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Recent Comments
I'm thinking this one might be a little closer than the line too...as long as we show up, I'm kinda ok with it.
And that's got to be his mom in the video with him laughing at his remarks. That says a lot about the whole family. That's no Aggie. Not even close.
Word around the campfire is ball security and turnovers was the deciding factor with Starkel. He may have a better arm, but taking steps backward in close games is something that Jimbo will not do. Both are going to play though.
Ya Desmond must have been drunk or something lolz
I second that. They really could ban some people from this site...it's not like they are paying for anything.
Oh ya Spencer, by the way, did Woodward "blast" Texas' offer? Was it "unbelievable" or "unrecognizable", or did it maybe "confirm the rumors"? I would love to play Texas again on a regular basis but this crappy reporting is why SDS will never be able to charge for this site.
How do you schedule someone if you're full?? And what would you have to gain strength of schedule wise by playing a team with one winning season in their last four?? By one game?? Ya forget Clemson...lets play Texas. And don't forget chip brown's quote: "There is no truth to Texas A&M joining the SEC...none." The Longhorn network has lost over 50 million dollars since its inception for espn, so you do the math.
Did they "explosively" block it Spencer?? Feel free to blow this out of proportion with click bait too.
Watch the video on the other thread of Peterson saying that his family was insisting that he move closer to home and he "needed to do the right thing". I honestly don't care, but if everyone was allowed to make stuff up and get a waiver and then not do what they said, then things might get a little squirrely.
That's exactly the point I raised in another thread that I was kind of disagreeing with another Bama fan about. This kid got his waiver because he told Peterson he wanted to be closer to home. THAT WAS OBVIOUSLY A LIE. What he should have said is, "I want to go to Alabama now and I regret my decision to go to Washington." That is pretty wack. Not Bama's fault by any means, but that kid straight-up lied to Chris Peterson. I wonder if anyone is going to take a closer look at this for obvious reasons.
Yes! I've read a lot of similar articles like that lately too. Some others about the demeanor of Jimbo compared to Saban too...not bashing one or the other or saying one is better than the other--just very different.
Actually there is a 247 article that says exactly what I just said (about deaths in the family) and Chris Peterson says in the video above that his family wants him closer. So tell me how, again, is Alabama closer to Reno than Washington?
He had multiple deaths in the family and wants to be closer to home which is Reno, Nevada, so that has everything to do with his decision and sorry but Alabama is not closer to home.
Yes. That is where he is being recruited and he's surprisingly fast and athletic for that size too. I'm super excited about him especially because we are seriously thin at linebacker.
Man no kidding...I can't remember having a DB class like this. He's an early enrollee too.
Scooby Carter c'mon down! Then we'll bet set for the next 4-5 years.
That's the dumbest thing I've heard in awhile. You and Boogers need to go play tummy sticks together.
I would definitely agree with this. I think quite a few kids may end up having to go with their second or third choice this cycle if they want to drag this out all the way out 'till signing day or even an all-star game. I've never thought that was a good idea anyway, but especially not from now on. Just wait till they change it to the summer...
Having a more national brand could really push him over the top. I would have been totally ok with getting him last year. And if he were to become the LSU coach Jesus man...how hard is the SEC West going to be?? That would suck...and yes that is one stupid athletic director!
I have such a giant off-season hard-on right now. These were 2 awesome hires. I can't wait for the bama game this year. I know we'll probably lose that one but that's going to be one crazy week. Gameday in CS?? Yes!
That is competitive with what the top coaches are making so why would he get paid less? We are committing to him, and he is committing to us. He deserves that opportunity.
I mean ya you've got guys like 3* OT Blake Trainor that plays at Hallsville, and they totally suck, and that's bringing down the average rating per player, but that's where developing players comes in. Kevin Sumlin couldn't develop his way out of a round room because he would never try hard enough to. Gunnel's dad is tight with Noel Mazone an that's fine with me. We will have 4 scholarship QB's this season the oldest of which is a redshirt sophomore. We don't need a QB this cycle.
Wow, way to go with TMZ as a source. Journalism at its finest.
Yes our terrible home record under Sumlin was really deflating. If you go back and watch Houston's conference championship game his last year there, his sideline demeanor is like relaxing on the beach. They were down in the 4th quarter, Kliff was going nuts, and he was just chillin. I saw that at the time but just kind of let it go. Turns out, that's just him. I don't know if he just doesn't care or what but it showed on the field - especially at home. Good riddance.
Paul and Boogers both just need to go away somewhere and stay there.