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"I don't love that hero ball from Jones" There was 2 seconds on the clock, what else was he supposed to do?
That's what being a QB does for you. They always will get the awards even if someone else should. Example: Mahomes should not have won MVP of the Super Bowl.
I agree with you that not many would support this. It would be interesting though and much more difficult for the coaches to retain their players, as if it isn't already hard enough.
The SEC does not necessarily need to expand. How about the Almost Competitive Conference (ACC) get better. They should at least invite Notre Dame.
Auburn gave LSU a better game than both.
Agreed, one could argue Michigan as well.
Notre Dame is easily one of the most overrated teams every single year. Notre Dame's schedule is full of ACC teams and PAC12 teams.
What would make me happy is seeing Gus fired, keep Kevin Steele and then hire Lincoln Riley, who has got to know by now that he will not win a national championship at Oklahoma with that kind of defense, no matter how good his offense is.
Malzahn is not anywhere near being a top offensive mind. He runs up the middle and throws horrible bubble screens and that's about it.
As an Auburn fan I could not be happier to see LSU curb stomp Clemson and Dabo's whiny a**.
Also look at who the SEC teams are playing. For example Kentucky finished 9th in the SEC and played Va Tech who finished 3rd in the ACC and still won... with a wide receiver playing quarterback. SEC is so much better than any other conference.
Not saying it is a fluke, but I am positive there are a very large number of teams who could go undefeated with that schedule and then when it comes to the playoffs on a neutral field you never know what can happen.
Statisctics mean nothing in this game. Clemson's statistics are obvoiusly going to be amongst the best given they play the easiest schedule I think I have ever seen the past 3 years. I can't stand Clemson and their cry baby of a coach. Geaux Tigers. LSU by 10.
Gardner Minshew's sister playing volleyball there more than likely had nothing to do with Leach heading to State.
Step 1: FIRE GUS, a clown whose offense only works in highschool Step 1a: Hire Joe Brady
2 coaches who don't have a clue how to run an offense.
Auburn is a better team then Wisconsin, however because of the stupid bowl rules they can't play in perhaps the Rose Bowl because they aren't from the BIG or Pac12