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Hey sec mates, duds and dudes, I’m sure there are hot chicks in Tallahassee, Gainesville and everywhere in between. Heck, I’ve seen hot woman in small podunk towns who could set trash cans on fire by walking by them. I’m sure the state administrators who took over FSU administration and AD don’t know very much about problem solving but more about schmoozing. If you want to see armed robbery watch key plays of Tamu vs GA. Didn’t know you could pull a dbs face mask to get by him. Other blatant missed calls too that aided GA, too. Seems like that game was rigged!!! LSUSMC, congratulations on you daughter getting her MD degree.
Wow. What a great move. Yank the dbs face mask to gain an advantage then run by him. Hmm. Wonder what this play should be called? Offensive pass interference? Nah? I guess on the Crucial Tamu 3rd down its ok for GA DB to hold A&M TE arm and to increase the degree of difficulty for catch. Probably wasn’t PI. Nah? Doggone, I think this game was Rigged.