.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the NCAA offers recruits and current rivals of A&M immunity to testify to the validity of the allegations.
Show me one violation committed under Freeze that was egregious. You always talk about them, but never seem to give examples. Go on, I’ll wait. The worst one is Tunsil keeping a rental car too long (the rental itself is not illegal, just that he didn’t return it within the allotted timeframe that the NCAA allows).
The NCAA takes the words of players as gospel. If the player says it happens, the burden of proof is on A&M to show that they didn’t pay him. It’s a kangaroo court. Leo Lewis was caught in multiple lies and changed his story 3 times, but Ole Miss still got an extra year for him.