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Not Georgia Southern, they started at Valdosta State. Very big difference. Southern is D1 FBS. Valdosta St. is D2
Definitely not a good look. First the whole way the Athletics Department handled the whole Brandon Miller situation, and now this. SEC sports has had some legal trouble this year. First the tragic deaths of Dev and Chandler, the tragic situation in Tuscaloosa, the Jalen Carter/Brandon Miller drama, and now this.
What really made me mad when they were saying on ESPN that he "lacked commitment." That's so wrong. If he lacked commitment, then when he missed those games due to that ankle injury he would've just sat out. But he didn't. He came back to play for the name on the front of his jersey not on the back of it. He wanted to win with his brothers. Watch what you say Mcshay.
The Falcons don't need Bijan, we already have an RB in Tyler Allgeir. Nolan Smith would be the better pick or trade back.
I fully trust Kirby and what he's doing. Those natties are the reason why. Same as Alex Anth. for the Braves. They know what they're doing. Let Kirby Cook!
The only reason these teams can't be Tennessee is because there is no Josh Heupel to coach their respective QB's. If these QB's had Heupel and co. or somebody like JH, they would be a lot better and that is when it would be like a "Tennessee 2023." The problem for these guys is they don't have QB developers. The only guy who would be maybe considered is Liam Coen, but he's not like JH.
Yes and no. Stricklin doesn't recruit at a level we should be at. NIL isn't a problem because the Classic City Collective is excellent at giving every athlete in every sport at UGA a chance to get paid. However, because we spend so much on football (which i'm not mad about because of our success), we can't really do anything with the baseball. Don't try to pin it stupidly on UGA fans dummy. If they were good, more people would support and show up, and we have good crowds at most games.
UGA should be an elite baseball program right now. With all of the talent in the state, there is no reason we should be this bad. I don't know if firing Stricklin is the answer, but right now it looks as if that may happen. If he can't recruit at an elite level, score more runs, and give up less runs, he won't have a job for much longer.
Both Bama and UGA have elite freshaman. Wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of them play for both teams. My freshman to watch for Bama is Justice Haynes and for UGA Raylen Wilson. By the time the 2024 or 2025 seasons roll around, these guys will be some of the best players in the country.
I don't think we will ever be good again. :(
I don't blame him. Would rather him go somewhere and play for a good basketball team. I'm not knocking coach white because I think he can make us good again, but right now we are an embarrassment to UGA.
Saban also noted, “Everybody’s got an opportunity to make choices and decisions. There’s no such thing as being in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Yikes. Sounds like Oats didn't take a page out of Saban's book. The AD and the President need to comment on this situation.
Nope. Kentucky has more dudes than most teams in the country. They just don't play to their potential. However, Kansas State had better dudes that day because they played better, but Kentucky has better dudes in general.
Great games yesterday! The SEC showed out! (I still don't know why I put A&M in my Final Four!)
SEC would win most every game for sure. If UGA were to play Michigan or OSU, it would be a blowout over Michigan and a close win over OSU.
“Based on the information we have, there were no current student-athletes present at the scene other than Brandon Miller and Jaden Bradley, who are both fully cooperating witnesses,” the UA spokesperson said. “ -Lies and more lies. Just tell the truth bama!
My final four: bama vs duke (duke wins) and A&M vs Zags (Zags win) in the natty zags beat duke
He's most likely emotionally drained, and you can't blame him. Losing two important people in your program has to take a toll on him.