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Username checks out. It's way too early to be certain about almost anything, but I'm pretty sure we are in for a VERY interesting season if South Carolina makes it to 10 wins.
So far, but even Malzahn hasn't managed to do it consistently. Muschamp is also still in the process of bringing the talent level up to Auburn's, which I think is an essential part of the spell.
They could finish 6-6 and still have a better offense though
I wonder if Muschamp learned the spell for occasionally upsetting dominant rivals from Malzahn. He might need it.
I don't expect Texas to make the playoff, but your insult doesn't make much sense. Pretty sure Smart has won more big games than Orgeron.
Still doesn't address the fact that any rank less than 1 is not equal to 1. And Athlon also says "The Crimson Tide's receiving corps is the best in college football." I'm pretty sure that if you read my initial comments, your complaints don't make sense. You seem to be arguing both "not as good" and "as good." Unqualified, Bama has better WR. Switching QBs would narrow the gap in passing stats (for whatever reason we're doing this hypothetical), but a ranking of WRs shouldn't be based on QB anyways (besides, how much of Tua's success is due to the WRs?). The gap is significant enough that it exists beyond the QB. But feel free to continue ignoring what I and others say when it doesn't fit with your opinion.
Yeah, I didn't realize it was that bad. I think he has improved, but anything close to that will be tough for Mizzou to handle.
I didn't realize that. Still, D2 can be pretty different. Doesn't necessarily translate.
Both QBs can tear apart cupcakes and mid-level teams (also, Lawrence didn't take over until after the season started and was a true freshman) so season stats compiled against lots of unchallenging teams don't mean a ton to me. I care less about who is better at beating up on inferior teams and more about who is better at winning big games. I know Lawrence is healthy and his play is trending up, while I haven't yet seen that Tua is physically and mentally recovered. Bama defense fell apart, or Clemson QB/offense took it apart? QB worth is about more than being able to make every throw + run. I'd think a fan of Fromm's team would recognize the importance of mental aspects, and Tua was clearly making bad decisions at the end of the year. Some of those situations might not have arisen if he had been healthy, but he nevertheless made poor decisions in big games that hurt his team's chances of winning. Again, both are great, but imo I'd give the edge to Lawrence right now.
If it's every mag, it should be easy to name one. You still seem to be ignoring/not comprehending that 2 is not equal to 1.
A quick google gave me a top 3 of Clemson, Bama, OU, with a Clemson site giving the edge to Bama. Per 247 sports, top projected WRS: Bama: 4 total, #s 1, 7, 10, 15 UF: 1 total, #20 That isn't "as good as;" that's UF's best WR not even starting at Bama Other teams with more top 35 WRs than UF: Clemson: 2 total, #s 2, 8 Texas: 2 total, #s 17, honorable mention OSU: 2 total, #s 18, hm UM: 2 total, #s 19, hm USC: 2 total, #s 21, hm Depth matters, but starting talent is pretty important too. And Bama is lapping the field with starting WR talent. UF may have the second best unit in the SEC (though LSU #14 and VU #16 have higher ranked top WRs), but they aren't anywhere close to as good as Bama's.
What magazines? (Also, there are plenty of relevant opinions outside of magazines) And your argument still doesn't address the fact that 1=/=2 and 1=/=5. The difference in talent between a ranking of 1 and 2 can be bigger than the difference between a ranking of 2 and 20. Most of the WR rankings I've seen have Bama starting 2 or 3 top 10 WRs and all of their starting WRs are solidly top 20. No one else has anything "as good as" that, either in second place or last. UF may have better depth, I don't know, but based on what we saw last year, Bama pretty clearly has an edge over everyone at WR.
There isn't much data to go on for Pruitt and Morehead, and I get that the W-L for year 1 clearly favors Morehead, but that doesn't really factor in where their programs were when they took over. Am I wrong to think they should be closer, and that Pruitt should be higher than Morehead?
For every argument I can come up with for Tua, I have one just as good, if not better, for Lawrence. In this case, recency bias is also a bias towards the most important games, and Lawrence was better. Health was probably a factor, but then again I'd take the healthy player over the injured one.
I see it as debateable, but the edge goes to Lawrence. I don't think anyone has Fromm ahead of Tua as a cfb qb?
It's not, at least not outside of Gainesville. Besides, even if it was, there can be a huge drop-off between 1 and 2, much less 1 and 5.
I don't know about depth, but Bama's starters are far and away better than any other group out there. And it isn't particularly close. It would take an all-star team to compete with them.
No disrespect to Tua, but I'd have to put Lawrence at 1
The new faces at WR and at OC make predicting the passing game especially difficult.
"Florida returns a stable of wide receivers that is as good as any unit in the conference..." Are they as good as Bama's? That sounds like an opinion that isn't obvious or universal enough to assert without justification.
For instance, 3 SEC teams play for 2 spots would be more informative because it would clarify that while all 3 have a chance to go to Omaha, only 1 or 2 of them will.
Each of the 3 has a chance, but two of them are mutually exclusive. Only a max of 2 of them can go to Omaha, but each of the 3 has a chance to go. The headline isn't wrong; it does describe the situation. It just isn't specific enough to exclusively define the actual situation, and could therefore lead to incorrect assumptions.
Agreed, but I vote for calling it PBS (post Bill Snyder).
Yeah, the way 'rival' is historically used in cfb is a little different than the dictionary definition. UGA isn't a rival in that traditional sense, but they probably are the biggest SEC threat to Bama right now.
Decent point about the pic, but why would the tp team call their rival the toilet bowlers? Seems like asking for jokes at your own expense.
^^^This. Everyone outside of Bama, Clemson, OU, ND, and UGA feels (at most) pressure to win their conference and/or make the playoff. Of those 4, UGA should feel the most pressure to win the NC. I'd have Bama & Clemson next simply because their expectations are now perennially so high and because of their QBs. Then OU and ND, who probably face more pressure to make the NC game (i.e. actually win a playoff game) than to win it.
What criteria is he using to determine the top 5 programs?