SEC-ond to none

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Yes they were and the internet was having a blast laughing at them making faces as he repeated missed on deep balls by 5-10 yards.
You should actually read the article before you claim her story has holes in it. This wasn’t at a saints game, it was at the Louisiana high school championship games (which were played in the Super Dome). This wasn’t at a saints game with a high police presence. Besides that, LSU has already admitted that the event happened, but they claim that she never spoke directly to Orgeron. The only reason she even came forward is because the report uncovered this during the investigation.
Bro, who do you think was the head coach at the time? You telling me the head coach isn't informed when players get in trouble and sexual assault/harassment charges are brought against them?
Winning was more important than punishing Guice for harassing a 70 year old woman the night before the game. He's only "deeply saddened and disappointed" that the report was released.
Then you have Guice harassing a 70 year old woman and receiving no punishment. The woman requested they suspend him from some games and Coach O told her to kick rocks.
Maybe they’re protesting outside the football facility because there were close to a dozen assault accusations leveled against football players. Everyone is trying to play this off like it was long ago under Miles, but there are accusations in the Coach O era with no consequences.
If Elijah Moore was 3 inches taller he’d be a guaranteed first rounder.
That kid is tough as nails. If he keeps his work ethic and keeps grinding, he’ll be a great one.
What does it say about O’s evaluation when he was bragging preseason about how much better the defense was this year compared to last?
No, they actually got pushed out of the playoffs by the Big 10. Had they been allowed to go to the Big 10 championship game and won, they had an argument for a playoff seed over Notre Dame. The conference was just desperate to get Ohio State in there.
We’re looking at you, Mississippi State. Take one for the team.
Corral is a young Brett Favre. Arm strength for days, but questionable decision making at times. Can throw 5 INTs or 5 TDs and make you hold your breath every time he drops back. He’s just young and you have to remember this is his first full (if you can say that) season as the starter. He also had his top 4 weapons out by the time the fourth quarter rolled around (Moore, Yeboah, Ealy, Sanders). He’ll be one of the best next year as long as his receiving corps takes a step forward.
Well, Ole Miss really hasn’t been known for our defensive adjustments this season. Just keep on rushing 3 and letting them pick you apart in zone.
That’s really not saying much against our defense. I think we’ve allowed records in every game we’ve played this year.
Most teams don’t process their 4th highest rated recruit in their class, especially when you are trying to sign 5 WR’s this year. Whatever helps you feel better I guess.
So you’re saying Dabo will play a backup offensive lineman against a team they’re expected to destroy, but not his star QB against Notre Dame? You’re an idiot.
The Ole Miss defense is the cure for your offensive ailments. Can’t run the ball well? Play Ole Miss. Not passing well? Play Ole Miss. I think it is smart to go with the QB that grasps the offense better, as it will likely come down to execution and taking what Ole Miss gives them.
We’re not saying they didn’t, but the only questionable call that cost auburn points was the holding on the kickoff. Was it a hold? It was closer, but it’s been said that you can call holding on every play. Did the ball touch the finger? To any viewer watching the replay without orange and blue glasses on, clearly.
The reason that was such a bad call is because with that TD Ole Miss is driving to get in FG range with 1 minute left vs driving to try and force overtime with a TD of their own. The SEC has to have the worst officials in any major conference. They should clean house and hire the nearest pop warner crew.
I knew Ole Miss was going to get hit. Kiffin almost never has his mask on.
Totally different styles of offense. Rich Rod hand picked Plumlee to be his QB. Remember, Ole Miss did not offer Plumlee at QB under Phil Longo. Longo wanted Corral and only after Rich Rod came in did Ole Miss offer Plumlee at QB. I'm not sure as to how Rich Rod was at developing QB's before arriving at Ole Miss, but I know Kiffin has seemingly always improved his QB's in little to no time at all. Corral always had the talent, he just needed the coaching and the scheme to help him.
It was a sneeze. He was blinking the mist out of his eyes.*
I can’t see him being a legit QB anywhere unless he goes to a triple option team. Love him to death, but the passing just is not there. He’s electric with the ball, but a QB can’t be run first and expect to win consistently.
I mean he’s good and all, but you can’t go drafting a guy in the first round if he can’t dominate the three cone drill (sarcasm).
Um... that theory is pointless since the NCAA approved blanket waivers for fall sports eligibility. This season is basically a free year for fall athletes. “The NCAA Board of Governors took a landmark step on Friday by approving a measure that will grant an extra year of eligibility to all fall sports athletes. Even athletes who compete this fall will be eligible for an extra year under the rule, which was recommended earlier this week by the Division I Council.“
I think the Steelers would be a dynamic fit for him. He can be that every down back like Bell was for them.
80 TD’s!? You might want to reevaluate that number. I think it’s closer to 30 than 80.
Reading comprehension must not be your strong suit. Those were listed as allegations. Totals are accounted based on what the NCAA estimates them (said couch sleeping was deemed as around a $350 benefit if I recall). There were no punishments for cash given to players by anyone except for Leo Lewis (who conveniently claims he got $10k from us and State, but could only account for a total of $10k). No charges in the punishment handed down equated pay for play. Go read the final list. It’s long, so it make take you a few years.
And for the record, the “sleeping on a couch” got us two level 1’s and a show cause. Also got a level 1 for a player getting a ride on a golf cart across campus.