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Man for my own part I'm rooting for all of our SEC brethren too...especially Georgia. Should have been in the playoff, and I hope they beat the ever lovin piss out of t.u.
Ya he was buried on the depth chart. Too bad he couldn't play corner. Gotta make room too. Wish him the best.
If I want to hear cliches all day long i'll just watch a Tom Brady post-game press-conference.
Coming from an LSU beat writer that is rich. And Mr."I got punched in the pacemaker" blew it completely out of proportion, which angles of video clearly show. There was pushing on both sides, and it takes at least two people to make a scuffle so don't get all self-righteous on this site Les or you'll never make it.
Man I really hated missing out on Waddle...especially since we knew we were going to have to play him for three years.
When the h*ll were they ever in the running for Dante Starks?? Hasn't he been committed to LSU for like a year?
Hey if he has two first names, a beard, and he mentions What-a-burger, he's an Aggie!
1. Right you are. 2. Tua would never PM a porn star.
Our two tight end sets bring tears to my eyes!
Ya all these guys have a good chance being in the two deep along with Cupp & Wydermeyer. Leal will likely play SDE with Bobby Brown and Max Wright though. He's not a nose like Daylon. WDE is pretty set with Tyree Johnson and Jeremiah Martin and we have Michael Clemons coming back from injury who is promising. Those kids are young but talented. I'm pretty optimistic. Would love to see Williams in the mix at safety. Baylor Cupp is going to be an animal!
Yep 28 is the number...but that means some guys have to move on and that always kinda sucks. But I don't think we fill all those and we could possibly back-sign some JuCo help for 2020. Linebackers??!! Sweet Jebus just a couple linebackers...
I'm thinking this one might be a little closer than the line long as we show up, I'm kinda ok with it.
And that's got to be his mom in the video with him laughing at his remarks. That says a lot about the whole family. That's no Aggie. Not even close.
Word around the campfire is ball security and turnovers was the deciding factor with Starkel. He may have a better arm, but taking steps backward in close games is something that Jimbo will not do. Both are going to play though.
Ya Desmond must have been drunk or something lolz
I second that. They really could ban some people from this's not like they are paying for anything.
Oh ya Spencer, by the way, did Woodward "blast" Texas' offer? Was it "unbelievable" or "unrecognizable", or did it maybe "confirm the rumors"? I would love to play Texas again on a regular basis but this crappy reporting is why SDS will never be able to charge for this site.
How do you schedule someone if you're full?? And what would you have to gain strength of schedule wise by playing a team with one winning season in their last four?? By one game?? Ya forget Clemson...lets play Texas. And don't forget chip brown's quote: "There is no truth to Texas A&M joining the SEC...none." The Longhorn network has lost over 50 million dollars since its inception for espn, so you do the math.
Did they "explosively" block it Spencer?? Feel free to blow this out of proportion with click bait too.
Watch the video on the other thread of Peterson saying that his family was insisting that he move closer to home and he "needed to do the right thing". I honestly don't care, but if everyone was allowed to make stuff up and get a waiver and then not do what they said, then things might get a little squirrely.
That's exactly the point I raised in another thread that I was kind of disagreeing with another Bama fan about. This kid got his waiver because he told Peterson he wanted to be closer to home. THAT WAS OBVIOUSLY A LIE. What he should have said is, "I want to go to Alabama now and I regret my decision to go to Washington." That is pretty wack. Not Bama's fault by any means, but that kid straight-up lied to Chris Peterson. I wonder if anyone is going to take a closer look at this for obvious reasons.
Yes! I've read a lot of similar articles like that lately too. Some others about the demeanor of Jimbo compared to Saban too...not bashing one or the other or saying one is better than the other--just very different.
Actually there is a 247 article that says exactly what I just said (about deaths in the family) and Chris Peterson says in the video above that his family wants him closer. So tell me how, again, is Alabama closer to Reno than Washington?
He had multiple deaths in the family and wants to be closer to home which is Reno, Nevada, so that has everything to do with his decision and sorry but Alabama is not closer to home.
Yes. That is where he is being recruited and he's surprisingly fast and athletic for that size too. I'm super excited about him especially because we are seriously thin at linebacker.
Man no kidding...I can't remember having a DB class like this. He's an early enrollee too.