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Why is anyone asking if McElwain needs this game? I've heard this not only here but from CBS as well. Florida could lose by 20 and it wouldn't hurt McElwain. Now if Tennessee lost by 20....
You left out Mississippi State @ Southern Miss Sept. 5 on FOX Sports 1 - 9:00 p.m. kickoff
I agree that this is a well-written article but I don't agree that either three game stretch could derail either team's season. Just last season both teams faced similar circumstances and worked through them to become better down the stretch. Why would this season be any different? Arkansas was sitting at 3-5, losers of four of their previous five games and 17 leagues games in a row, only to go on a 3-1 run to close out the season and were a score away from a 4-0 finish. Tennessee was also at 3-5, losers of five of their previous six games and turned around and finished their season with a 4-1 finish. Both coaching staffs and programs have proven they continue to scrape in the nation's toughest conference and that will likely pay off with an unexpected win or two for each team this season. Oct. 3 should be a great game the Vols are fortunate to get in Neyland.
Strangly no mention of Shea Patterson...
Does Cameron stay on this list if LSU finishes at #116 in passing offense again? How high does he need to get to keep his whiperer status? Top #100? I seem to remember Baltimore winning a Super Bowl after firing Cameron and Flacco getting red hot in his absence.
Gurley is perhaps the most violent runner I've ever seen. Praying for a speedy recovery. Thankful he is no longer around to destroy Tennessee.
I like their talented receivers as well, but I question if their quarterbacks will be able to take advantage of the team's skill on the edge. I've also noticed Freeze/Werner's tendency to go to gimmicky play calls in order to move the ball at times. Is this due to the fact they didn't have much of a power run game last year? Against better defenses, these type of plays simply do not work. I'm specifically thinking of the LSU game (which I attended) and the TCU game. Ole Miss could not generate much of anything against those two defenses.
So much hype for a team that's accomplished so little on the field. 2016 will be Tennessee's year, not 2015.
Tennessee target Sheriron Jones is a QB, not a linebacker
How many chances qualify as a second chance? I'm just curious, because second to me implies two, but I could be wrong...
Well, so much for him being the greatest! ESPN says Mariota is now the best of all time. I wonder if Cardale becomes the best if he beats Mariota?
Winston's "murky" stealing of crab legs is on video tape. Not sure how "murky" that is. Also his alleged sexual assault has taken him into civil lawsuits, code of conduct hearings as well as police involvement. How is this "murky"? Doesn't take away from his greatness on the football field but you can't act like he's some angel that shouldn't be judged. I'd be surprised if he wasn't the top pick in the NFL draft. I wouldn't be surprised if he did a lot of dumb things after that and end up out of the league before long.
Glad to see Tennessee missed this list after losing to Wyoming at home with Arian Foster as our running back! I was sitting next to a Wyoming fan in the stadium too. We had fun mocking him before the game, I soon regretted that when they won and all 100 Cowboy fans had a celebration in Neyland with their band...
To be more accurate, Michigan has never officially offered the job to Les Miles, despite what this article says. If they do offer him it will be the first offer they have made to him.
Hmm, you could be right on there, didn't think of it in those terms. Congrats to you and your team's success this season! Not too many people saw that one coming, although I was one of the few that had them winning the West in the preseason: Link: How confident are you in Mullen staying put? They have a great class coming in but will be losing a ton of talent this offseason. With Freeze staying in Oxford, I would love to see Mullen stay as well and keep the rivalry up and going strong. College football is better with great teams in Mississippi. In a strange way, I think Dak would be better off leaving as well. He needs another year to become a better passer in preparation for the NFL but with all the losses on the oline he may not be nearly as effective next season. Your thoughts?
So South Carolina and Mississippi State fans spend more time consumed with their team than Bama and Auburn fans? Yeah right! Something tells me they did their survey at a library or farm instead of a Wal-Mart, a jail or a bar. That must have been their mistake in collecting their data.
It has been confirmed, she's a Missouri fan:
Sounds like MacIntyre is taking advantage of the legal cannabis of lovely Colorado!
This from the fool who thought the SEC should kick out Ole Miss and Mississippi State prior to the season for USF and UCF? How is he still employed?
I'm picking LSU to pull the upset this week. After being on the field for LSU Ole Miss, I believe in the power of Death Valley. My thoughts on the game at
What was that you said about a bowl game? South CarIlona and Vandy battling it out for last place!
Spurrier is an ass, and I believe he intends to be with all his comments. His record speaks for itself, one of the best coaches in college football history. I'll be happy and sad to see him go.
You must have went to school in Alabama, what other state would educate someone as dumb as you?
Florida, Georgia and Tennessee all got help with so many home games to start their seasons. Should make for an interesting East race next year.
As impressive as Checker Neyland was, this would top that being on an opponents field. Vol Nation, let's make it happen!
Tennessee will take up the East torch in the next season or two. South Carolina is running out of steam as Spurrier gets older, Vandy is a joke, Kentucky is improved but when Stoops leaves there goes their future! UGA & UT should be fun to see play out the next couple of seasons.