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Having a more national brand could really push him over the top. I would have been totally ok with getting him last year. And if he were to become the LSU coach Jesus hard is the SEC West going to be?? That would suck...and yes that is one stupid athletic director!
I have such a giant off-season hard-on right now. These were 2 awesome hires. I can't wait for the bama game this year. I know we'll probably lose that one but that's going to be one crazy week. Gameday in CS?? Yes!
That is competitive with what the top coaches are making so why would he get paid less? We are committing to him, and he is committing to us. He deserves that opportunity.
I mean ya you've got guys like 3* OT Blake Trainor that plays at Hallsville, and they totally suck, and that's bringing down the average rating per player, but that's where developing players comes in. Kevin Sumlin couldn't develop his way out of a round room because he would never try hard enough to. Gunnel's dad is tight with Noel Mazone an that's fine with me. We will have 4 scholarship QB's this season the oldest of which is a redshirt sophomore. We don't need a QB this cycle.
Wow, way to go with TMZ as a source. Journalism at its finest.
Yes our terrible home record under Sumlin was really deflating. If you go back and watch Houston's conference championship game his last year there, his sideline demeanor is like relaxing on the beach. They were down in the 4th quarter, Kliff was going nuts, and he was just chillin. I saw that at the time but just kind of let it go. Turns out, that's just him. I don't know if he just doesn't care or what but it showed on the field - especially at home. Good riddance.
Paul and Boogers both just need to go away somewhere and stay there.
He's got pretty good film and had some good reviews from camps. I think he'll be pretty solid after a redshirt season. I'm thinking rover, since he seems to be great in space and blitzing, but some people are saying buck...i don't know about that. I think Dodson and Santino have that locked down for a few years. Now we just need 2 more LB's...
Make that #2!!! Some good players like Baylor Cup finally getting some deserved love. Ya the rover would make it seem like you only need 2 LB on the field at one time but Elco's rovers have been in the 220-230 range so they really are small LB/big safeties and a lot of these guys in the system are listed as LBs but would have a hard time getting anywhere near 240-250. That's why I say take 4. Take at least 1 you are recruiting specifically as a rover. Right now they are Buddy Johnson at 225lbs and Ikenna Okeke at 220.
Actually it's #4 nationally per 247sports as of today (Sunday). We need linebackers though. Big time. Gotta get like 4 this class.
Volbeef88, coming from a Tennessee fan that is rich. You guys should still be so embarrassed and keep your mouth shut but no.....go ahead and judge other programs. You're a winner in life dude.
Watch the film...this guy is top 3 TE in this class. This is why you do your own evaluations as coaches and ignore the rankings. He also runs the 400m in track. Kid's gonna be great. Write that down.
Wow...I kinda feel sorry for the guy. That's got to be humbling, but if he sticks around for a year or two he'll get a bump. Maybe he'll learn a lot more about being a real head coach.
So Alabama keeps both QBs but Starkel transfers? That is retarded.
Great job O'Gara. Digging you're own grave one article at a time. Garbage.
This kid is going to be a monster. He may need a redshirt season to grow into his body but damn...3 star? So was Von. I believe.
O'Gara is the Butch Jones of SDS. He is the new Crist after all.
You want Crist back or something??! Lol...i'm assuming he's gone...haven't seen him around lately.
You are right. That is why you saw less and less tempo from our offence. And yes Chavis is washed up. I can't believe Morris hired him. Everybody has him figured out and he's not going to change.
Coming from an Ole Miss fan that is rich. Your entire football program is done. Dude.
I wouldn't really have minded not getting Waddle if we wouldn't have to play against him. That's gunna suck.
You left out A&M flipping Vernon Jackson from Bama too...although I have no real idea what position he's going to play despite his athleticism. I think he's best with the ball in his hands, but we signed three other backs, one of which will likely be a fullback, and got a transfer fullback for next year. Copeland's mom was awful. I feel bad for the kid.
Nat Champ baseball team? Lol...ok budddy. 8th grade pep rally feel. "We're gunna win!"
Dear Connor, you are an ass clown. Sincerely, the World