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I wouldn't be against seeing Ole Miss incorporate the powder blue into the actual uniform itself (jersey, pant stripes, etc.) like the baseball team does.
Living on the Mississippi coast, there are plenty of casinos already taking people's money. Adding sports betting just to their list only keeps us from having to do it illegally through a bookie.
I'm sure Mullen will say he was just protecting his family. Might even make him sit out for a practice.
Now tell me, doesn’t that look like the face of an honest kid that would never tell a lie about a rival school?
So you're saying Patterson was afraid of competing with Ta'amu, but isn't afraid to go into a Michigan program that has multiple 4 and 5 star QB's on the roster and compete against them? Ok.
Marquis Haynes went to the Panthers in the 4th round.I'm shocked at some of the names on the list.
No I remember, but Freeze had no idea about that until the NOA was handed down. Kind of hard to lie about something you don't even know is happening.
Because Jefferson can't claim he was misled about an investigation during his recruitment. How are you going to say you were misled about an investigation that wasn't even taking place when you signed?
How will Van Jefferson benefit from it? He was in the class before Patterson.
I had an Ole Miss groom's cake. My tiger uncle had the baker bake it with purple and gold cake. When I cut the first piece half of the people there screamed, "Geaux tigers!" I still can't live that one down.
That's where you're wrong. The scope of the investigation changed AFTER the 2016 class signed. The coaching staff was going off of information presented in the initial Notice of Allegations. The bowl ban was only put in place AFTER the second NOA was handed down that summer. There's an argument to be made that Freeze never lied because nobody knew about the second letter until Leo Lewis was interviewed by the NCAA.
Well I say "should" because we actually "did" beat Bama both years. Typically, you beat Bama and you're in the driver's seat for the West. In 2015, we beat Bama, Auburn, LSU, A&M and State for the first time in the same season, only to lose to Arkansas and Florida. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.
To be perfectly honest, I think he grossly under achieved at Ole Miss. He should have won SEC West championships in 2014 and 2015 (which means he cost us two shots at the playoffs). The last time we were even in serious contention for the West was 2003.
Imagine if he had been 100% focused on football instead of chasing tail. Not only would he have never lost a game to State, but he very well could've notched SEC championships in '14 and '15.
Everyone needs to leave these "kids" alone and cut them some slack. They've been out there in the heat playing a sport while the rest of us are sitting in the air conditioner...or at least that's what judges tell us when they get arrested.
Ok, can we stop and take a moment to appreciate the epic mullet appearance at .04 of the video?
I'm fully aware of what they say and the stance Ole Miss has taken. They cannot go along with Patterson's request for a waiver due to the claim that he was misled and lied to. Ole Miss is still in an appeals process with the NCAA and to go along with Patterson's waiver request would mean that Ole Miss has to admit that they intentionally misled recruits, which we have denied already.
It's not that Ole Miss is disagreeing with giving Patterson a waiver, it's disagreeing with the argument that Patterson should get a waiver because he was misled. His own brother was on staff during his recruitment. Was his brother misleading him, too? Patterson's entire argument can be squashed simply by saying that at the time of his signing with Ole Miss the university had no knowledge of the amended NOA that led to the additional bowl ban, which wasn't presented to the school until well after signing day.
It's called denying that a player was misled. It's okay for a player to transfer and sling mud at the school, but not okay for the school to defend itself? The kid's brother was on the coaching staff throughout his entire recruitment. Is he saying his own brother misled him?
Because we are fighting for the repeal of our bowl ban. Why make yourself look worse by admitting that you purposely misled recruits.
Based on the original lawsuit, they are likely named as one of the co-conspirators in the NCAA scheme against Ole Miss, whereby Rebel Rags was accused of providing free merchandise. Rebel Rags supposedly provided hundreds of pages of documents showing that no free merchandise was ever given away and, according to RR, the NCAA dismissed the evidence because they already had witness statements from Leo Lewis and Kobe Jones (who are already named in the lawsuit). They named the new defendants as part of the conspiracy because they feel they can show that there was collusion between all parties to use RR as a means to hurt Ole Miss.
This article is pointless. Roach already told the Ole Miss staff he was staying and declined Bama’s offer.
She's probably just worried that her son is going to spend the majority of his career blocking for whatever QB Dan Mullen has running the ball every game.
Man if I were a bailiff I’d at least let the guy get a swing or two in. Just pretend you’re yawing or something.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Moorehead’s offense rely less on QB runs that Mullen’s did? No way Fitz excels in an offense that requires him to throw way more than he runs. He has a 55% career competition percentage, 6.7 yards per attempt and a 39/21 TD to interception count. Yeah, that’s top of the league quality if you ask me.
Star QB at FSU accused of domestic violence? They'll probably arrest her and erect a statue of him on campus.
Did you even watch the video? The ref wasn’t going for the ball, he grabbed Snell by the jersey and was trying to pull him up. Troll on, though.