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Trust me, I have never liked him, even when we did have good seasons.
Crushing it? LOL just wait until they play a game and they have to watch the brutal high school offense of his.
I never watch ESPN anymore. Nothing on their network is worth a second of my time. I definitely miss how ESPN used to be 10 years ago.
As an Auburn fan, I love watching this Alabama basketball team play. The speed they play with is fun to watch. I can see a final four run for sure.
lol you're such an idiot if you think it was anything other than antifa who did that.
LOL Jerry Jones is an idiot. He should hire an actual GM who knows what they are doing. The amount of huge contracts on that team for good not great players is insane.
The defense has pretty much carried him most of the 8 years. Gus could not coach up a QB if his life depended on it. Watch Auburn's offense and watch Bama's and it is night and day. That is the problem with some Auburn fans, all they care about is beating Bama, but what does that get you when you go 7-5 or 8-4? A crappy worthless bowl game.
Auburn was his peak. A peak he should have never gotten to. His best fit would be back in highschool with that horrid offense of his.
The dude is literally such a bad coach, do not know what anyone sees in him. He reminds me of a nerdy math teacher that was extremely boring and nobody liked.
Lower the number of scholarships teams get. 85 is way too many. If you lowered it to say 70, you would have guys leave some of the top teams where they don't even play and go to a different school and could potentially start. Not sure this would completely solve the problem, but I think it would help.
I couldn't even imagine the amount of whining coming out of this loser if Clemson was the one who only played 6 games.(in a joke of a conference) Can't stand the dude.
liberals ruin everything
Being from the north, I can assure you Chicago sucks.
They have won the thing twice because they have been able to sleep through their entire season and be able to prepare for just 2 neutral site games the entire year. Not saying they're not a good team because they clearly are.
The only reason Clemson is in the playoffs every year is because their schedule is an absolute joke. They only beat Ohio State last year because they got bailed out by the refs.
They were the LA Rams and now they still are the LA Rams, I feel like they didn't need to change uniforms and logo. Especially after seeing these come out.
100% agree. This article/top 5 list might be one of the worst I have read on here.
I would never bet against Tom Brady, especially if they sure up that defense as well as sign AB.
Every QB is a system QB. He won't win anywhere else? Love how you can read the future.