SEC-ond to none

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Most teams don’t process their 4th highest rated recruit in their class, especially when you are trying to sign 5 WR’s this year. Whatever helps you feel better I guess.
So you’re saying Dabo will play a backup offensive lineman against a team they’re expected to destroy, but not his star QB against Notre Dame? You’re an idiot.
The Ole Miss defense is the cure for your offensive ailments. Can’t run the ball well? Play Ole Miss. Not passing well? Play Ole Miss. I think it is smart to go with the QB that grasps the offense better, as it will likely come down to execution and taking what Ole Miss gives them.
We’re not saying they didn’t, but the only questionable call that cost auburn points was the holding on the kickoff. Was it a hold? It was closer, but it’s been said that you can call holding on every play. Did the ball touch the finger? To any viewer watching the replay without orange and blue glasses on, clearly.
The reason that was such a bad call is because with that TD Ole Miss is driving to get in FG range with 1 minute left vs driving to try and force overtime with a TD of their own. The SEC has to have the worst officials in any major conference. They should clean house and hire the nearest pop warner crew.
I knew Ole Miss was going to get hit. Kiffin almost never has his mask on.
Totally different styles of offense. Rich Rod hand picked Plumlee to be his QB. Remember, Ole Miss did not offer Plumlee at QB under Phil Longo. Longo wanted Corral and only after Rich Rod came in did Ole Miss offer Plumlee at QB. I'm not sure as to how Rich Rod was at developing QB's before arriving at Ole Miss, but I know Kiffin has seemingly always improved his QB's in little to no time at all. Corral always had the talent, he just needed the coaching and the scheme to help him.
It was a sneeze. He was blinking the mist out of his eyes.*
I can’t see him being a legit QB anywhere unless he goes to a triple option team. Love him to death, but the passing just is not there. He’s electric with the ball, but a QB can’t be run first and expect to win consistently.
I mean he’s good and all, but you can’t go drafting a guy in the first round if he can’t dominate the three cone drill (sarcasm).
Um... that theory is pointless since the NCAA approved blanket waivers for fall sports eligibility. This season is basically a free year for fall athletes. “The NCAA Board of Governors took a landmark step on Friday by approving a measure that will grant an extra year of eligibility to all fall sports athletes. Even athletes who compete this fall will be eligible for an extra year under the rule, which was recommended earlier this week by the Division I Council.“
I think the Steelers would be a dynamic fit for him. He can be that every down back like Bell was for them.
80 TD’s!? You might want to reevaluate that number. I think it’s closer to 30 than 80.
Reading comprehension must not be your strong suit. Those were listed as allegations. Totals are accounted based on what the NCAA estimates them (said couch sleeping was deemed as around a $350 benefit if I recall). There were no punishments for cash given to players by anyone except for Leo Lewis (who conveniently claims he got $10k from us and State, but could only account for a total of $10k). No charges in the punishment handed down equated pay for play. Go read the final list. It’s long, so it make take you a few years.
And for the record, the “sleeping on a couch” got us two level 1’s and a show cause. Also got a level 1 for a player getting a ride on a golf cart across campus.
And I still laugh when I challenge people to find any “pay for play” allegations, which was the whole basis for the investigation. Go ahead, I’ll wait.
Handing out cash to players: level 3. Letting a player sleep on a coach’s couch: level 1. What has more value: $2000 or one night on a defensive line coach’s couch? Must’ve been a really nice couch.
“At no time were allegations of physical or sexual assault brought against Derrius during his years as a student athlete at LSU,” “ The outlet reportedly found records of both women sharing their experiences with LSU — including informing two unnamed football coaches, an athletics administrator and a nurse.” Ok, so who’s lying? USA Today or Guice because apparently they have documents showing that they made it known. Did LSU try to cover it up?
The one thing that could let this one get away from State is if they can’t sustain drives. They are putting in a whole new high tempo offense and they lost a lot on defense. If they can sustain drives they can keep it close, but with so little practice Leach already said they will have to simplify the offense.
Florida also tends to play close games in SEC openers. Both teams could come out sloppy or both could come out and put up points. I like the under, but barely.
This spread only makes sense to me if you are talking history. Florida hasn’t won an SEC opener by more than 8 points since Kentucky in 2016. Ole Miss returns almost all of their offense. If Ole Miss gets any kind of defensive help this game could be a shootout and I could see a Florida win by 10 point or less.
Exactly. No draft eligible player would risk playing that close to the draft.
Let’s be real here, it’s not about what doctors are advising them. He’s full of it if he acts like there’s not a political pull to play or not play in the PAC 12 just like the SEC/ACC/Big 12. Red states want to play to prove Trump right and blue states want to keep the virus as relevant as possible until the election.
I don't see how a spring season is even possible. Draft eligible players will have no chance to play and you can't convince me that you will have schools playing 2 seasons in the same year. That sounds a bit out there for me. I would bet on a complete cancellation of football for the Big 10 and PAC 12 before a spring season.
My argument is that football is a dangerous game regardless. Every snap you play you risk life and limb. If you are more scared of a virus with a 99% recorvery rate than you are of dealing with lifetime injuries like knee pain, concussions or paralysis then you probably shouldn't be playing football to begin with.
I fail to see how wanting to play football is the same as "tucking tail and running" from the conference. If the B10 wanted to play, but Nebraska wanted to sit out, then I would consider that running. Nebraska never said they want to leave the B10, only that they want to play football regardless of what the rest of the conference does.
Some people hate Bama, some people hate LSU, some people hate every team but their own....everyone hates the thought of not having a football season and I can't help but agree with Saban.
smithdk4 I am stealing "feces spectacular" from you lol I've never heard that one.
But we have had a season in a swine flu outbreak. I think we are handling this 100x's better in terms of precautions and general awareness, but let's not go crazy and cancel the season for something like this. Wear masks, limit fans, do whatever it takes. Let's play ball.