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For Bama and UGA, "percent chance or better to win all seven remaining regular-season games" would be better written as "percent chance or better to win IN all seven remaining regular-season games." FPI actually gives Bama a 37.8% chance and UGA a 23.1% chance of winning every regular season game, and it currently predicts that both will have at least one loss by the end of the SECCG.
His first postseason catch as a pro! Wonder if he'll ever get another one in TB
Not sure how A&M is a good test of a team's readiness for LSU. Not sure why there is concern about a team that scored 3 TDs against Auburn being able to do so against anyone else. Not sure how any team could be seen as having no concerns.
Fine, benefits, not profits. Happy now? Find me an argument that doesn't boil down to "I'm a fan and I don't like it." You have yet to make an argument, you've just been nay-saying a change.
My questions were rhetorical. I then answered them with the answers provided by the NCAA itself. No guessing, just research. So it looks like your response is moot.
Sorry I struck a nerve. I forgot that law and order don't matter to some.
There's a problem and it needs to be solved. I'll take a flawed attempt at a solution over continued inaction and denial by the powerful entity that perpetrates and profits from the current problems. And if it's so obvious, tell me what is so wrong other than the fact that some fans don't like it.
It is a separate discussion; that was merely one difference. There are similarities, and the answer might ultimately be the same. But there are also significant differences in the US between secondary and post-secondary educational institutions.
If you didn't read my comment, you should probably read that before replying, don’t you think?
I'm not writing them off yet, but their issues aren't all confined to that one game. They do have plenty of time and talent to get right.
"Can you imagine if someone with a warrant wasn’t arrested and harmed one of your loved ones?" There are enough issues going on in this story; we don't need hyperbolic fear-mongering. From what I can tell, the arrest warrant was issued for failing to appear in court after charges for an illegal u turn (misdemeanor) and driving with a suspended license (often a misdemeanor). It's arguably irresponsible to write or publish that nonsense, and it detracts from the real issues in an important story.
Talk about missing the point... Since you mention it, having an additional carrot/stick outside of the schools might actually be more effective motivation for some players to behave. Schools have been tolerating and covering up a ton, but we've seen sponsorships get dropped over the littlest things. An avenue where they can potentially be punished while still having access to some help might work for some.
If he didn't spell it out, it doesn't count; just ask the president
The rich will get richer sooner. But they were going to anyways, and that doesn't mean it isn't fair to let them in on some of the value they are already generating. But even if they don't matter to you, there are players generate tons of value in college and never get big pro checks. Injuries, misfortune, limitations, etc. lead to some athletes peaking in college. This would help them. And while most of the money would go to elite football and basketball players at elite programs, there would also be lots of opportunities for star players at local schools to help their locale/hometown and share more fairly in the benefits they help create.
Setting aside a problematic and troubling analogy, why hasn't the NCAA done anything yet? Like the legislators said, the NCAA has had a long time to change and hasn't done anything. That bill just gives them a due date. And what makes this change bad? Some fans don't like it?
Bringing up HS is a deflection. HS isn't college, and the difference between dealing mostly with minors and mostly with adults is itself significant enough to merit separate discussion.
Semantics. The NCAA is a non-profit. So what happens to their Billion dollar revenue? A little bit covers cushy admin salary expenses, and most goes to...member schools. Who, sure, don't technically profit, but they they profit in that they benefit financially. Better? But sure, it's the athletic departments that technically make the millions in profits.
The ACC is weak. And your strength of schedule, largely determined by your conference schedule, matters. Real football fans want the best teams playing the best schedules. If that isn't 2019 Clemson, we don't want them. No matter how many points you score, you can't beat 2018 Clemson by playing 2019 Clemson. Add in the fact that a second SEC team would likely make the playoff if Clemson missed the cut, and it makes sense that SEC fans, even (and perhaps especially) those who want to see and/or beat the best teams, would be interested in Clemson missing the playoff. Finally, they will hand you a trophy for beating Elon in the playoff if that's the playoff matchup. That's how it works. Anyone who thinks otherwise just doesn't understand.
This also overlooks the Bama-Tennessee rivalry that would be lost, which I think was at least part of the reason this didn't happen during expansion.
I don't think this is about us fans as much as it is about the people directly affected by this system. Just because we might like an unfair system doesn't make it right. I also realize that I may not like a more fair system, but I don't think that's a good reason for continued unfairness.
If you don't like this change, propose a better one. But some change is necessary. Even the NCAA admits it, and you know it's extreme if they admit it. I'm not clinging to this proposal as THE solution, and maybe you aren't clinging to keeping things the same for the sake of sameness. But most of the clingers are on the status quo wagon.
Most players cost more than they generate. Some players generate way more than they cost. How is it fair for a player who covers the expenses of the entire lacrosse team (coaches included) to get no more than the lacrosse players and less than the coach? Would it be fair if everyone got paid the minimum wage and your bonus always went to your boss? Just because someone makes a lot doesn't mean they aren't simultaneously undercompensated. As for 'investing' in their pro future, how does their potential to make millions in the future make it fair to cheat them now? Also, tons of players never make it to the pros and/or are more successful in college. It probably wasn't a major problem for Baker Mayfield or Zion Williamson, but I imagine players like Johnny Manziel, Marcus Lattimore, Greg Oden, Jimmer Fredette and many more were significantly hurt. NCAA says only 9.8% make the NBA and 1.6% the NFL, so that's a pretty risky gamble for an 'investment.'
It's up to everyone to report their taxes. You are suggesting that a lot of schools commit widespread and blatant tax fraud in a way that I find hard to believe without evidence. That certainly has not been my experience. As for tax liability, the amount of living expenses likely results in most owing a small amount. The IRS doesn't decide what is taxable, they just enforce the legislation. And they don't lobby. As for the entire scholarship being taxable, that would just mean making tuition scholarships taxable, which is unlikely considering that such scholarships are currently not taxed even for people making more than even the highest paid athlete. So the only ones owing major taxes would be the ones making major money.
Still doesn't address the issue of colleges and the NCAA profiting off of the images and likenesses of some players that are simultaneously severely undercompensated and barred from monetizing their value via other sources.
First series is an exaggeration. It can be a tough place to play, and I expect it will be saturday. I just wouldn't expect it to affect Auburn's QB as much as it would the average freshman qb because he does have relevant experience.
Would Auburn trade all their annual series with non-Bama west teams for a renewal of an annual UF game?
Shouldn't fairness to the people matter? The players actually risking their health for our enjoyment and others' profit?