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Wow, I had high hopes for him. He was one of the state of Louisiana’s best tacklers coming out of high school.
Mullen is the reason the Ole Miss/Mississippi State rivalry has been so toxic over the last decade. He always says and does things to provoke a reaction and stir up the fans. It's fine to pump up a rivalry, but he goes to the extreme and then it spills over into the fanbase and the players. Just like how the State players wouldn't shake hands with us two years ago. There's a line between a healthy rivalry and a toxic one and he likes to cross it.
If we're including redshirt freshmen, you have to put Matt Corral on the list. Ole Miss has him and three true freshmen backups.
Man, Mullen is gonna come down hard on him for grabbing her by the neck. He might get a two, maybe even three, play suspension during the first game.
If basketball players are getting $300k deals, then you can imagine that the football players are getting their fair share.
Not only that, but it was already a 2 on 1 fight that his mom and sister started. Watch the entire video. Everyone deserves a second chance, but when people start using the “He was defending his family!” excuse they are completely ignorant of the entire situation.
Nothing will come of this. Wasn't LSU's head coach just reinstated after being caught on tape talking about potential payments? All the schools have to do is investigate internally and claim no violations occurred.
The misconception of marijuana legalization is that because it’s legal you can use it. Not the case. Jobs (and assuming colleges) don’t just allow you to fail drug tests even if it’s legal. Now they wouldn’t have been arrested, but they’ll still have to pass a drug screen to play.
Hey man, Hattiesburg is great. Who doesn’t love getting robbed or shot on a regular basis?
It was a southern heritage group of people that want the state flag displayed on campus again. Also, this “racist” group includes African American members that don’t want history erased. To summarize, there was a racist, mixed raced group of people protesting that the state flag is no longer flown on the grounds of a state funded college. It’s a regular event on campus that people are suddenly making making an issue about.
Curious to see if Matt Corral tops 3000 in the new offense or if we truly turn into a run heavy offense.
Bounds is as big of a State homer as there is. That being said, I'm not saying he's wrong with anything he said regarding the fans and Luke. Bjork must have his head shoulder deep in sand to think there is fan support. I personally don't know a single Ole Miss fan that thinks Luke is capable of coaching this team. In fact, I think there are two guys (Rich Rod and Mike MacIntyre) that will be putting their hat into the mix after next season for the vacant HC job after Luke fails to win 6 games this year.
I don't know about that. You never know how someone will respond to an injury. Take Tony Conner for example. He was being called a high draft pick early in his Ole Miss career until he tore his knee up and was never the same player after that. I'd also say look at Jake Butt a few years ago. He was the top ranked TE in the draft (although not the same as a D-lineman) and went undrafted after his ACL.
Ineligible player. There was only one player ineligible when we beat Bama in 2014 (Tunsil) and he didn't even play in the 2015 game that we won, so yes I would say we could have beaten them without him in 2014.
It still counts as a loss in the record books. You still have the L, but we just don't show it was a W anymore.
I have to make something clear: it still counts as a loss for State in the record books. Nice try, though.
They're not "losses" in the record book for us or wins for y'all. Vacated wins are ruled no contests. It's as if the game was never played. But hey, whatever makes you feel better.
Hopefully Rich Rod will keep the receivers involved. We have four freshmen 4* receivers ready to make an impact (Battle, Moore, Mingo and Jackson).
I don’t know why anyone is surprised by this. I said when they allowed the Ole Miss players to transfer that it was going to open the flood gates for more players.
Dude, seriously? The girl was laying on her back after just getting beaten by two other women before he goes over there and starts punching her. The girl was already beaten and the fight was over at that point. It was bad, regardless of what team you pull for.
I think they could be successful in another year or two if Matt stays out of the way and lets them run their offense/defense how they want.
He was fine in SEC play considering our offensive style last year and a lack of defense forcing us to play from behind most games. He had 4.9 YPC in conference with only one carry against A&M, none against Vandy and 4 against MSU. He might not be setting the world on fire, but he’s one of the better backs we’ve had in a decade and should get more carries this year in RR’s offense. His in conference stats are comparable to Nick Brossette, Elijah Holyfield and Lamical Perine with 3 fewer games.
No running fame? We return a back that had over 900 yards and missed the last two games. Offensive line loses two starters. Not saying we’re gonna be better than this year, but it won’t be because of the offense.
All of my shotguns have safeties right near the trigger guard. I don’t think it’s outside of the realm of possibility that a dog could step on the safety and then the trigger in a near simultaneous motion.
Hard to pass up that deal if he is drafted in the top 10 overall like many expect him to be. I could see him playing both sports in college if he falls a little or signing his MLB contract and just playing football.
Clemson bound. That's been the rumblings around the message boards for a few weeks.
I don't think there is anything wrong with the current rule, but I wouldn't mind seeing them limit it to one timeout. There was a game not long ago that saw two or three timeouts on the same attempt and that was pretty ridiculous considering he made all of them.
You absolutely can blame him when his only job is to kick field goals. The one aspect of the game that he is solely responsible for and he didn't do it. If a QB throws an interception to end the game, he gets blamed. Yes, it is a team game, but a kicker is a special circumstance because his job as part of the team is to make those kicks. The team put him in a position to succeed, got him in position, blocked the defenders and gave him time to kick. He missed.