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Volbeef88, coming from a Tennessee fan that is rich. You guys should still be so embarrassed and keep your mouth shut but no.....go ahead and judge other programs. You're a winner in life dude.
Watch the film...this guy is top 3 TE in this class. This is why you do your own evaluations as coaches and ignore the rankings. He also runs the 400m in track. Kid's gonna be great. Write that down.
Wow...I kinda feel sorry for the guy. That's got to be humbling, but if he sticks around for a year or two he'll get a bump. Maybe he'll learn a lot more about being a real head coach.
So Alabama keeps both QBs but Starkel transfers? That is retarded.
Great job O'Gara. Digging you're own grave one article at a time. Garbage.
This kid is going to be a monster. He may need a redshirt season to grow into his body but damn...3 star? So was Von. I believe.
O'Gara is the Butch Jones of SDS. He is the new Crist after all.
You want Crist back or something??! Lol...i'm assuming he's gone...haven't seen him around lately.
You are right. That is why you saw less and less tempo from our offence. And yes Chavis is washed up. I can't believe Morris hired him. Everybody has him figured out and he's not going to change.
Coming from an Ole Miss fan that is rich. Your entire football program is done. Dude.
I wouldn't really have minded not getting Waddle if we wouldn't have to play against him. That's gunna suck.
You left out A&M flipping Vernon Jackson from Bama too...although I have no real idea what position he's going to play despite his athleticism. I think he's best with the ball in his hands, but we signed three other backs, one of which will likely be a fullback, and got a transfer fullback for next year.Copeland's mom was awful. I feel bad for the kid.
Nat Champ baseball team? Lol...ok budddy. 8th grade pep rally feel. "We're gunna win!"
Dear Connor, you are an ass clown.Sincerely, the World
Ya that sucks. He's like a recruit that flips so late in the process and has been taking up a spot you could have filled with someone else...except he's not 17 and way old enough to know better. All the best to him and all but there are plenty of fish in the sea. Besides, to be good at recruiting you have to actually want to.
I think Kiffin def would have liked to throw it around a little more, and it would have been scary to see him call plays with Tua in there. Really scary...and the run game would have been that much better for it. Glad that didn't happen!
I hate to say walrus but i side with london. It had to happen at some point. It was never going to be pretty. But just like we realized, u have to make a change. Who outside of Arky actually wanted to play for Arky anymore? Rebuild. See u in a couple of years jusr like us.
Ummm.....ya. i think we finished above the hillbillies for awile and never lost to them so best of luck to Aggie Chad. Mediocre won't make it happen. SMU was mediocre.
...and we've had one for a couple years. Thanks for the breaking news.
Go ahead and praise Jeffery Simmons. What a piece of shit. he, mullen, and crist are all in the same moral boat.
Ouch. That's all i can say. If my fan base had turned on me this bad...i would just resign.
If some of you peoples' standards are that high, why the hell are you on SDS?? I laughed the whole way through it. One of the better articles i've EVER read on this site. Just have some fun with it.
Texas A&M got 3 in 2017. Don't mention that or anything Crist...and u wonder why people hate ur guts. Great job dumbass.