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Whats funny is you calling everyone hear bandwagon fans when we all know its you and your type that won't be on the Bama train when that beast stops rolling and aren't winning NCs anymore. Haha that is truly enlightening.
You are just incessant. Someone clearly can't read my tag. You are so drunk its nauseating. Whatever..
Hey brother, you seem real triggered on these posts I've noticed. I too am a Bama fan, but let me take you back into the real for a minute. I never mentioned any refs, what I saw was just not the same Bama that we've come accustomed too, and it isn't injuries clearly, 7 years of number 1 classes gives any team NFL talent for years to come. Nick is 67, extremely unprecedented high turnover for position coaches and coordinators and possibly the end of the recruiting streak that we loved to see. That is THREE factors of FACTS that point to Bama heading in to a less prominent decade moving forward. I have a friend like you and he is so Bama drunk and hateful its disgusting. Learn some respect for discussions and stop trolling all the posts. I am truly excited to see your response because I am sure it will be filled with happy thoughts. You should be happy we have won 17 NCs and 5 in the past 9 years but no of course you're Bama drunk and not until you've planted the flag on the moon will you be happy. Get a grip.
semper fi brother! I served as well, an 03 in 1/6 on lejeune. But in regards to what I said we know Saban is almost 70, anybody can look back and see the trends with bama post dynasty. It takes alittle while to get back on rolling, however, that doesn't take anything away from what has been done there. It is amazing the success that program has, that is my number 2 through and through. I want my Dawgs to get another shot and win soon but that time is coming. I follow facts and history says this what is coming, unless Dabo comes home.
Not new but relavant in this setting. Don't be hateful bro.
Florida being in the top anything is going to be interesting to see. If Dan Mullen is the real deal it will happen at his time in Gainesville, if not he will be done there. We will see if he's the real thing soon enough.
Great input! Its all true, the uptight Bama fans will never admit that it was favored in their direction. Not anyones fault but we all saw that game. Bama is on a downhill slide these next few seasons with factors surrounding Saban, its been a solid run as usual but I see a different "TIDE" rolling in the next decade and it isn't a crimson one. There is always going to periods of drought in Tuscaloosa but never a famine. Carry on!
Great grab for Bama. Better there than at (fake) Death Valley.
@BamaTime could you possibly not troll every post here and if you wish to stay try being a little more subjective. You're coming off arrogant and well typical. Like its okay for the Dawg fans to be pumped no one here is stomping on Bamas 17 National Ships. Just stop being a prick.