I am a Tennessee Volunteer, married to an Alabama Crimson Tide fan. I want the Vols to get better, to be better, to be the best, but they aren't, Alabama is. Those are the facts. Wishful thinking & fan hype don't change anything, not for any team. Get Smart & Get Tough or Get off the Porch Big Cats & Big Dawgs!

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No, unfortunately, e are not. There are, have been, & will be "many" homeless in our country, always!
HaHa! IfOhio State had the guts, I'm sure most SEC teams would love to beat them any time, with or without CGD there!
All I have to say to the "Boy"cotters is they, like the over-rated likes of Notre Dame, who have to get special treatment written into the rules in order to compete, is push for a bigger better playoff system like every other self-respecting athletic program, professional or collegiate & get your butts out on the field & prove it on the field, if you're not afraid. Have more inter-vonference games & don't even let your big money college presidents dictate who you play, if you have any guys!
Plus, LSU barely beat a crappy Auburn & lost to a mediocre Florida team. CT haters are just wishful thinking a half-decent LSU team can win. I doubt it!
Alabama's record against LSU at home & in "Death Valley" speaks for itself. LSU is better than most, as usual lately, but they are also over-rated & over-confident, as usual. People conspiring on how to beat Bama, just because they hate them, is unlikely to change the outcome, as usual!