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Why not? He parked his $50k Range Rover there all last year. Funny how he can afford a car worth more than the house it's parked in front of.
I'm not denying anything happened, I'm just saying the stuff they got us for is trivial at best. You are the one that said "Sure that's all Ole Miss had going on" about the level 1's. The Leo Lewis violations are the entire reason we got a second bowl ban. That is literally the only punishment the NCAA added on to our self imposed punishments. Where are the payments to players that everyone accused us of? Where are the stacks of cash? Nowhere. Listening to people who've obviously never read the official reports talk about Ole Miss is worse than watching CNN.
I always challenge people to name a serious Level 1 violation we had under Freeze that doesn’t involve Leo Lewis. Wanna take that challenge?
What’s funny is that he was the go to guy for Ole Miss last year, but Metcalf or Lodge could easily have a similar year this season.
Whew, thank God they didn’t let a player spend the night on a coach’s couch and get one of those level 1’s like Ole Miss.
At the time it was mind boggling and devastating when he threw that pick, but looking back at it that was just life with Bo Wallace. He might pull off some heroics and then do something stupid like throw into double coverage instead of throwing it away. I don't worry as much about it now because I realize that the '14 team wasn't as complete as the '15 team with Kelly at QB. That was the year we should have made a playoff run.
While the 2014 loss to Auburn was more devastating in terms of how we lost, I would say the 2015 loss to Arkansas was worse because of what it cost us. Not only were we in the driver's seat for the West, but it was later in the season and we had an overall more talented team than the 2015 squad that got demolished by TCU. Even if we had beaten Auburn, we still lost to Arkansas the next game. The 2015 season was probably our best chance to win the SEC championship.
I did the same thing. I saw the Kentucky picture and thought maybe they confused the basketball and football programs.
I think the SEC is set up just right at the moment. You get 8 conference games and now you have one mandatory Power 5 game. If anything, I would argue for an extra Power 5 game every year. Hell, half of the reason why bowl season is so fun is because you get to see games against teams that might never play each other.
Honestly, I think he’s rated as an athlete because he projects well to multiple positions. He played multiple positions in high school and runs a 4.4 in the 40. He can play QB, WR or CB at the next level. Hell of an athlete, but he supposedly wanted to play QB at the next level. I’m shocked he went to UGA seeing as how they have Fields there in front of him.
Word around his recruitment was that he wanted to go anywhere he could be QB. Ole Miss was primarily recruiting him as a slot receiver (he runs a legit 4.4 40).
I assumed he was going to North Carolina. Can't imagine him ever seeing any meaningful snaps at Georgia behind Fromm and Fields.
We know how Dan "Just Defending His Family" Mullen would handle this situation. Time to see how Joe handles it. (No, I'm not saying ruin the kid's career, but I would expect a little more than a 1 quarter suspension against St. Margaret's.)
Careers tend to last longer in baseball than football. Be smart kid, take the money and save your body some punishment.
I really like the idea of it as long as they use players that are finished with college. I imagine the vast majority of their players will be practice squad guys from NFL teams or guys that just didn't make the roster. Either way, it's probably gonna be a talent level somewhere between college and NFL similar to the Canadian league.
It appears that someone doesn't seem to grasp the concept of "absolutely destroyed" in regards to the headline of the article.
Leads the team on a scoring drive his first series against LSU, but Luke puts a one legged Patterson back in the game to do absolutely nothing against them.
Just saying we could've handed the dumpster fire to any number of other coaches. According to Bjork, we "wouldn't believe the coaches who were interested in the job."
But see, the thing about our punishments is that after this season it's all over. The 13 scholarships lost were already resolved by Freeze holding out the past few seasons. There are literally no more penalties after the 2018 season.
State law dictates something to the effect of no state employee being able to hold a contract longer than the governors term (4 years).
There's just so much uncertainty with Ole Miss right now. My biggest concern is coaching. By all accounts, Phil Longo has the offense humming along. That hasn't been an issue for years. We have to see improvement on the defensive side of the ball. Crime Dog's defense has to show marked improvement this season for us to have any chance of 7 or more wins. Defense blew it last year in three games: Cal, A&M and Arkansas. Three games with a double digit lead that the defense let slip away. That's the difference between Luke going 9-3 in his first year vs the 6-6 mark he ended up with. I'm not sure how much he's letting his coordinators control, but hopefully everything gels a little better this year.
In your own words, please tell me which of the Ole Miss violations not related to Leo Lewis were the worst ones.
I agree on Luke. He was a desperate attempt to attempt to salvage recruits within the state of Mississippi this year. So far, he's not doing that and I question his X's and O's decisions as a HC. The fans complained about his O-line coaching his entire tenure under Freeze. If he can't shape up one position group (outside of Laremy Tunsil, who didn't really need much help), why would anyone have faith in his ability to coach a team?
I wouldn't be against seeing Ole Miss incorporate the powder blue into the actual uniform itself (jersey, pant stripes, etc.) like the baseball team does.
Living on the Mississippi coast, there are plenty of casinos already taking people's money. Adding sports betting just to their list only keeps us from having to do it illegally through a bookie.
I'm sure Mullen will say he was just protecting his family. Might even make him sit out for a practice.
Now tell me, doesn’t that look like the face of an honest kid that would never tell a lie about a rival school?
So you're saying Patterson was afraid of competing with Ta'amu, but isn't afraid to go into a Michigan program that has multiple 4 and 5 star QB's on the roster and compete against them? Ok.