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When you say Mike McCarthy revived Brett Favre’s career, do you mean by driving him out of Green Bay? Favre only played two years for him and then got pushed out the door.
Common misconception about academics and student athletes. While admissions standards may vary widely from school to school for any regular student, student athletes academic admissions are not that different from one school to the next.
You realize Norvell is at FSU now, right? You’ve got better odds of luring Urban Meyer out of retirement than buying out JoMo and Norvell’s contracts at the same time.
Tunsil honorable mention? The dude gave up two sacks his entire career and is a bookend LT in the pros right now.
Everyone excited about this hire should go look at the Ole Miss run game under Freeze. It was horrible outside of the one year that Bicknell took over the o-line. Almost every Ole Miss fan wanted him fired back then when he was just a position coach.
Firing Luke was absolutely the right call. Why wait another year? Have you seen our schedule? We're almost a lock to start out 1-5 next year and then he's going to have to upset Florida, A&M or State to pull off that 6th win assuming we beat Vandy and Arkansas. No way he would survive another sub .500 season. Why kick the can down the road when you can start over now?
Or the fact that Luke came out and more or less defended Moore. Saying, "That's not who we are," after the same thing has happened before under your watch must mean it absolutely is who we are. He's too much of a friend to the players and not enough of a coach.
What kind of safe space, snowflake kinda rule is this? Sounds like State officials are prepping for a loss and don’t want to have it rubbed in their face.
I think all of these people saying he shouldn’t have played are idiots. He was medically cleared and it was a new injury. If he goes out there and aggravates an existing injury, fine, but that kind of freak injury can happen to any player in any game. When was the last time you saw a player go out with a dislocated hip? Question leaving him in the game all you want, but to question why he even played is beyond stupid.
Southeast Missouri, Middle Tennessee, Georgia Southern should be wins, should win against Vandy and Arkansas, so that leaves one more. Who?
For anyone who thinks this isn't a big deal to Ole Miss, my first college football game was in '03 against LSU. We have a picture of a church billboard with "Go to Hell LSU" on it. Whether we're playing LSU or not, during every national anthem, someone shouts GTH LSU. That being said, we lose this one.
Don't rule out Hugh Freeze. Someone is going to get him eventually.
This will be the end of the NCAA’s amateur model. There is nothing to stop boosters and bag men from paying players now. It will be completely legal for a player to sign an autographed picture of himself and a booster pay him $20,000 or whatever the cost may be for said picture, with absolutely no repercussions from the NCAA as long as it is technically paying for the student’s likeness.
I would gladly take another season without a bowl game if it meant getting rid of Matt Luke. The only one of the main 3 I hope we're able to keep is MacIntyre.
This video is a strong indication of how we’re failing children as a nation. It’s not a gun violence issue, it’s an emotional support issue. Watch the kid when the teacher wraps his arms around him (instead of wrestling him to the ground) and you will see everything you need to know about the situation. The kid wraps his arms around the teacher almost like that’s all he wanted was a hug and for someone to tell him it was going to be alright. It’s a sad world, but that teacher needs to be commended for how he handled this situation.
They’re not protesting how the hire took place, these protesters are upset that they hired a conservative republican. The liberals on campus are upset.
I mean, he blind sided a guy that was already engaged with another lineman. So impressive.
Offensive line was horrific. Receivers were locked down. Corral looked scared. Play calling was mind boggling. That being said, I couldn’t be happier with the defense. Tell me we hold Memphis to 15 before the game and I would’ve told you to seek mental help.
So the players that knowingly allowed the tutor to cheat for them should get off penalty free? Got ya.
I love the double standard between student athletes and regular students. According to State's honor code, regular students get expelled for this type of infraction.
That's a hard no for me wanting him at Ole Miss. He's Chad Kelly drama without the Chad Kelly talent.
I have to respectfully disagree with you. He may not have had eye popping stats at Ole Miss, but he impacted every game by becoming the focus of the other team’s offensive line. The three years he was there were the best statistical defenses we’ve seen in a long time at OM.
You must not know much about Rich Rod's offense. In 2017, Khalil Tate rushed for over 1400 yards on 153 attempts. Brandon Dawkins went for over 900 yards on 131 carries in 2016. If he has a mobile QB, RR is gonna let him roll.
No love for Matt Corral? If the spring game is any indication, 29 of the 59 rushing plays were QB runs.
" The touching by Perine in this case, however, is not only minimal but also is of the sort that society largely accepts as attention getting when someone is facing away from someone else." Largely accepted when getting someone's attention? I'm not saying it was that bad, but grab a police officer by the arm like that and you get shot.
Not trying to take shots or anything, but Vandy has arguably the worst home field advantage in the conference. I’m not sure if stadium upgrades will help get more fans to attend, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.
They’re not a basketball power, but don’t think an NCAA basketball investigation wouldn’t spill over into the football program. Same reason the Clemson assistant coach is on tape talking to an FBI agent about how good the Clemson football program is at cheating. The NCAA isn’t going to do anything to harm its blue bloods. Wonder why North Carolina football got off free? Easy, can’t risk hurting the basketball program.