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Glad he’s gone. Zero pass coverage skills. Looked lost most of the time Good luck
It’s just not fair that WRs and RBs won’t share with punters and kickers. Not fair at all!!
Just sayin...everybody’s all about sharing until they are the ones that have to share
Liked the part about the Georgia law that may compel them to share compensation with other athletes. Maybe next time they’ll vote REPUBLICAN!!!
I’m sure coarch beetch will have something to say. Where you at boy
Unfortunately the D will make Sunseri’s year look like the 85 Bears
Man I would love to meet you one day coarch. And bob. Y’all need an a$$whoopin for sure
Once in a lifetime. Kinda like y’all’s in 1880
What begins? Y’all’s yearly quest for second or third place? Go Vols chumps