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So childish. How would have liked it if someone on here kept saying 1980 to you before y’all won this year?
That’s not how you spell that moron. Georgia education at its finest
Maybe Barnes needs to recruit someone that can actually make a three. His teams are the same every year. Every game there is a 5 to 10 minutes scoring drought. He needs to take some responsibility for once
Shouldn’t you be concerned with daddy on Monday night ?
Coarch is a pathetic troll. He has nothing else in his life and lives for this. Let him be
Let me guess. You’re a Kentucky basketball fan. Figures
He won’t respond. He trolls every other team in the SEC. Comes in. Drops some BS and runs away. He was crickets after SEC title game just like he’s a gonna be next Monday. 1980. Hahahaha
No kidding. Who would have thought you would have been the first one on here with a smart a $ $ comment bama boy
Who was it that played Mercer and New Mexico State this year??? Morons
What you couldn’t predict this ? Thought you were all knowing?
No just saying I watched the game. He got hurt several times. Plus he’s too heavy for a D that’s on the field all the time. Nothing in Texas but steers and….. well you know what rhymes moron
He got hurt three times in playoff game. Last time no coaches went out. Just sent two chick trainers out to check on him. He’s soft
By free trip do you mean a 10 minute ride across Knoxville?
I’m sure Spirit is the only thing you can afford. Good luck