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LSUSMC, it said the bulk of the calls occurred between March and July. I highly doubt they were talking that much about Leo Lewis after he already signed with State. Also, someone in the article was sited as saying that they were certain Freeze and the booster did not talk about anything NCAA related.
You can't really be that naive? Nobody is shelling out that kind of money on signing day before a LOI is faxed in. He admitted there were two other schools that paid him, but to say one gave him $10k on signing day and he didn't sign with their team is a stretch.
To your point, immunity is only for the player. If an MSU booster did indeed pay Leo, while y'all were on probation for the same thing, y'all are in a bind. Nobody knows the facts yet, but if you read between the lines in the NOA where Leo says an institution other than Ole Miss, "paid him $1,000 up front and $10,000 on signing day" then you can readily imply that the school paying him on signing day is the school that he signed with.
Wow. Digging a little deep on this one, huh? 200 calls to a personal friend over a two year period raises questions? Freeze must've called Wolken's girlfriend on one of those recruiting trips for him to get this worked up over everything Freeze does. I can't wait for his article on how many squares of toilet paper Freeze uses per wipe.
John, what does it say about the level of talent at Ole Miss when the S&P rankings have is favored in 8 games, with the egg bowl being at toss up at 49%? On paper this team should give everyone fits, but how much does the defense (assuming the offense is still as good as before) need to improve to make those 8 wins come true?
Yeah, the NCAA had been in Oxford for 5 years and they haven't found that by now? Besides, that would be something a staffer would set up not the head coach.
Yeah, I wouldn't call Louisville a powerhouse. I do like the match up, though. Problem is that this game is several years away and you never know what a team is going to look like that far down the road.
It wasn't anything either side did. A criminal case took precedent and the judge tried to reschedule for this week, but of course everyone already had full schedules. There is zero chance this gets thrown out before the discovery phase.
I fail to see any humor in any part of the video. First he does something nice for someone with special needs and then could have been seriously injured. The guy is a class act, but you I'm not so sure about.
Having been to Baton Rouge on game day multiple times (and having most of my family as LSU fans), I vouch for the smell. But the "corn dogs" moniker isn't literally anything to do with corn dogs. The saying is that LSU fans smell like corn dogs, not that they eat corn dogs. If you've been near Death Valley for a tailgate then you know how much the grease smell permeates the air because of everyone frying food. That's where the corn dog insults come from...and I fully vouch for the smell. Still better than the smell on Bourbon Street, though.
Ole Miss may be last on your list for improvement, but it's interesting when you look at he S&P index for our chances in each game. We are favored by more than 60% in 6 games (USA, UTM, CAL, Vandy, Arky and ULL) and are essentially toss ups in three others (56% vs UK, 50% vs A&M, 49% vs MSU). Everyone seems to have written us off, which is understandable, but this team still has a lot of talent and experience throughout the starting 22. Time will tell, but I like our odds.
He has incentives that could potentially drive his yearly payout as high as $1.82 million. He tops out over the next three years at almost $2.5 millions (that includes base + incentives). If we offered $4 million it would basically double his potential salary with guaranteed money. That'll make any coach look a little harder.
Pipe dream candidate: Larry Fedora. Dude only makes $460k base salary at UNC and has been a success everywhere he's been. If NCAA sanctions aren't much more than the ones proposed, I say it makes it an it easier to hire someone.
Money talks. If we don't get a second year ban, I think a lot of the negative feelings go away. Any coach that comes in will do so with the understanding that they will have several seasons to rebuild and run the program. I believe, much like the recruits, that any potential coaches that may be interested are going to hold off until the NCAA decision.
Who says we need some old, washed up coach just because he has "experience" as a HC. I would go for Larry Fedora. He's making $460,000 per year in base salary, with added bonuses that could total $1.83 million. We can throw $3-$4 million at him and give him something to think about. If we went with a coordinator, my first choices would be Matt Canada or Dave Arranda. Freeze didn't have D1 HC experience and he did pretty well on the field.
Glad I wasn't the only person who thought that could've been phrased better.
I will burn my Ole Miss gear on Facebook live if that happens.
Wow. What's the point of getting a degree if it's basically worthless?
Wilkins spent the end of practice jogging on the sidelines without pads. He indicated that he was fine and it's probably just a minor sprain.
If the scenario you laid out happens, Sumlin is gone by the time the BYE week ends.
He doesn't have any inside information. The AD and Chancellor sat right there on national television and said it was "a pattern of troubling behavior" that got Freeze canned. Pawl saying there's more to the story is like saying water is wet.
Nutt is trying to save face now that he realizes his lawsuit is without merit. He thought there was a clause in his contract that prevented Ole Miss from making any negative statements about his tenure there, but it has since been revealed that there was no such clause in his contract. Now he's grasping at straws trying not to look even more like an idiot. He just paid one of the most high priced attorneys he could find just to get an apology? Either he's that stupid or he has mental problems.
You wasted that pick. Jacksonville's line is hot garbage. They haven't had a 1000 yard rusher since 2011 and haven't had anyone come close since Yeldon had 750 in 2015. Nobody even had 500 last season.
Clearly your "higher learning" didn't include reading. Read the lawsuit and you will find that Nutt's suit is literally claiming that a breach of contract occurred because he believes there is a clause in his contract that prohibits Ole Miss “from making any statement relative to Coach Nutt’s tenure at Ole Miss that may damage or harm his reputation as a football coach.”. Ole Miss officials claim there was no clause in his contract that would protect him from such language. Which means his suit is filed under false pretenses and is the reason Ole Miss officials feels confident that the case will be dismissed. Try reading all of the information available before you try to play keyboard warrior again.
They must have finally realized that there was no clause in Nutt's contract that would give them grounds for a defamation suit. Ross Bjork stated emphatically that the school was confident they would win the case. Nutt's money is just drying up and Mars wants to get paid for the work he's doing now and not in ten years.
Please, on all that is holy, let Dave give them all the advice he can. Dave: "Well, you see the key to any good defensive scheme is your cornerbacks." Kane: "Cornerbacks, huh? What about them?" Dave: "Ten yard cushions. Let the receiver catch the ball all he wants and then you try to make him make a mistake." Kane: "Really, Dad?"