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Based on the original lawsuit, they are likely named as one of the co-conspirators in the NCAA scheme against Ole Miss, whereby Rebel Rags was accused of providing free merchandise. Rebel Rags supposedly provided hundreds of pages of documents showing that no free merchandise was ever given away and, according to RR, the NCAA dismissed the evidence because they already had witness statements from Leo Lewis and Kobe Jones (who are already named in the lawsuit). They named the new defendants as part of the conspiracy because they feel they can show that there was collusion between all parties to use RR as a means to hurt Ole Miss.
This article is pointless. Roach already told the Ole Miss staff he was staying and declined Bama’s offer.
She's probably just worried that her son is going to spend the majority of his career blocking for whatever QB Dan Mullen has running the ball every game.
Man if I were a bailiff I’d at least let the guy get a swing or two in. Just pretend you’re yawing or something.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Moorehead’s offense rely less on QB runs that Mullen’s did? No way Fitz excels in an offense that requires him to throw way more than he runs. He has a 55% career competition percentage, 6.7 yards per attempt and a 39/21 TD to interception count. Yeah, that’s top of the league quality if you ask me.
Star QB at FSU accused of domestic violence? They'll probably arrest her and erect a statue of him on campus.
Did you even watch the video? The ref wasn’t going for the ball, he grabbed Snell by the jersey and was trying to pull him up. Troll on, though.
I know it’s just marijuana, but how hard is it to just stay away from the stuff? Seriously people, is it worth jeopardizing a career over? If it’s illegal (which I don’t think it should be) then don’t have it.
The inside of the stadium cheered loudly. Nobody cares about the snowflakes hanging around outside. #fakenews
World's slowest security response. Thank god they weren't carrying weapons trying to attack anyone.
Any list that does not have Dan Mullen as Cousin Eddie is instantly invalid.
Keep your eyes on that 2019 class. The state of Mississippi is loaded with talent that year and Luke already has that class in his sights. Sanctions won't hurt that bad because it's only a few scholarships this year and next.
He can still go pro in baseball and play football. AJ Brown did it. Being a first round pick in baseball doesn't mean you'll get to the majors, so a lot of these dual sport kids sign and play football hoping to get drafted into the NFL.
I could be wrong, but I believe that was an SEC rule that was implemented this year. It may be the entire NCAA, though.
Essentially over? Ta'amu came in right before halftime and marched down the field for a FG. It was a one possession game at halftime. Who knows how it would have turned out if he played the entire second half instead of a one legged Patterson.
How could the investigation be "well underway" if the school got the notification the same weekend that the 2016 class was getting ready to sign? Tunsil's draft night events didn't happen until months later. The only new penalty that the school didn't impose is the second bowl ban. I'm saying if that gets overturned, what is the basis for a transfer waiver?
Van Jefferson is also reportedly considering a transfer. He would be a real loss to the WR depth chart, IMO. Nixon just doesn't look like a realistic option within the next season and was already losing playing time to true freshman Braylen Sanders. He has talent to play somewhere else, but the roster at WR is too deep for Nixon to contribute until guys like Brown, Lodge and Metcalf leave.
Two questions I'm not seeing asked: 1.) The parents are claiming they were lied to on the recruiting visit in 2016, but at the time there was no possible way for Ole Miss to know that the Tunsil draft night debacle was going to bring on more investigation and lead to a bowl ban. How can they say the coaching staff purposely lied to them about the severity of the sanctions/penalties when they themselves had no idea? Based on the initial NOA, the school had no plans on imposing a bowl ban or receiving a second one. 2.) If Ole Miss wins their bowl ban appeal, will any players allowed to freely transfer then be required to redshirt after transferring (assuming they are granted a waiver)?
I have to agree with you here. While I hate to see him transfer, I understand that it's probably got more to do with his playing time than anything else. Nixon lost snaps as the season went on to freshman Braylon Sanders and he may see the field more at another school. However, there's a really good chance that the NCAA grants Ta'amu another year of eligibility and that he would be the QB Nixon's junior year.
Duration of his career? He has 3 years left to play 2. If Ole Miss gets the 2018 bowl overturned then there will be no penalties in effect for the 2018 season.
This transfer does not relate to the penalties. Only seniors are allowed to freely transfer. Wherever Patterson goes he will still have to sit out unless he is granted a waiver by the NCAA. Ever team in America puts certain restrictions on transfer players (including LSU with John Diarse and Trey Quinn). It's a part of football and nothing Ole Miss is doing is anything special.
Lewis was granted "limited immunity" for his testimony. That does not protect his school from any penalties, only him. However, his immunity can be revoked at any time if the NCAA determines he gave false testimony.
He went 6-6 with the easiest schedule we've had in years and the most talented roster in OM history. Got murdered by Bama and Auburn. Played a one legged Patterson over Ta'amu against LSU. He needed a last second play to beat Kentucky. Blew a 30 point lead to the worst team in the conference. Almost blew a 20 point lead against State. Please, tell me more about the great job he did.
Our AD literally just told the entire team that they would, "be surprised at all of the coaches that wanted this job," and then he hired Luke? Either he's lying to everyone about the interest in the job or an idiot for hiring Luke.
We still beat you with an incompetent coach doing everything he can to throw the game. Dan just left because he couldn't take losing to big brother anymore.
Outside of upsetting a rival in the last game of the year, what was your favorite Matt Luke moment? Beating Vandy or Kentucky? Blowing a 30 point lead against Arkansas? 66-3 against Bama?
6-6 ain't terrible, until you realize you could easily have been 9-3 with a halfway competent coach. Luke blew Cal, Arkansas and A&M. Not to mention he almost blows a 20 point lead to State calling that stupid timeout with 15 seconds before halftime that gave State 3 points. Who knows how LSU turns out if he leaves Ta'amu in instead of a one-legged Patterson. Luke was a liability when he coached the O-line and he's a liability as a HC.
Everyone is happy that Luke got 6 wins, but I'm over here wondering why he didn't win the Cal, Arkansas and A&M games (or leave Ta'amu in for the second half against LSU)? Should have been 9-3 this year if he makes the right calls/adjustments.