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The announcers can say what they want, but that was DEFINITELY pass interference on that drive. The WR’s right arm was being held down and he couldn’t even attempt to catch the pass. So that’s why the back judge threw the flag because he could see it and not the official on the sideline.
I was literally at the game and heard the whistle. Why would the refs say they accidentally blew the whistle if none had blown one? You could see everyone stop, State players included.
All in all the play had no bearing on the play (as the old saying goes, the ball don’t lie), but at the time it was horribly devastating. I think why most people were upset was because the initial call was an “inadvertent whistle, replay first down” and then they reviewed and changed the call completely. You can see every player stop before the fumble recovery, so how can you call it an inadvertent whistle and then overturn that? How can you give State the ball when the Ole Miss players were giving up on the play because a whistle was blown?
The biggest problem with reading anything on this site is that there is very little knowledge of the schools these “writers” try to write about. First, Kiffin is the 11th highest paid coach in the country at $7.3 million per year (without factoring in all of the bonuses he could collect). I’ve heard his new contract offer could move him closer to $9 million. That would move him into the top 8 if true. The only thing that hurts Ole Miss financially is the state law limiting contracts to 4 years maximum. Second, Kiffin has said he expects to need $5-$6 million dollars in NIL to keep recruits and bring in new ones. As of yesterday, the Grove Collective has surpassed $10 million and is around 5,000 members strong. Third, attendance is down at every university. Kiffin made the “high school crowd” comment during the Tulsa game. Not to make excuses, but a noon kickoff in high 90’s temperatures is never a good recipe for keeping college kids in the stadium after halftime (especially ones that tend to wear suits and ties) in what was looking like a 35-17 blowout at the time.
I’m not opposed to Deion at all. I think there’s a large split on Freeze right now, though.
He’s gone. Auburn won’t release an offer publicly before the Iron Bowl. I would be shocked if he was the Ole Miss coach December 1st.
Hope you are right, but everything I hear points to him leaving.
But he did not say he was staying. I heard some of the players got the impression that he was BS’ing them. He has not been formally offered the Auburn job yet, but my understanding is that he will be after this weekend and he will accept the offer.
A Starkville reporter trying to get Ole Miss players to take their focus off of the game Thursday.
It’s impressive for a freshman, but even more so when you factor in that he’s split carries with Evans all year. The last three games while Evans was out have been his most attempts and he’s shown he can handle the load.
And look where the defensive coordinator that used those flops is now and how many times they went down last night.
Or maybe it had something to do with Durkin using it to help his defense?
Kiffin was pleading his case with the ref when Anderson ran his mouth to Kiffin. Kiffin then told him to “Lay down and fake another f’n injury.” After they said no penalty you can clearly see him point to the ground and tell him again to lay down and fake another injury.
We just crumbled. Jumped up 17-3 and proceeded to completely collapse. Offense, defense, you name it we were non existent in the second half.
That stat about the favored team winning at home against the undefeated team is a bit misleading. Ole Miss opened as a Vegas favorite. The line moved once the public started pouring money in on LSU. Not saying LSU won’t win, but there’s a difference between opening as a 1.5 point favorite and opening as 1.5 point underdog when the general rule is the home team is getting 3 points. Ole Miss would be a touchdown favorite at home, so the question really becomes how well Ole Miss handles the atmosphere.
Easy there, War Eagle. Would hate to point out where that chant originated.
He was never going to be the starting QB at Ole Miss, hence the reason he left.
“When he ran in front of me…” The guy causally walked at best. Wasn’t even a brisk walk.
Completely agree. Just saying that every team has played some cupcake OOC games through 4 weeks and I would stack ours up against most others that teams have on their schedules. The only difference is ours were in the first 4 games and everyone else has them spread out.
One thing that bothers me about the national perception behind Ole Miss coming into this game was everyone bashing the OOC schedule. Troy has one other loss to App State (by 4 points), Tulsa’s other loss is to top 25 Cincinnati and Georgia Tech has two losses against current top 10 teams, one loss to UCF and just beat top 25 Pitt. Three of the four OOC teams we’ve played have played some quality football against good teams.
Well considering Ole Miss is a 6 point favorite, he picked two upsets.
I personally think it will be Dart based on practice reports and scrimmages. He has been much more accurate and has protected the ball much better than he did in the spring game. He has the stronger arm and I agree that the ceiling is likely higher with Dart, but at the same time Altmeyer has a higher floor.
He’s going to play a ton. He’s been very explosive off the ball and gets a lot of pressure on the QB.
I don’t see us losing to LSU. I think Kelly needs at least another year. I have us losing to A&M, Bama and toss-ups against Kentucky and Arkansas. I’m not sure what to make of Arkansas outside of Jefferson. Who will replace Burks’ production?
Especially when you consider Ole Miss had 4 Level 1’s and got a two year ban.
Let’s see if the NCAA has any teeth left. Should be good enough for a multi year bowl ban based off what we got when you consider Tennessee has over 4x’s the level ones we did.
Ole Miss tried using the “exemplary cooperation” with Freeze. Still gave us a 2 year bowl ban and loss of double digit scholarships for way less than what is alleged at Tennessee.