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UGA is good but their scheme scares nobody. It's a classic "here's what we are going to do now try and stop us" which works well against lesser teams but it's why you always struggle against teams with equal talent. Once that offense is updated and brought into this decade, people will actually fear UGA. See what Kiffin did a Bama, that's exactly what y'all need to get past Bama and Clemson.
Pump the brakes on LSU. Remember they've had stellar QB play before in Mettenberger and stellar WRs in Landry and OBJ and still didn't win anything. If they beat Bama I'll be the first to eat my words but Texas was overhyped.
lol that's funny because your lord and savior Dan Mullen hasn't accomplished anything more than the coaches you just mentioned
Exaclty. Mullen has won NOTHING in his career. His biggest accomplishment is a 10-win season. Yet people want to roll out the red carpet for him
Well their outlook is much better than ours. National Championship HC. 10 wins in his first year. Dark Horse pick for this year. Unfortunately we will be fighting an uphill battle with every recruit who did not grow up loving UT. This is the reality we face now and it sucks. Time for Fulmer to open up the checkbook.
How is a 6'7" D-Linemen going to get leverage on an OT? I could see him eating up blocks for sure, but not ideal for a pass rusher.
I'm still salty about it. He would've been a shot in the arm for our program. Instead we hired someone who is trying to mimic Bama and UGA but that will fail because that system requires blue collar athletes and we can't land those like Bama and UGA can. At least Leach would have made UT football fun to watch and engaged the guys that aren't attracted to Bama and UGA's style of play.
Christ man if you are too stupid to realize my Bama receivers "what if" was just an example of how that can be used both ways then you are truly daft.
My god you mutts and your what ifs... You have a great team but quit it with all the "if so and so woula done this" Imagine if Bama didn't drop what seemed like every pass thrown in the first half?? You would have been down by two scores before half-time. Everybody can play the "what if" game but you jurja fans are the absolute worst about it.
Exactly. This site is spamming for clicks The Athletic(sub required) is honest journalism that I do not mind paying for
Aww that's cute. Little fuzzy vol once again responds with nothing about football and instead resorts to side antics to distract from the topic at hand. You must be one of those millennials who only listens to folks that agree with you because you have provided zero evidence as to why Chaney will help us. How about you give me a reason to be excited about Chaney instead of being an imbecile.
This. Plus the fact that Pruitt is considered one of the best defensive minds in CFB. I am very bullish on our Defense the next 3 years.
No, the moron here is the guy who took one adjective in my statement and then threw out the next statement in which I gave an actual comparison as to why I think Chaney will not be good. Just look at Chaney's recent history man. His last two years at UGA were solid but with the talent the mutts have they should have been a top 5 offense in the entire country. He had the personnel to blow any team out of the water yet most games were relatively low scoring at halftime. Just look at our game with them last year, no way should we have been in it going into the 3rd but we were. Why is that you think? Then look at mutts' 2016 offense which was abysmal. I fail to see what excites the rest of you tards when it comes to Chaney. He is a very vanilla coordinator who will run it up the middle over and over and call vanilla routes where the check down is the only guy available to throw to. Now my final question you fuzzy little admin wannabe; do we have the O-Line to be able to run the ball between the tackles in the SEC? NO, we do not. Therefore our offense needs to be creative to be effective. Conclusion: Chaney is not the guy
SHOULD HAVE HIRED KENDALL BRILES! But nooooo, instead we hire Fat Chaney. Look at UGA's offense in 2016 when they had a makeshift O-Line (comparable to our current O-Line), I will give you guys a hint, they were pitiful. Even with Eason under center and those two great RBs they had at the time. I am not a fan of Chaney, there's a reason we let him go before.
Grantham does suck. He doesn't recruit and runs an NFL scheme but fails to teach younger players how to run it. Is he a good playcaller? Yes, but only when his players have the talent and the mental acuity to grasp the scheme. He teaches none of that.
Was told by a friend who plays for us that he and milton are all uga. If this is true then good on you mutts. But gosh golly could yall leave some for the rest of us
There is no such thing as classless when speaking to mutts and jorts. This last decade or so has turned Volnation into a bunch of cowards. Grow a pair
Yes. Gayturs suck. Go cutoff some more jeans Maybe even condition your ugly, greasy mullet. You will lose 5-6 games this year.
We better be. The only losses I will accept this year will be to UGA and BAMA. Possibly Miss State but we should win that one. I honestly think we have a legit chance at beating every other team on the schedule
Yes but hopefully we will have improved enough by then to where his commitment will be even more solid after seeing us win a few games
You are a disgrace to Volnation Truvol. Please delete all your accounts and never return. Trolling is a child's game. SMH
Poor Gayturs. You have nothing going for you yet you continue to lash out at the filthy mutts for your pathetic excuse of a football team and joke of a coach. Mullen has won nothing in his career even with MState team filled with NFL talent and Richt-Kirby has won the SEC and made it to the natty in only 3 years as a HC. You will regress in 2019. Mark my words and 2020 will be the year of the Vols