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It's the main reason I stick to watching only the sports segments of ESPN. Their talk show segments consist almost entirely of political aspects of sports.
Political bs is the first thing people complain about when it comes to ESPN. The rating/profits keep tanking and these clowns can't figure out why. A survey among NFL viewers last year sited the National Anthem protests as one of, if not the main, reasons people were not watching games. People want to watch sports on ESPN, not listen to political opinions and agendas...that's what CNN is for.
Vegas had the over/under for OM at 8.5 last year. I don't recall seeing anyone picking OM to win the West last year, but there are so many different publications that it's possible someone out there may have.
There's too much money to be made to not allow it in Mississippi. Hell, all of these coastal casinos would love it.
Not sure what the NCAA can do about this. They've already been shown to have no authority in matters like this with the whole Penn State debacle. They should stick to trying to hammer Ole Miss for letting players sleep on couches and bumming rides.
As much as I'd like to agree, I just can't give us the benefit of the doubt until the defense shows signs of life.
Gotta make up for a lack of enrollment somehow. First time something happens between students and a guest it's gonna cause an uproar.
I believe there are 8 new allegations involving LL and KJ, but off the top of my head I think it was allegations 14 or 19 that specifically dealt with RR and LL.
I suggest reading the response to the NOA. There are way more inconsistencies than just these. If the players could produce the merchandise they claim to have gotten then they would have a case, but the players can't even prove they had merchandise and their own families and coaches are saying they didn't get anything. There's a reason RR is filing lawsuits against players and sending the requests to the NCAA.
Sales records can prove exactly that. These stores don't just get unlimited supplies of merchandise items. They're not just knitting these jerseys and hats in the back room. They had to get them from a supplier. They will have records showing how many they had, how many they sold and how many they have left. If the records match up, it literally proves that LL and KJ lied.
Purchase records is a broad term. It's not hard for Rebel Rags to pull up the list of material they have/had in their inventory and compare it to their sales records to show where the material is/was. If they say they only had X amount of jerseys in stock, sold Y amount of jerseys and now have Z amount left in stock, they have themselves covered.
What you forgot to mention is that Merkel claims to have sent the NCAA hundreds of pages of documents to disprove LL and KJ."Ole Miss’ response also cited Rebel Rags’ purchase records as proof in an attempt to disprove those claims. Merkel said he sent Sheridan hundreds of pages worth of documentary evidence, which he claims disprove allegation No. 9."
I've fallen asleep at the wheel before (lack of sleep related, not substance related) and it's scary as hell. Still, it's pretty irresponsible to take medication and drive if there's a warning on the bottle about operating heavy machinery.
I'm sure there are more than enough QB's that will verify Marquis Haynes can lay the wood. He's just so quick off the edge that he's nearly in a full sprint when he makes contact.
I believe what he's trying to say is that OM has a written set of guidelines on compliance, several compliance programs and every coach must take a compliance course. Louisville's coach said that he "felt it was the assistant coach's responsibility to make sure everyone was being compliant" and the assistant said he was never told that it was his responsibility. Everyone at OM, even Barney Farrar, said that Freeze is a stickler for compliance and stressed it to his staff on a daily basis. That, I believe, is going to be the difference.
Bleaux Long, I suggest you geaux read the NOA before anymore diarrhea comes spewing out of your mouth. There is only ONE accusation of a "pay for play" in the NOA, which was made by a MSU player and has more holes in it than a box of donuts. The only 5* player with any issues was Tunsil, and God forbid he kept a loaner car a little too long and slept on a coach's couch for two nights.
HUGE difference in UL and OM, though. Also, the COI ruled that Pitino did not have a system of compliance in place, which Hugh Freeze does, and that there was a lack of compliance training among his staff. UL was also denied exemplary cooperation because they failed to go beyond the norms of an investigation. OM, on the other hand, was responsible for finding and reporting the majority of the violations that are being used against them. Gonna be interesting to see how the COI rules.
You joke, but I swear I thought that same thing to myself.
I don't know why, but Ole Miss under Freeze has had the absolute worst production in the third quarter of games. Last year, for example, they scored a combined 44 points in the third quarter through 12 games (putting up no points against FSU, Ark, LSU, A&M, Vandy and MSU). Can't figure out how they can score almost at will in the first half and then go so cold after halftime.
To be fair, I'm sure a lot of schools recruited him out of high school and Shirley they're not restricting all of those schools.
Then you have no idea how the legal system works. Also, the standard of proof in a civil case is WAY lower than in criminal cases. If OM disassociates Rebel Rags because of this (which will lead to them losing all of their licensing with the university, and by a result their business) and the allegations turn out to be false, it's a slam dunk case.
It's not just asking for the receipt, they couldn't even produce the merchandise. The falsely claimed the store used security tags, which RR doesn't even use. They said "Emily" gave them the merchandise, when nobody named Emily worked for the store. The stores records show that no purchases matching the descriptions that they gave were ever made. Like I've said, the store owner wouldn't risk putting himself in more trouble unless he could back it up.
Do you really think that Rebel Rags isn't prepared to testify under oath? You don't file a lawsuit calling someone a liar unless you can prove you are right and they did in fact lie. Go read the responses to the NOA and you will see where Rebel Rags has already given plenty of evidence to back up their claims that they didn't give recruits anything.
I would have to think that this lawsuit could be worth millions of dollars. If Rebel Rags gets disassociated, don't they lose all of their merchandise rights to OM apparel? They could sue Lewis and Jones for the estimated lost revenue. I keep seeing people ask what they could get from a couple of 19 year old "kids" and the answer is simple: millions of dollars in future earning that they could potentially make in the NFL.
The main thing to remember in all of this is that the amended NOA all revolves around Leo Lewis and Kobe Jones. Their "new testimonies" are the reasons that the NCAA added LOIC and failure to monitor the the NOA. The University and Hugh Freeze both responded saying as much.
Well, they got it completely wrong with Jeremy Johnson. They can't get any worse by throwing Stidham in the Heisman talk. Maybe he pans out, so I'll hold off on my opinions for now.
Um, I'm pretty sure Forward Rebels has been the Ole Miss fight song since way before the university got all politically correct. I'm not happy with losing Dixie, or From Dixie With Love, but I don't think they were our official songs at any point.
Uh, oh. We might get hammered, but it looks like there could be enough to drag State down with us. LL admitting to getting paid by multiple schools and a phone recording of his mother saying that two other schools offered money and wanted OM to make an offer? If they take LL's testimony against us a fact, they are definitely going to have to take it as fact that two other schools committed major violations.
Just a rumor, but there was a story about a recording left on a voicemail from LL's mom about a bidding war. Supposedly, she says "State gave X amount. LSU gave X amount. How much will Ole Miss give him?" Once again, just a rumor but the Ole Miss response point blank accuses Lewis of blaming Ole Miss and "one other school" for giving him money. My guess: State paid him the most of the three schools (look, we all cheat and we just got outbid) and he's just trying to shift eyes away from his school and onto OM and LSU.