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Yeah it was a little harder to tell when one side had 14 starters out. It's crazy
So you are saying if Tennessee kept Fulmer they would still be at the top? The Power I formation was over and he was not evolving. Everyone has to evolve in college football or simply put you lose. Saban even evolved this year to the spread. Tennessee is slowly, but surely back on the rise. Not everyone gets a Saban dropped on their doorstep begging to be back in college because they could not cut it in the NFL.
Matter of fact they beat #2 Auburn (cover the war eagles ears) 27-10 at Jordan Hare to keep the Tigers out of the SEC Championship.
Arkansas won the SEC West in 2006 so there goes half your rant right there....
I want UK to be in 1st place for a week so their game next week means so much more. Tennessee is going to be coming off a cupcake where they can continue getting healthy and they get Alvin Kamara back. Kamara is finally the #1 RB on Rocky Top. SHould be a fun ride to the end.
To be fair I can say there is "no way" LSU is playing mistake free football against Alabama. That just will not happen considering Alabama is in double digits for straight games with a Special team or Defensive TD. I like LSU keeping it close, but "mistake free" is a far stretch to any imagination.
This is quite comical coming from a Mizzou fan. Just enjoy the ride and be thankful you all are still not in "whatever is going on in the BIG 12" show
I agree with you. If you do not want to be there you should be able to transfer. I have just been saying Hurd is not a saint at Tennessee. If it is not his way it is the highway or in this case transferring. I am all for him transferring and making us a better team. Why would a team want someone who does not buy in with his teammates? It gets overused a lot, but that is a cancer for a team.
Being a UT fan it actually does not really sting as much as people think. He is dead last in the SEC at Yards per carry. Yes people can say our O Line has been rough this year due to injuries, but how is Kamara and Kelly out doing him? Hurd is a freak athlete that should be putting up numbers like crazy. People are also saying Hurd is dragging 5 players, but if you look close it iss when he is already stopped. He is hard headed enough not to go down when he is not going anywhere. He gets hit by one and does not break the tackle. Big difference between dragging people for yards and just not going down because you want to look high and mighty but not getting positive yards.
I was definitely with you until you contradicted your whole post in the last paragraph.
I am all for a young man transferring if there is something wrong and there maybe, but I know Jalen personally and he does not have the best character. He did not get officially kicked out of MBA because he transferred to Beech before that could happen. He has caused countless uproars at social gatherings because he thinks he is ahead of anyone else. The article was pretty intense, but actually not far off. Tennessee's line is decimated with injuries so he hasn't got the numbers he thought he would get. He got mad because he was not getting the ball yet he was dead last in the SEC in yards per carry. I think any coach would give the ball to someone else if they are producing more like Alvin Kamara or John Kelly. Wouldn't any coach give the ball to the other RBs if they are out performing the "starter"? Bottom Line is the world does not revolve around Jalen Hurd anymore and he could not take that. Hints why he is leaving mid season. I am not for Butch Jones as a coach either, but if you knew Hurd personally you would understand how this came up.