SEC-ond to none

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There are two species of black bear in Mississippi. The Louisiana black bear is in the southern half of the state.
Yes. Google the history behind the “Teddy Bear” and how the toy came to be. Roosevelt refused to shoot an injured black bear while on a hunt in Mississippi.
They didn’t play 10 regular season games back then or else he would have.
I was giving the benefit of the doubt, as the news hasn’t really broken yet.
Might need to revise #2 there. Rumor has it that Caden Costa is going to miss the Egg Bowl. Just means we definitely won’t kick any FG’s Thursday night.
I missed the part where Corral threw people under the bus or blamed anyone for a bad performance. He is included in the “we” he mentioned and I’m sure he’s the first one that will tell you he could’ve played better himself.
Brobi-Wan, I say $8 million because the Ole Miss AD has already stated last week that negotiations were underway to keep Kiffin. Some insiders have speculated a sum in the $7 million per year range, which is why I say Miami is going to have to improve on that. As to the recruiting, we were 13th in the SEC in recruiting ranking going into December last year and finished with a top 20 class when all was said and done. Kiffin is very selective and this year we are way over scholarship limit. Expect to see a smaller signing class and up to 12 transfers coming in.
So Kiffin couldn’t get Ole Miss into the playoffs with a 12 team expansion? Remind me again where we are right now in the playoff rankings in his second year. Miami is a dumpster fire. They can’t fill a stadium because it’s not on campus and unless they really come off some money $8 million or more) they won’t pay him more than what we will.
The only thing Miami can offer that Ole Miss can’t is an easier schedule every year. Money won’t be an issue.
I don’t think he’ll win, but he should be invited at least. I don’t think another player on the odds list means more to his team than Corral does.
No, he wants to play WR and we are recruiting him at CB. He going to Mississippi State now.
Don’t talk up the injuries and then not take the points your offense gives you. Kick those 3 FG’s inside the 30 and your talking about a 29-28 lead in the 4th instead of down 11.
Absolutely horrible decisions by Kiffin. We’re up 29-28 in the 4th if he kicks the FG’s.
Bo “Mississippi State Homer” Bounds with an Ole Miss opinion is worth less than the hot air he let out to make that statement.
Um, let’s not forget that Vandy had back to back 9 win seasons with James Franklin. So yes, even Vandy can compete with the right coach and decent recruiting.
He’s playing, so unless he gets injured during the game we won’t have to worry about the backup.
I don’t think we could beat Georgia. I think the easiest path in would be to win out, have Bama lose to Georgia and have a few other teams lose games. That said, we would need some remaining opponents to be ranked at end of the year and for us to be sitting at 5 or 6 going into championship weekend. Seems like a lot to ask, but it’s more likely than another Bama loss and us beating Georgia.
Talk about a doomsday scenario. Also, that would be the most Ole Miss situation ever.
Which is why I don’t put much into the “head to head” argument made. If Corral had played a bad game I might, but they both are great QB’s. The difference is that one is on a good team and one is on a great team, which is what the Heisman has turned into.
Now let me ask you, does the outcome of the game change if you switch the teams Young and Corral are on?
Put Corral in an Alabama jersey and I doubt you have that same opinion. It’s easy to be great when you’re surrounded with the best players.
The problem with his entire premise is that he wants an NFL coach to come in and run a college team like an NFL coach. Why do you think college coaches jump to the NFL? So they don’t have to recruit and because NFL players manage themselves. You gonna let a bunch of 18-20 year olds manage themselves and not expect things to go south? Kind of wishful thinking if you ask me.
Did he copy Ted Lasso or did Ted Lasso copy him? Seems like a super likable guy.
I’m confused by this quote. We’re light on the edges so we get winded by tempo?
Sounds like a guy that realized starting 10 games on a terrible defense wasn’t going to keep him from getting replaced by a true freshman.
I mean, usually you bust out an SEC chant when you are beating an out of conference opponent. How is it riding Bama’s coat tails to say that the SEC is the best conference top to bottom. When Ole Miss beat #11 Indiana in the Outback Bowl, wouldn’t an SEC chant be more about saying one of our lower ranked teams is better than your second best? To me that’s more what it’s about than anything else.