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Maybe UF can hire Jonas and Jarvis Hayes and beat us with our guy........
Gates is really good too, and has Georgia guys on that team, I know they lost their tournament game last night, but he has been to the tournament and wins his league regularly. Worry he may be too much like Mark Fox, because he is a lock-down defense first coach......
If we can't keep Monken (who was very mediocre Monday night) then maybe try and get Bryan McClendon back home from Miami?
Yeah 4 plays were the difference, I only say that because he watched the gameā€¦.
Your #4 was key, not talking about anything Alabama did, they played great, they are great, their coach is great, players, program, all great......that said UGA made four mistakes on four plays that cost them that game. On Monday UGA needs to not make four similar mistakes to win that game.
How about we not do these 4 things we did last time: 1) Not drop a pass in the back of the endzone (7 points) 2) Not miss a field goal (3 points) 3) Not throw a pick six (7 points) 4) Not lose our minds and go for it on 4th down inside the 30 and kick the field goal (3 points) We would be SEC Champs and probably playing Notre Dame/Michigan Monday if we just didn't do those four things.