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Cue up all the Bullfrog fans saying how they don’t need him in 3, 2, 1…..
So this guy is working at a bank and begging former coaches for a job and we give him one only to have him leave before the first game. Good riddance. He can’t be that good if we hired him off the street. I’m sure by the looks of him he will be back on the streets before long
Peyton is not his dad you jort wearing moron
3 AM no tail lights and drugs. How smart can he be. No way he can learn a college playbook
His check must not have cleared
It’s called sarcasm. Figured since Georgia went blue they would make them share. Get what you vote for
Hopefully they will be forced to share this revenue with players that don’t have endorsements
I’ll be down in T town in October. Let me know here you want to meet and I’ll show you what an asshat can do boy
Same stuff y’all say when someone leaves queen nicky
STFU. Vols gonna whoop that puppy butt this year