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I agree, but it wouldn't be the first time. Not quite the 6th pick, but Detroit took Eric Ebron for their first pick a few years ago (pick number 9 or 10).
Ole Miss: Blowing 20 point leads against top ranked teams since 2016.
Wow. I was expecting him to be a lot less lean than that. That guy has potential if he has the speed to match the size.
There are too many downsides to firing Freeze, IMO. 1.) There's still a chance that the LOIC gets dropped. 2.) Nothing says that they still won't give us a second year ban even if Freeze is let go. 3.) We could lose a lot of players to transfer (which could still happen with a multi year ban). 4.) What kind of a proven coach will you be able to get to come to your program going through NCAA troubles? I say it's best to just ride out the storm and give Freeze more time. If he can get us from a 2-10 season to a 10-3 season in 4 years (critics will say he cheated to do that) I think he could manage to get everything back on track after it's all said and done.
Cam Akers never had Ole Miss on his radar? You literally just made me decide to stop reading your articles. The kid took nearly a dozen unofficial visits to the school over the past two years, but he really never had any interest in the school? No wonder your writing gets so much criticism.
And just where did they hire his brother away from? That's right, he was at LSU. Hard to point fingers when you tried to do the exact same thing (and for the record, there is nothing in NCAA regulations about hiring his brother).
I love how people always seem to forget the natural in's that Ole Miss had in the 2013 class. Tony Conner came from Batesville (practically Oxford's back yard), Laquon Treadwell's best friend was on the Ole Miss roster already and so was Robert's brother. Tunsil was the only one without a direct tie to the university. So essentially you have 3 recruits with strong ties to the school and one random five star and it's obvious cheating. I'll remind everyone that there is absolutely ZERO allegations of any incentives given to those 4 players in return for them signing with OM (Tunsil is the only one accused of a violation and that was well into his OM career).
Well for one it involves family (who love their team and are major supporters of that program) and I believe that every school does it and that it's just part of the process. I have an issue with the snitching aspect of it all WAYYYY more than the actual cheating.
So you're saying I should report LSU? I personally know and have witnessed multiple level 1 violations revolving around boosters I am related to.
The biggest thing in all of this to me is the precedent being set. I suspect we'll start seeing a lot more rival schools turning in one another over recruiting violations after this. The SEC commissioner should have stepped in an put a stop to this "immunity" deal. How many recruits do Auburn and Bama go head to head for each year? Get ready for the whole "Auburn did this" and "Bama gave me that" fiasco.
Hindsight is useless. Every sportswriter in the country said he had to come back to repair his image and have a shot at getting drafted. Now it's a different story.
But was he ever arrested for these incidents? Cam Robinson was caught with weed and a stolen gun and got an invite.
Add Evan Engram to that 2013 class to put the cherry on top.
Forget the Tahoe, we need to find out if any other Ole Miss players crashed on a coach's couch for a night or two. Level 1's baby!
Gotta give it up for the Always Sunny name.
That's fact, not opinion. He returns more total offensive yards per game than everyone but Jackson. Look it up. As for making the list, I was pretty clear that it was a small (3 game) sample size and just my biased opinion.
I know it's a small sample size, and I'm probably a bit biased, but Shea Patterson has to be one of the top 25 players. The D1 quarterback returning more offense per game than him is Lamar Jackson.
Some team is gonna get a Tunsil type steal with this one. The only thing that might be different is that Tunsil's incident was as a freshman and wasn't a persistent problem.
I'd put my money on Starkville or LSU.
Maybe he just means that the guy is really handsome.